Friday, November 13, 2015

Ode to My Father (2014)

Well, it’s been a while since I posted any movie review. I decided to break a-movie-review-hiatus by reviewing this movie. It’s a 2014 South Korea movie, Ode to My Father.

You guys are probably have heard of or watched this movie due to its popularity and its participation in a number of movie festivals, including a recent movie festival held in my country “Korea Indonesia Film Festival” that featured this movie among others. I’m starting to put my interest in this movie few weeks ago. Fortunately when I turned on my TV few days ago, this movie was playing in one of the channels.

No wonder people are saying that this is one of the best Korean movies today. The plot is solid. The acting is great. The music is remarkable. It’s almost perfect.


Ode to My Father tells a story of a man named Yoon Deok Su (Hwang Jung Min) who made a promise to his father (Jung Jin Young) to take care of his family after they parted during a Korean War. As an oldest son of the family, Deok Su took care of his mother and two siblings after the departure of his father. They were separated when evacuated from their hometown during a Korean War. Deok Su, who in charge of bringing his little sister, Yoon Mak Soon (Shin Rin Ah) lost her. His father then decided to search for Mak Soon and let his family go first to a safer place. Growing up, Deok Su make sure he keep his promise to his father by doing anything he can to make his family live a proper life. During his journey on being the head of the family, Deok Soo is sincerely waiting for the arrival of his father and his little sister.


A 126 minutes of learning values in life. There. My answer if I were asked to descript this movie in one sentence.

The movie is so rich in moral lessons. In spite of its long duration, there is no single moment when I get bored watching this movie, which is surprising, because I’m the type of person who get bored easily, especially when I have to watch a melodrama movie or series.

Based on the aforementioned reason, I must put my two thumbs up for the director and scriptwriter of Ode to My Father who have packed the movie beautifully.

The story is simple yet touching. Some of the lines said by the characters are wrapped in simple word but contains deep meaning. The story and lines are definitely the strong links of this movie. The plot is flowing nicely and there is hardly any single moment of a jumped-scene-or-tone, which is probably among reasons why this movie is not boring despite its long-duration.

I love how this movie used a reverse concept and revealed the reason why Deok Su refused to sell the shop in the end of the movie – though, it’s already been seen where the plot will go. But, the thrill and feels are still in there, which is why I have to kudos the director for this one.

The character-building is remarkable as well, especially the lead character, Deok Su.

This is the first time I watch Hwang Jung Min’s movie. I’ve seen him before in Running Man and never thought that he is this amazing as an actor.

How he portrayed his character as Deok Su is outstanding. I love the way he tried to look tough in front of his family, but he back to his nature as a little boy when he “conversed” with his father. His clumsiness and naïve-personality when he’s in front of the girl he loves is cute and lovable. Hwang Jung Min stays within his character throughout the movie. Even when he’s old, he remains a small boy when he expressed how hard his life is to his father.

Another thing I love from this movie is a friendship between Deok Su and his childhood friend Dal Gu (Oh Dal Soo). These two men’s friendship is no joke. The chemistry between them is amazing to the point that I believe they are also good friends in real life. Oh Dal Soo is an amazing actor. Similar to Hwang Jung Min – even better – he also stays within his character the whole time.

I can’t help but to look at Kim Seul Gi in this movie, since I love her so much. Kim Seul Gi is just being Kim Seul Gi in this movie. As usual, she portrayed her character, Yoon Kkeut Soon, incredibly.

Oh, and Yunho TVXQ cameo as Nam Jin is surprising and entertaining! I must say that Yunho did a good job in that character. Though he only showed up for a short moment, he succeeds in leaving a strong mark.

SCORE: 9.5/10

P.S. This movie is a tear-jerker because I find myself crying a lot while watching this movie. So do put any tissue or handkerchief near you if you decided to watch this.    

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