Tuesday, November 22, 2016

[Under the Spotlight] Hot Brain, Ha Seok Jin

I tend to grow an affectionate sentiment toward the actor/actresses starring in a drama I’m currently obsessed with. Since Drinking Solo is currently occupying my top-five-drama obsession list, Ha Seok Jin name has come to light.

Just like Lee Seo Jin, I also have never put much attention to Ha Seok Jin before. I know Ha Seok Jin, and I know he is an actor. But I never actually notice him before. Even when he becomes one of the guests at Happy Together, I just look at him as a fine-looking man, but never really curious about whom he is and what his previous works are. I remember reading about how productive Ha Seok Jin is this year in one of dramabeans’ post – he starred in three dramas this year and a regular member of tvN’s reality show. But still, even with that pretty incredible effort, he has yet to capture my attention. 

Enter Drinking Solo.

Ha’s character as Jin Jung Suk, has finally grasp my attention. He is annoying yet alluring as Jin Jung Suk. It has evoked my interest in him and grew my curiosity about him. I started to re-watch Happy Together with him as guest, and watch his interviews in Youtube. He’s not super handsome. In fact, he gives off a clumsy vibe sometimes. But – strangely – he has something charming that got me drawn into his “world.”

My interest in him grew bigger after my sister in law told me that he is super smart. He is a regular member in tvN’s Hot Brain: Problematic Men – a show in which casts are given a set of puzzles to solve. According to my sister in law, Ha Seok Jin always did a good job in the show and solving the puzzle the crew given to him. A good-looking face and a sexy brain: who dare to resist this man?

After learning about him through his wiki page, Ha Seok Jin has many movies and dramas in his portfolio. He made his entertainment debut in 2005 as a commercial model for Korean Air. He is now working under Maroo Entertainment – a subsidiary of MBK Entertainment. Kim Jongkook of Running Man also works under Maroo Entertainment agency.  

Education-wise, Ha Seok Jin is Hanyang University - Mechanical Engineering graduates. He also studied in the UK for much of his childhood.

Ha Seok Jin worked very diligently this year. He starred in three productions.

The first is After the Show Ends. It’s a hybrid of drama/reality show.

The second is Drinking Solo (Jin Jung Suk kyusungnim!).

The third is 1% of Something – a remake of 2003’s 1% of Something drama.

It’s probably just me, but he reminds me of Chef Baek Jong Won - probably due to his hair in Drinking Solo? If he’s a bit chubbier and older, he most likely will look like Chef Baek in the future.

Regarding to dating, he once rumored to have special relationship with his D-Day co-star, actress Yoon Joo Hee. Both actors’ agency immediately denied the dating rumors.

NOPE, they're not in a relationship.


So, until this hot brain oppa find his happily ever after partner, let us all first appreciate how oddly cute and attractive he is. Toodle-loo!


  1. i dont think he studied in the UK for much of his childhood. that should be his co-casting member of Problematic men; "Ji Seok" Kim, which he was "attended middle school and high school in England (Wiki)"

  2. I started watching his dramas after i watched Legendary Witches...i like him most in Drinking Solo and % of anything...he undeniably good looking and talented..m