Sunday, June 19, 2016

4 Reasons to Watch Lucky Romance


I’m officially head over heels for this show now. At first, I thought the show didn’t come out as expected, but I’ve kind of forced myself to keep watching it and praying it will turn into something more exciting and more attention-grabbing. And thanks to my undying love for typical rom-com drama and inordinate fondness for Ryu Jun Yeol, I decided to stay and enjoy it. And guess what? I’m definitely enjoying the show now. I actually like the show as it is now. This show has grown and turned into something more exciting and uplifting now. Finally.

And based on the aforementioned reasons, I came to a decision to pour my love for the show by encouraging all of k-drama viewers out there to watch this show. Without further ado, now I present you the 4 top reasons to watch Lucky Romance.

For the Love of Ryu Jun Yeol

(CONTAIN SPOILER for Reply 1988)

Calling all of the heartbroken #TeamJunghwan members out there! Let’s not walking around with a face like a wet weekend anymore! Our time has come! Ryu Jun Yeol is finally getting himself an opportunity to end up with the female lead!

I’ve been down in the dumps since the last episode of Reply 1988 and when I heard that Ryu Jun Yeol earned himself a leading man spot in Lucky Romance, I couldn’t be happier.  Sure, we still don’t know if he will actually end up with the leading lady or not, but the chance is bigger in here. And if you love him in Reply 1988, you definitely cannot missed his performance in Lucky Romance, because he is getting cuter and manlier and more handsome and more charming (seriously, the list is inexhaustible) in this show. So, if you are not a fan of other casts or simply not fond of its plot, just watch this for the love of Ryu Jun Yeol.

Strong Elements of Comedy

This show has really cracked me up. It is hard to find an actual romantic comedy drama whose comedy element is as strong as its romance element. The number of rom-com dramas that I’ve watched and has strong comedy element can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Fortunately, the comedy game in Lucky Romance is strong. And it all thanks to Jung Sang Hoon and Lee Cho Hee, who were playing the roles of Han Ryang Ha and Lee Dal Nim, respectively. They both are hilarious, especially Ryang Ha with his playboy character.


There’s this once scene where Ryang Ha has accidentally drank an expired milk from Je Su Ho’s (Ryu Jun Yeol) refrigerator and he end up lying in a hospital bed. I’m not going to spoil his lines in that scene, but what he said during that “critical” time and his expression were too funny for words.


Dal Nim, on the other hand, is a typical goofball-sidekick character with unique personality. Her unconditional love for her boss and hatred for Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) are amusing.

Easy-to-Watch Drama

Watching Lucky Romance is like shooting fish in a barrel. It requires no deep thinking. The show is merely a fun rom-com that doesn’t oblige you to check your brain at the door. There were times when I’m so fed up with typical rom-com plot and looking for something heavier and anti-mainstream drama. But…there were also times when reality has done its part of pouring raindrops on my head and made me want to escape out of it for a while by watching a feel-good drama. And if you are currently experiencing the second situation and want to avoid reality temporarily, then Lucky Romance is the answer.

Aurally and Visually Stunning

I’m not a fan of Lee Soo Hyuk’s face, but I’m a fan of his voice. I’m not a fan of Lee Soo Hyuk’s appearance, but his almost perfect features are not something I hate either. I have to admit that Lee Soo Hyuk does not have a hair out of place. Moributeo balkkeutkaji da sarangseureowo. There. I said it. And that what makes Lucky Romance into an aurally and visually stunning production. If you’re not signing up for a typical romantic comedy plots or a slapstick comedy, at least you can sign up for a daily dose of eye candy, right? Oh, and by eye candy, I mean Lee Soo Hyuk.


  1. I plan to watch this drama after all the ep completed..but the updates at IG have ruined my plan and now I'm stuck at ep10 and suffering waiting for the next ep....uwaaaa..!!!!

    1. Hi Nora! Good news is that now the drama is completed! Time really flies, right? ^^