Thursday, December 8, 2016

[Gem of the Week] BTS Blood, Sweat, Tears Bloody Funny Reaction

I’m probably waaayyyy too late to watch this video, but since this one is definitely a gem (a comedic gem), I decided to share this on my blog anyway. It’s Lilly Singh’s “My Parents Reactsto BTS’ Blood Sweat and Tears MV” video.

This video is too funny for words. I laughed my lungs out watching it. My favorite lines are: 

“These boys could be my woman crush on Wednesday and my man crush on Monday”

 “They want money? Your friend just died!”

 “Okay that’s okay, 2016 you know, love win! You want to kiss the statue? Kiss the bloody statue, okay?”

I’m definitely drawn into LillySingh’s world now. She is super funny and original. I love how nonchalant and beautiful this girl is. And hopefully *finger crossed* she will do more reaction video to K-pop or K-drama (AAMEEN!).

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