Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[Gem of the Week] CHEEZE – Romance & Clazziquai Project – Still I’m By Your Side

Happiness is that simple, isn’t it? I found out recently that being happy or being sad is a matter of choice. It’s our call to pick whether we want to be happy or not. And gaining happiness is not that hard. Listening to a good music and being engrossed in such music is enough in making me happy.

I’m not the type of person who sticks to one genre of music or one singer. My music taste is so random. It’s up to the melodies and the lyrics. Fortunately, I’ve been showered with a number of good songs lately. Most of those songs are coming from K-Indie musicians. Seriously, how can they be so talented! Their songs are magical. When I listened to their songs, I’d be carried away to another world. A bit too much I know, but that’s the fact.

Anyway, in this entry I would like to share two of some songs that come from a brilliant mind of K-Indie artists. I’m sooooo into these two songs lately.

The first song is Romance by the awesomely quirky K-Indie group CHEEZE.

I cannot stop loving this song. Like seriously! I can say that I’m obsessed with this song.

I fall into this number as soon as I hear the intro. The melody is quirky yet addictive. The vocal is soothing yet solid.

Lyrics translation click here

The second song came from the great mind of K-Indie experimental band Clazziquai Project. Just like CHEEZE, Clazziquai Project also has something unique and different with their music. It serves a right amount of electronic music, acid jazz, and house. At first I thought that such music will not suit my taste. But without even realizing it, I simply fall into one of Clazziquai’s songs: Still I’m By Your Side.

Oh, and I also love the MV! Not only because of Ryu Joon Yeol was starred in it, but also because the plot, tone, and angle of the video are as brilliant as the song is. A total daebak!

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