Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[Gem of the Week] Tartfoyo, K-Indie Tracks.tionary

I’m the type of person who loves to learn about the lyrics of my favorite songs. And since my favorite songs lately are Korean songs, it takes extra effort to learn such lyrics because I can’t speak Korean (bummer!). 

But…thanks to the popularity of Korean songs across the globe, it is not that hard to find the lyrics translation. But again, it’s limited to only popular songs that are sung by popular idol groups or singers.

As I mentioned on my previous [Gem of the Week] post, I’ve been admiring and listening to a number of insanely good Korean indie songs lately. And I must admit that it is twice the effort to find the English lyrics of K-Indie songs.

But worry no more. Now that I know about Tartfroyo, I can finally have a sigh of relief. I’m so happy when I found this web. This web is not only containing the lyrics translation of a number of great K-Indie songs, it also accepting requests!

I would like to name this web as a K-Indie Tracks.tionary (a pun of Tracks and dictionary, did I force it much? :p). The reason why I called the web as K-Indie Tracks.tionary is because it works as a dictionary for me. I can learn the meaning of the songs and it broadened my collection on K-Indie songs.

Anyway, for all of you who loves listening to K-Indie music and search for such music, you can dig into this web instantly.

Happy K-Indie-gging everyone!

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