Friday, January 13, 2017

[Friday Fashion] Age of Youth’s Song Ji Won

Have anyone watched Age of Youth? If you haven’t watched it, then make yourself happier by watching it right away. This drama is really a worth to watch drama that regrettably has to be drowned among other dramas starred by popular actors/actresses. It’s really unfortunate, because it offers a wonderful story with endearing characters. But anyway, I’m not going to discuss about the drama now, because it’s Friday and it’s time for a Friday Fashion!

I love all characters in Age of Youth, but my favorite is Song Ji Won (Park Eun Bin). Aside from her bubbly and blunt personality, her style is one of the reasons why I idolize this particular lady. Her style is so quirky and original, which by the way goes perfectly with her persona.

Song Ji Won’s signature style

 Trendy Sleepwear

Steal Song Ji Won's trendy sleepwear looks by trying below outfit!

  Hippie-like tops & dresses

To copy Song Ji Won's looks, you can try below outfit.


So, which one is your favorite?^^

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