Friday, December 11, 2015

[MV Review] BTS – Run

I’ve wanted to write a review for this MV since the release of it but I still don’t know if my analysis on this one will be right or not, because this piece is a really tricky one. After putting some thought onto it, watching it repeatedly, and googling the meaning behind it, I finally have courage to write a review. But first, let me tell you that this review is based on my perspective only, so I’m sorry – in advance – if my interpretation of the MV is not the same with your interpretation. It’s Potato, Potayto, right?^^


On Music

It’s nice. It’s ok. But honestly, I prefer I Need U or DOPE to this. Those two have more addicting factors, though Run is still a nice song to hear. But that’s it, the song is not making me ask for more or want to listen to it over and over again. Buutttt, the song is still catchy and is easy to remember.


First thing first, Is BTS love to start their MV with the opening-door? Because this is like the third BTS MVs where they started it the opening-door – the previous two are I Need U and DOPE.


Anyway, I’m all confused and puzzled as soon as I watched it because in line with its upbeat rhyme, the MV is also fast-paced, the changes from one scene to another is so fast and it make me hard to digest it all at once. I was like “Wait, what happen? Wait, where does the others go? Wait, why so sad Jin? Wait, why so surprised Jimin? Wait, why so mad Suga? Etc.” I’m glad that I’m not the one who feeling it because by looking at Youtube comments on the video, some people are also finding it hard to digest.


Despite of all its complexity, this MV is still a worth-to-watch one, because believe it or not, this MV gives me thrill and waking my curiosity up. I must salute the team behind the making of this MV, because it’s genius. Unlike other kpop MVs, this MV has lots of secret messages and hidden meanings that make fans or even people who watched it curious to know what are the meaning of it. It also made them waiting for another MV from the group, which hopefully will answer that curiosity.


Based on my perspective and a result of some googling, I think this MV is a continuation to I Need U, because the set, the angst, and the feel of this MV to I Need U are pretty similar.

My head explodes with so many possibilities and assumptions about the meaning of this MV.


First is that one of them is probably having a dissociative identity disorder because one time they’re alone, but the other times they’re with each others.


The second one is probably it’s the butterfly effect (I came up with this possibility after reading one of Youtube comments), in which they can’t live in one dimension with each other and they can only live together briefly before everything is going back to normal.


The third possibility, which is the most rational one, is that they’re having a coming-of-age moment, in which one of the member, Jin, is deciding to be a grown up and leave another members who seems to want to stay in their rebellious moment as a teenager – this is based on Taetaetown’s notes and I agree with her.

On Members’ Performance

My heart is full of Jin, and for Jin only – though Jungkook’s wink in the end of the MV is making me wobble for a second.


Anyway, all members are putting their best performance in this MV. All are absorbed in their roles and the story of this MV – whatever that is. The part where they ran in a field of green or they pillow-fight or the time where they’re partying in a bathroom – way to go kids! Now, you’re making your fans’ imagination goes even wilder – portraying their closeness to each other, which is lovely. Well, that MV really portrays Their Most Beautiful Moment in Life, right?


SCORE: 9/10

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