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[Editorial] 7 Coffee Shops You Meet in K-Dramas

After watching kdramas for a while, I realized that there are certain places that keep appearing in the shows. One of the most popular places where kdramas’ leads, or second leads, or even their sidekicks loved to hang is no other than Coffee Shops. I’ve seen tons of these shops in kdramas, but there are several top coffee shops that keep appearing and become one of the must-go-to places for k-drama fans when they are going to Korea or when that coffee shops opened their branch in each drama fans’ countries.

Below are seven coffee shops you will definitely meet in k-dramas (there are other coffee shops, but I sorted it out to only these seven coffee shops).

Angel-in-us Coffee


I will begin the list with this shop, which is featured in the now-airing popular kdrama Oh My Venus. If you don’t really remember when the coffee shop appeared in this drama, let me remind you with the scene where the two leads finally doing their official first kiss. They’re doing it right in front of the shop.

After doing some googling, I found out that Oh My Venus leading lady Shin Min Ah has been modeled for the advertisement of the shop. I guess that’s why the shop chose to sponsor the actress’s latest drama – or is it the other way around? Doesn't matter.


Apparently, Oh My Venus is not the only drama that used the coffee shop as one of its “Set.” Other popular dramas, including Temptation and Mask, are also using the shop as the place where their casts meet up or work.



This place is definitely easy to remember, since the place – in the drama It’s Okay That’s Love – is not only used as one of the casts’ hangout places, but also owned by one of the cast, and another cast is actually working in this place. Wew, there’s lots of casts word swirling around that sentence.

Anyway, let me explained it the right way. In IOTL, Jo In Sung character owned this coffee shop and Lee Kwang Soo character was one of the shop’s staff.

One of the most memorable scenes from the shop – for me – is probably when Gong Hyo Jin character walked in into the shop and bites the customer’s waffle. Boy, that waffle looking de-li-ci-ous.

Aside from It’s Okay It’s Love, Coffeesmith also appeared in popular 2015’s drama, The Girl Who See Smells.

Zoo Coffee

This coffee shop will be remembered by the fan of Song Joong Ki’s last drama, Innocent Man or Nice Guy. Kang Choco, the little sister of Song Joong Ki character Kang Ma Ru, was working part time here. Strangely, this place is not the place where the leads’ love story blooming – though there are scenes where they meet up at the shop. This place is somehow a “silent witness” to the love story of Kang Choco and her crush Park Jae Gil (Lee Kwang Soo).

Aside from Nice Guy, the coffee shop also featured in Running Man.



I don’t even need to explain about this coffee shop, right? This is probably one of the most popular coffee shops in the world – to drama fans at least – thanks to the all-time favorite k-drama The Heirs. Mangosix became the historical landmark for the love story of the drama’s leads Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) and Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho). And thanks to the drama, I’m always and forever craving for the Mango Smoothie produced by the shop.


Aside from getting featured in The Heirs, the shop has also became the “silent witness” of the leads’ story in other kdramas, namely Kill Me Heal Me (Ahn Yona & Oh Ri On’s love story) and Gentleman’s Dignity.

A Twosome Place


As I’m writing this passage, my thoughts are going back to one of the cutest, quirky, spooky, and sweet love stories of Jo Joong Won and Tae Gong Shil in The Master’s Sun. Yes, this cafĂ© was the place where Tae Gong Shil spent her time alone with her ghost-friend – who loves to drink coffee, what a modern ghost he is! This place is also the place where Gong Shil’s sister worked.

Oh and this place is also owned by the leading man of the drama, So Ji Sub. Nice name, Jo Joong Won!

Holly’s Coffee


Well-known kdramas Rooftop Prince has used this shop as one of its shooting locations, as seen on the picture above. This place is Rooftop Prince’s gank favorite coffee shop.

Dal.komm Coffee


This coffee shop is probably less famous than the previous shops – for me at least. But this shop has been featured in two kdramas – which I know of – namely You’re All Surrounded and Mr.Back. I remember that the rookie detectives in You’re All Surrounded love to hang in this shop to talk about crime cases or their life.

Oh, and it’s totally unrelated to the topic, but Lee Kwang Soo is the new model for this shop!

There you go, the seven coffee shops you’ll likely to meet in k-dramas. Which one you want to visit the most? Me Mangosix!

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