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[K-Drama Review] Oh My Ghostess/ Oh my Ghost (2015)


If I have to descript Oh My Ghost in three words, then those three words are Light, Sweet, and Warm. This drama is like a glass of warm and relaxing Chamomile Tea I’d like to drink when I have bad times. It gives me comfortable feeling, strength, and pleasant sensation. Sure it has its “bitter taste,” though the sweet fragrance and tepid flavor outnumber that bitterness. This drama is highly recommended for those hopeless romantic people out there who crave for something cute, engaging, and heartwarming.


Oh My Ghost tells a story of an introvert girl named Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) who has the ability to see ghost. Na Bong Sun worked in a fancy Italian Restaurant “Sun” owned by popular, young, and talented chef Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk). Being the only girl employee and with her introvert and shy personality, Na Bong Sun has a hard time working there. The timid and introvert Na Bong Sun suddenly change into the cheery and bold Na Bong Sun after she possessed by a virgin ghost Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi). The two then decided to team up in winning Chef’s heart. Along their journey to a happy ending with Chef, Shin Soon Ae finds the truth about her death and realized that the reason she became a ghost is not because she is a virgin ghost but because her injustice death.


I’ve been monitoring the update on this drama before its first episode and I must say that I’m pretty excited for the show by looking at its casts and premise. I always adore Kim Seul Gi since she was a comedienne. She has that “X” factor others don’t have and she always put a hundred percent of herself in every roles she played regardless of how importance her roles are. Let’s say her minor role in popular coming-of-age series “Reply 1994” as Ssereuki oppa’s niece.  Though her role in the drama considered as a minor role, I still remember her as part of the show’s casts because she gave such a solid acting. And finally, after a series of sidekick roles, Kim Seul Gi obtains a second lead female spot for her. That alone, has made my tummy tickle out of impatience. The addition of the always lovable Park Bo Young and handsome Jo Jung Suk to the bill of cast succeed in making my excitement grows.

Both Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk have proved their superiority in acting world. Ms. Bo Young has always been known as one of the top actresses today. Started her career from young age, she always succeed in leaving a lasting impression of all her roles. On the other hand, Jo Jung Suk, who previously known as a theatre star has climbed his way into stardom, thanks to his memorable act as a charming CEO in “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin” in which he romanced IU. And now, he wants to repeat his success in “conquering a nation’s little sister” Park Bo Young. I can’t say that I’m not interesting. Pairing these pretty human beings together for a romantic comedy drama is not only making viewers keyed up but also curious of how this twosome’s romance will be, considering a pretty big age gap between the two.

Other thing to look for from this drama is the unique premise. tvN has always been known as a producers of peculiar yet sweet rom-coms and by bringing “Oh My Ghost” to the table, I think the station want to add its collection of such rom-coms.

And just as what I expected, I instantly hooked on the drama after watched only its first episode. Moving onward, my love for the show has increased significantly. Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk are proving that their big age-gap did not hamper them from getting into their character and build excellent chemistry. Seriously, their chemistry is one of the greatest chemistries in dramaland. Honestly, I’m a bit afraid if these two’s romance will turn bad due to their age-gap, but it turned out really great.

After the second episode, my main focus for the show shift from Bong Sun-Sun Woo’s romance to Soon Ae’s death. The second episode invites the viewers to learn more about the real core of the show, which is unexpectedly, Soon Ae’s past. I’m a bit relief with this adjustment. Since the full-romance often leads to dullness. The second episode, also, somehow, turn the main character of the show into Soon Ae. I, then, realized that the show has been about Soon Ae since the first minute of it.

Yet, I regret the writer’s decision to leave Bong Sun on the side. I must say that the character development on the show is not as strong as its uniqueness. It seems like Yang Hee-Seung’s writer-nim forget the fact that Bong Sun is alive and well.


Story-wise, Oh My Ghost offers unique premise with a hint of classic elements. The story of a timid girl who possessed by a virgin and horny female ghost and join forces to flirt the host’s extremely handsome and talented boss chef is definitely unusual. Yet, the drama showed a number of classic elements along its journey.

What interesting from Oh My Ghost is that it not drags its romance story out. You know what I mean right? In classic k-drama plot, viewers often showered with the same old move between the male lead and the female lead which make them feel hesitate to confess their feelings for each other and finally reach a happily ever after in the end of a drama. Unlike that classic plot, the romance side in Oh My Ghost is fast-paced, which is good, because I’m so over with that clich√© plot.


However, in the ending, the scriptwriter seems to lose his/her way out when he/she send our female lead to study abroad and leave her so-called true love. Oh come on, this is so classic! I’m done with a bon-voyage-short-trip in k-drama ending, because in the end, they will be back together and live a happily ever after life. So please writer, stop it, ok? Or find other way to pause their relationship for a short time, without having to send them to a faraway kingdom.


Another cons I found from the drama is the mysterious and ambiguous background of Officer Choi Sung-Jae. Ok, in the end we all know who he really is. My question is, how he and Kang Eun-Hee (Shin Hye Sun) end up dating and getting married? If Officer Choi has been possessed by an evil spirit through his life, wouldn’t he refuse to save Eun Hee from killing herself and not involve in any romantic relationship with her? This, still makes me dazed and confused.

Nevertheless, despite of its cons, Oh My Ghost still offers something valuable a k-drama enthusiast cannot miss. It’s the moral story. I don’t know if it just me or the drama, but Oh My Ghost is completely changing my view on life (an exaggeration mode: ON). It makes me, as a viewer, more appreciate the life I have now and try to enjoy it to the fullest because as Shin Soon Ae said, we only live once, so live your life!


 Park Bo Young as Na Bong Sun

TWO THUMBS UP for Ms Park Bo Young! No wonder, tvN pay her a lot! She definitely returned that gigantic amount of fee with an excellent performance. Playing a dual character is not an easy thing. But Park Bo Young seems to handle it without difficulty. There is not one, NOT ONE moment, I find her lacking in emotion in this show. Whether it is when she is herself (Na Bong Sun) or when she is possessed by Shin Soon Ae. Oh and I would like to salute Park Bo Young for her perfect act as Shin Soon Ae. Kim Seul Gi is a strong actress and her image always inked in my mind as someone feisty and funny. Shockingly, Park Bo Young can bring that image of Kim Seul Gi to life through her body! SU-PERB!

Joo Jung Suk as Kang Sun Woo

Chef!! I love him I love him I love him! How can I just realize now on how wonderful this guy is? Gummy is so lucky to have him by her side.  Anyway, Joo Jung Suk is putting a hundred percent of himself in this show. How he portrayed the slightly cocky yet sweet and caring Chef Kang Sun Woo is perfect. I can’t imagine other actor that will play the role as perfect as Joo Jung Suk. And the way he played his guitar is……*swoon*

Kim Seul Gi as Shin Soon Ae

Finally, a more important role for Kim Seul Gi! And she did not waste it. Just like the other two actors above. Kim Seul Gi also put up a remarkable act as Shin Soon Ae. Never knew that Kim Seul Gi will make me cry. Her character in this drama is definitely a breakthrough. Can’t wait for her next drama!

Im Joo Hwan as Choi Sung Jae

Ok, he is creepy as hell in this drama. But that means that he did well because he has to be that creepy to portray that somehow pitiful character. At first, I thought Choi Sung Jae will be another overly sweet second lead male, but voila! he is nothing like that. I still can’t forget his expression when he realized that he has done a lot of bad things in his life and decided to jump. It’s heartbreaking.

Honorable Mention: The Sun Crew!

Woohooo my favorite restaurant crew so far! If the Sun Restaurant is really exist, then this place will probably become my favorite restaurant to hang with my friend or even just me alone. The crew is the real vitamin of the show. Maybe this is why the writer decided to show their story even though it is not relating to the main story at all. In spite of his annoying behavior and jerky attitude, the Sous-chef is my favorite! He’s so funny! He is always able to crack me up with his lovey-dovey or hate-love relationship with his subordinates.


I’m not a big fan of the show’s OSTs, however, one of its OSTs, Park Bo Young’s Leave, is my favorite. I instantly fall for this piece as soon as I heard it. The scene where this song played – in which the Chef realized his feeling for Na Bong Sun/Shin Soon Ae – is matching perfectly with the melody and lyric. Park Bo Young’s voice is not superb, but it is soothing and relaxing, hence nice to hear. 

Finally, my score for Oh My Ghost is 9 out of 10.


“I suffer from lack of affection, so I ten to get attached to skin.” – Na Bong Sun/ Shin Soon Ae (Ep.2)

“In this day and age, who is really free of mental illness? My point is that we should all try to live happily. After I live out my life, that’s what I can say. Life can be shorter than expected. So what I am saying is every single day is very, scarily valuable.” – na Bong Sun/ Shin Soon Ae (Ep.6)

“The one who forgives can sleep in peace, but not the one who needs to be forgiven.” – Na Bong Sun/ Shin Soon Ae (Ep.6)

“If people knew when death was coming and could say goodbye how nice would that be? It’s just not possible and that’s why life is this way. That’s why you’ve got to live each day hard like it’s previous.” – Shaman  (Ep.16)

“As it always does, the seasons change and the days are filled with routines. That summer...because of that girl who came and went like a summer night’s dream, we got to know love and realized how precious relationship and people are. Just like she had advised me , I continue to love myself fully today.” – Na Bongsun (Ep.16)

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