Monday, December 7, 2015

[Gem of the Week] Autumn Vacation


What’s great about K-Music is that it is not only offering countless great K-Pop/Hip Hop/Rock/R&B songs, it also has a variety of great Indie songs. K-Indie music is like a gem buried under the fame of K-Pop and other Korean mainstream music. Surprisingly, it always finds a way to survive and brings out lovely melodies and lyrics.

Recently, I found another interesting K-Indie song. It’s Autumn Vacation/ Fall Break’s Sometime I Want to Hug You Like Crazy. The song, released back in 2011, has put me in awe. The melody is so beautiful and lovely. It’s wonderful because after learned the lyrics I knew that it’s actually a sad song. Though, the song still gives me a subtle comfy feel.

The two words, “What if” break down my heart today

We might be able to meet again as we smile, can’t we?

Listening to music, reading books, watching movies, meeting people

It’s funny but I get to think about things that I wasn’t able to before

You are not a person who hurts me

Inside the countless days, you are sparkling – I’m always thankful

It’s a story that no one else can understand but

But sometimes, there are times when I want to hug you like crazy

Only you can be a person like you

In this world that has no place for my heart

P.S. Autumn Vacation’s other songs are also as lovely as this one. You guys can dig into this Youtubechannel to find another marvelous piece of K-Indie music.

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