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[Editorial] Power of Unity! 7 Epic Bromances

The beauty of k-dramas is that it is not only offering tons of female-male romances, it also proposing the splendor relationship between the male lead and his sidekick/other male lead/second male lead, which also known as bromance.

The romances between the two dudes have, sometime, stolen the spotlight from the main couple romance. In the dramaland that is full on-off relationships, demanding parents, complicated girlfriends, stressful jobs, the bromance often become something warm and soothe to balance out the whole hodgepodge situations.

Below are the seven bromances I find most well-built and epic among all bromances served by the dramaland.

Yoo Si Jin – Seo Dae Yong (Descendants of the Sun)

The most recent bromance that is now shipping on a drama sea is the bromance between uri striking soldiers, Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Seo Dae Yong (Jin Goo). Thanks to the popularity of the drama, the bromance between these two fine-looking men is now becoming one of the hot issues in the world of kdrama viewers. The strong bond between Yoo Si Jin and Seo Dae Yong is shown not only in a scary battlefield but also when the two are off-duty and spending their free time like normal people do.


The most epic bromance moment (for me) so far from this pair of comrades is in Episode 4 when Dae Yong tells Si Jin that he’s leaving. Dae Yong still report to Si Jin even though the latter is no longer in charge. What’s amazing from this moment is that the time when Dae Yong console Si Jin – who is being punished due to his insubordination at the time – by saying that everything Si Jin did was right, justified, and honorable.

Do Min Joon – Jang Young Mok (My Love from another Star)

There’s a myth that said “If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime.” By looking at the following pair, I think that the myth is correct. In spite of their age-gap and “race,” the relationship between Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) and Lawyer Jang Young Mok (Kim Chang Wan) remains strong. Like a true friend, Lawyer Jang kept his friend’s secret safe, even to his own family.


The most epic bromance moment between this slightly odd pairing is when the two share their goodbyes. Having been friend for a long time, saying goodbye to Do Min Joon has made Lawyer Jang feel like he is sending his son away. Aww.

Kim Jung Hwan – Kim Jung Bong (Reply 1988)

This bonded-by-blood bromance is definitely one of the most epic bromances of all time. Both of them try to not show too much affection to each other but one they do it, it’s remarkable. Despite of his big brother’s antics, Kim Jung Hwan (Ryu Joon Yeol) never stops loving and caring for his older brother Kim Jung Bong (Ahn Jae Hong). On the one hand, regardless of his child-like manner Kim Jung Bong always paying attention and being thoughtful to his little brother.


The most memorable and tear-jerking bromance moment of this pair is in Episode 17 when they go on a roof to see shooting stars. The moment when Jung Bong said that his wish is for his little brother to be able to do whatever he wants in life is surely, undoubtedly, definitely, one of the most heartrending bromance moments of all time. I’m seriously crying my heart out during this scene.

Lee Hyun – Min (I Remember You)

Similar to the previous pair, this “bromance couple” is also bonded by blood. I can say that the chemistry and relationship between these two brothers is even stronger and more memorable than the romance between the main couple – Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) & Cha Ji An (Jang Nara). Lee Hyun’s unconditional love for his one and only little brother Min (Park Bo Gum) is so wonderful. He loves and accepts his little brother just the way he is. He will always have room in his heart for Min and willing to leave the love of his life for him. Min, on the other hand, always devoted to his old brother and refuses to divide his brother’s love with the others.


The most unforgettable bromance moment of this pair is when they decided to take a walk in a park (Episode 16) and took selfies together. The look on Min’s eyes is priceless. It shows that he has wait forever for that special moment with his hyung and when it finally happen he can’t hide his contentment and dongsaeng-like grin. This scene is like the description of the drama in a nutshell. It is poignant and engaging.

Sseureki – Binggeure (Reply 1994)

As an avid fan of Reply 1994, I will certainly not leave out this pair’s bromance. The hyung-dongsaeng-like bromance between Sseureki (Jung Woo) and Binggeure (Baro B1A4), which I ever feared of becoming same-sex romance, will etch forever in my mind. Sseureki’s brotherly love for Binggeure is one of the best ever. And Binggeure will always look at Sseureki with respect and admiration in spite of what everyone thinking about the latter.


My favorite scene – which also happen to be Baro’s favorite scene – of these two is in Episode 17, when they eat together and Binggeure finally call Sseureki hyung instead of Sunbae-nim. There are no fancy words spoken between these two at that time, buy their expression and the BGM made this scene so outstanding and sum up the strong brotherly bond between Sseureki and Binggeure.

Baek Seung Chan – Ra Joon Mo (Producers)

The boss-subordinate bromance between Baek Seung Chan and Ra Joon Mo is also another bromance to remember. The two has passed through many events and things together, from being in an awkward relationship to a considerate one. From being constantly pick at each other to be there and stand up for each other.

My favorite bromance moment of this two is when they were kissed they have deep conversation about the fate of their program (Episode 12). That moment showed that despite their constant bickering, both are hoping for the same thing, for their program to be successful and to be not cancelled.

Jo Dong Min – Park Soo Kwang (It’s Okay, That’s Love)

Last but not least, is one of the oddest yet sweet pairing ever in kdramaland. It’s the bromance between Jo Dong Min (Sung Dong Il) and Park Soo Kwang (Lee Kwang Soo). Why I chose this pair bromance as one of the most epic bromances ever? It’s because they accept each other the way they are and they treated each other as friend and someone to be thankful for. In spite of being an older one, Jo Dong Min never refuse to act silly and quirky when he’s with Soo Kwang.

My favorite bromance moment from this pair is when Jo Dong Min treats Soo Kwang’s tourette patiently and fatherly in Episode 2. It shows that Dong Min really cares for Soo Kwang and Soo Kwang has trusted him for everything.

So, which one is your favorite bromance? ^^

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