Friday, April 1, 2016

[Editorial] 5 Times I Hope K-Drama’s Production Team is Pulling April Fool’s Day Prank

There were times when I regretted my decision to watch one drama just because my once-oh-so-high-expectation-of-the-drama-I’m-about-to-watch turned into the bitter reality I have to live with. A bit dramatic, I know. But, that’s the fact. And there were times when I pray to the drama Lord that probably…the drama production team is pulling a prank on the viewers and not serious with their decision. But it’s just my imagination.

On this April Fool’s Day, I will reveal the most desperate times when I hope K-Dramas’ production team is pulling April Fool’s Day prank on the drama viewers.

As follows are those terrible times of mine:

***FYI, this entry contains Spoiler for Cheese in the Trap, Reply 1988, Prime Minister and I, and One More Happy Ending***

When the drama conclude with an open-ended finale

i need more!
An open-ended finale is not always bad. But…most of the times it is. I have waited anxiously and impatiently for a perfect ending in which the main couple is finally united under the beauty of sunny skies or the stunning night skies. When I have to accept the fact that they took separate road and only God knows when they will (or will not) get back together, I eventually have to experience a mental breakdown. Yes, I’m looking at you Cheese in the trap. I mean, is it so hard to fulfill the viewers’ dream? Aren’t you guys aiming for it?

When my OTP relation-ships sunk

can i cry? can i cry, please? :"((
I can say that my love for Deok Sun-JungHwan pair will never fade and I still haven’t fully recovered yet from my big heartbreak when I have to accept the fact who Deok Sun end up with. (Which also among the reasons why I haven’t write a proper review on the drama yet). Knowing that my OTP relation-ship is sunk for good is one of the most painful times I have to feel during my k-drama watching experience. Reply 1988 is the greatest example of all. Until the last episode of the drama I still hope that the production team will change their mind and serve a delightful twist where Deok Sun is standing beside Jung Hwan and say ‘I Do’ to each other. But hey, that’s not happening. Seriously Reply 1988 team, you break my heart real bad.

When the plot turned into makjang

oh, hello, i heard you were dead??
Excuse me? Where is the drama I used to watch? Did I watch the right drama? Why did the story turned into makjang crap? This is not what I signed up for. I have no idea what’s going on in the mind of dramas’ scriptwriter when he/she decided to make the once-interesting-and-different drama plot into makjang. I didn’t watch Prime Minister and I to find out that the wife is still alive and well scriptwriter-nim. Create other commonsensical conflict please, not another makjang crap.

When my second lead syndrome hit me real hard

cheer up Go Hae Joon! I'm with you <3
Hey, remember the time when you can’t stop admiring the second lead and extremely hoping that he will end up with the female lead? It is sad to see that he is still being the second option until the end. I have a major second lead syndrome and big crush on Goo Hae Joon (Kwon Yool) in Another Happy Ending. I hate to accept the fact that this real Mimo has to lose the heroine in the end.

When the once-highly-anticipated-drama turned into the total-fail-drama

yes, I'm looking at you :")
I’m looking directly at you Hyde, Jekyll, and Me. I still find it ridiculous to waste such amazing talents – Hyun Bin & Han Ji Min – and excited potential viewers with something like that. Stop pulling of a prank and make a real drama, please!  

There you go, my five times of hoping that the kdrama production team is pulling off April Fool’s Day prank. What’s yours? Oh, and Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

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