Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[Editorial] Rated: Fabulous, Actresses Who Rocks Their Short Hair


What hair style you love the most? Long? Short? Bob? Curly? Straight? Blonde? Brunette? Black? In this post, I’m going to talk about a number of actresses who amazingly rock their short hair and look ten times better with it.

I’m not a fan of short hair or long hair. I’m a fan of someone who rocks whatever hair she have (well, who doesn’t?). I adore some of k-drama actresses who are able to rock their short hair, even better than those who have long hair. To be honest, not all actresses can rock or pull off a short-hair look. Let’s take Hwang Jung Eum in Full House 2 for example. Well, I don’t know if her perm hair can be categorized as short hair but it is short, right? Hwang Jung Eum and that hair is an epic fail.

Luckily, some actresses are found their safest (and probably) greatest place inside their short hair looks. Below are three actresses that I found succeed in pulling off their short hair, no matter how short it is.

Yoo In Young in My Love from Another Star
Yoo In Young in Oh My Venus
 Yoo In Young

From the era of My Love from Another Star to Oh My Venus, Yoo In Young never failed to rock her short hair. Short hair is kinda her signature hair style I think. Even with short hair, the actress still can look pretty and amazingly fashionable. She can rock her short hair with a short dress, night gown, formal attire, casual daywear, or even swimsuit. It all thanks to her tall figure and slender body as well as her on-point style choice.


My favorite of her short hair style is when she appeared in Mask. Maybe it’s because her character in the drama is the daughter of a millionaire, but her style always stunning.  

Go Jun Hee

I’ve mentioned about how I love her style in this post. But it’s not only her fashion style I love. It’s also her hair style. I’m probably not the first person who said that Go Jun Hee DEFINITELY look better with short hair than long hair. Her small face looked even cuter with that hair. And let’s admit it, she looked sexier with that red short hair.

Similar to Yoo In Young, Ms. Jun Hee also have a perfect body to flawlessly complete her hair style. And not to forget, her amazing fashion. 

Wang Ji Won in Fated to Love You
Wang Ji Won

Wang Ji Won will always be my favorite, though she never win a male lead’s heart, well except in AnotherParting where she able to knock Seo In Guk’s heart down in a couple of days only. Like the previous actresses, short hair has also become Wang Ji Won’s signature hair style even though she tried to get rid of that image by having a longer hair in Fated to Love You. But still, she looks better with short hair and she definitely can pull the short hair style perfectly.

Wang Ji Won’s fashion style is also as amazing as the other two. Her style in I Need Romance 3 is undeniable stylish and edgy.


  1. "Wang Ji Won will always be my favorite" MUSIC TO MY EARS! I found your blog from the kind comments you left on my couc-kimchi piece, and I'm so very glad I did. I am a BIG fan of the graceful, cute, funny and very determined Ms. Wang, and I'm always delighted when I see her getting the praise I strongly feel she deserves. I also definitely agree with your comments on YIY and Go Jun Hee - both really do rock the short hair look. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work!

    1. hi Stuart! thanks for visiting my blog, such an honor :D
      I'm a fan of Wang Ji Won too! I'm always in awe of her beauty and fierceness. I hope she will land herself a role as leading lady, because she do deserve it.