Monday, October 24, 2016

[MV Review] BTS – Blood, Sweat & Tears

Well that’s a fast comeback. Bighit probably has nil intention to let BTS took their time off at ease. They have to make a comeback as soon as possible. Well, as the main breadwinner in Bighit family, it’s perfectly reasonable for them to remain active in the Korean entertainment world before being forgotten or – worse – overshadow by lots of rookie groups (which keeps appearing out of nowhere, btw). It’s not that I’m complaining about their super fast comeback, it’s because I’m not fully prepared for the awesomeness they brought (again). I still can’t get Fire out of my system, and now they return with similar sick beat and MV. Don’t believe me? Just watch!



Love the music. It still has that distinct BTS vibe. It’s the kind of song that will pump you up, especially in the “Manhi manhi” part. The line distribution is a mess, though. Why is Jin only having one line? And it’s near the ending. Fortunately, they made him the main character in the MV. But still, it’s not enough. I hope Bighit will give more line to Jin next time.

Jin is not happy about his part :(

Many people said that this song represents J-Hope era since they thought J-Hope stood out the most. I couldn’t agree more. But for me, it’s not only J-Hope who stood out. Strangely, I found myself drowned into Taehyung a.k.a V’s voice in this song. He sounds so sexy with that deep voice of him. I hope he will get more line, because his voice is so unique and has many potential to be developed.  

Familiar vibe

Playing around in a museum? Dressed like a teen royalty? Sitting stiff in an all-white dining table? Those scenes remind me a lot of BTS’ seniors’ MV.

First and foremost is the opening of this MV, where the members are entering a museum-like place. This scene reminds me a lot of SHINee’s Sherlock. Is it the same place? Is it not?


The second one is their outfit. It’s probably just me, but the way they looked reminds me of 2PM’s looks in Come to My House MV.


And the last one is the dining table scene. This scene takes me back to EXO’s Monster MV.


Grown-Up Concept?

After officially waving goodbye to their youth, BTS is making a comeback with a more mature concept through this MV. Oh and, what is it with V-and-Jungkook’s lips? Are they aware of the effect of their attitude to young girls watching that? Please boys, stop playing with your eyes-hands-lips, noona’s heart can’t take it anymore.

STOP IT Jungkookie!

this MV should be rated PG-13

Suga’s Jacket is Yoo Jae Suk’s?

This is totally silly review point but Suga’s jacket really reminds me of the jacket Yoo Jae Suk wore in Running Man (Episode 163). I know it’s not important. Mian.


Boys Meet Evil? Really? Confusing concept, as always

Who is the man behind all BTS’ MVs? Well, whoever that is, he/she must have a twisted mind. I mean, is it so hard to make a great MV with non-confusing concept? Why is it had to be always puzzling? Now that we know the Boys meet the evil, the remaining questions are: Who is the evil? What happen to Jin? Is he dead (again)? Why is Jimin sitting blindfolded? And why is Jungkook looking high in his (?) bedroom? And many more.

Since I’m a sucker for pretty boys, so I have no time to think about this MV theory and instead, I’m searching for it. After doing some googling, I found this theory as the most making sense theory. Thank you, Tiffani, wherever you are. *sending virtual hearts & hugs*


One word: ADORABLE!

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