Thursday, March 17, 2016

[Under the Spotlight] Ahjussi-Crush Lee Seo Jin

Oh well, who would’ve thought that I will be crushing over this grumpy ahjussi. But I am. Thankfully, I’m not crushing hard on him yet.

I’m currently watching his current drama “Marriage Contract,” in which he played the former one-hit wonder Ha Ji Hoon who now own a high-end restaurant and involve in a contract marriage with a struggling single mother, Kang Hye Soo (UEE).

To be honest, the reason why I watch this drama in the first place is because I’m attracted by the odd pairing. Pairing a 45-year-old man with a 27-year-old girl is unusual. And everything that’s out of the ordinary always looks interesting to me.

And just like that, I fell into the trap of admiring this 40-something ahjussi.

As a matter of fact, Lee Seo Jin acting is not that grand. In fact, it looks weird and stiff sometimes. However, he has that certain “charisma” that makes it hard for someone (me) to hate him. Is it because of his dimple? Or his scary-but-sexy gaze? I don’t know, but it certainly something special.

dat dimple though *smitten*
I don’t really know him, except for his appearance in Running Man and Three Meals a Day (which I haven’t watched), and his not-too-memorable-cameo in Love Forecast. Therefore, I dig into his Wikipedia to know more about this apparently well-educated ahjussi.

Based on his Wiki page, Lee Seo Jin rose to fame when he played in period drama “Damo” and best known for his portrayal as King Jeongjo of Joseon in “Yi San.”

Lee Seo Jin and his co-star Ha Ji Won in "Damo"

Lee Seo Jin in "Yi San"

What shocked me most is that Lee Seo Jin is actually a respectable and decent man in real life!

He graduated from the New York University Stern School for Business and has worked as managing director for Ask Veritas Assets Management’s second global contents division. Ask Veritas Assets Management is company that specializes in intellectual property and real estate investment.

How amazing is dat! No wonder his English pronunciation sounds fluent.

Mr. Seo Jin Lee is definitely put his SWAG on in this picture!
As if that were not amazing enough, he is also a regular volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and has established the “Let’s Tree Fund” – along with the Nippon Foundation and South Korean food franchise Genesis – to conduct reforestation activities. The ill-tempered gentleman also has joined relief efforts for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

In-cre-di-ble, right? He definitely has the right to be grumpy with that kind of achievement.

Lee Seo Jin & David Beckham in one frame? I can't. *swoon*
 He’s like the Korean Leonardo Dicaprio – who just like a fine wine that get better with age.

Now that I know this much about him I feel like I should watch Three Meals a Day to know exactly what this gentleman is like in real life.

Oh, and speaking of romance, I really ship him with Choi Ji Woo. They are perfect for each other!

Can i see wedding picture already? Pretty please.


  1. He is like a cantonese actor

    1. hi Kay!
      Is he? Yea, I think he does look a bit like Cantonese people

  2. I watched him first in 'Love Forecast' - and I dont really remember his face from that. But his charm appears in Grandpas Over Flower followed by Three Meals A Day. I can relate to his character in Marriage Contract only because I know him from the variety show. :)

    1. Is he? Sadly I haven't watched any of his reality shows :( But, I'm planning to watch it though :D