Friday, February 17, 2017

[K-Indie] The Quirky yet Lovely Jannabi

Another K-Indie post!

To be honest, I’ve been listening to Jannabi’s songs since 2015 when one of their songs, Variegated, became the soundtrack of Ex-Girlfriend Club drama. Their quirky yet pleasing vibe hooked me on the very first tune. Moving forward, I’m always excited when I found out that Jannabi sang one of the soundtracks of the drama I’m watching at that moment. 

Maybe it’s because of their unique trait and the vocalist’s distinct style, it is so easy (for me) to recognize Jannabi’s songs right away. Therefore, I would like to spread their awesomeness through this post.

JANNABI began by performing at over 100 gigs in various clubs in Hongdae and busking on the streets. The leader of JANNABI, Jung Hoon, began getting exposure as a member of Superstar K5 top 7 group Plan B. JANNABI was recognized as the 2014 Phantom Super Rookie and has gained a loyal fan base as a Naver Musician Leaguer.

 Credit to Koreaboo 

The members:

Jung Hoon – Leader, vocal, guitar
Do Hyung – Guitar
Young Hyun – Keyboard

Don’t be fooled by their mature persona, these boys are 92’ liners. According to their interview with Arirang Radio, they named the band “Jannabi” because it means Monkey, and they were all born in 1992, the year of the monkey.

I love almost all of their songs, but if I have to pick the much loved, my favorite songs from them are: Variegated, November Rain, and Summer.

I wish Jannabi the best of luck and hopefully they can achieve their dream to conquer the world with their music.

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