Tuesday, March 28, 2017

[At A Glance] Radiant Office (2017)

I’m started to watch this show a week ago because I thought Radiant Office might offer something fluffy and funny like the ones offered by Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I really need those types of drama right now because dramaland is not giving me many options beside thriller, legal, and historical types of drama. When I watched the teaser of Radiant Office, I decided to give the show a try. The result? I like it, so far.


Radiant Office tells a story of a 28-year-old girl named Eun Ho Won (Go Ah Sung) who finally hired as a temporary employee by a furniture company after failed interview process for 100 times. Ho Won only have few months to live after getting diagnosed with terminal illness. She, then, decided to live her remaining life to the fullest and prove everyone, especially her obnoxious boss Seo Woo Jin (Ha Suk Jin), that she can work well and has a bright future.



I’m liking it so far. The first two episodes is far from what I expected. When I watched the teaser, I thought the show will be light, funny, and full of weird thingamabobs. But the first two episodes is slightly depressing. I’m so frustrated over Eun Ho Won’s inferior personality. It’s not entirely her fault, I know. It’s because other mean people always belittling her and her condition is not allowing her to be brave and say what she want to say. But it makes me unhappy to watch her being pitiful every time. Thankfully, in the next episode, she started to take the lead and learn to say no for once. From this point, the show is starting to get more interesting.

As for the other characters, the only one I’m closely paying attention to is Seo Woo Jin. Not only because he’s the male lead and the actor behind the character is the sexy and brainy Ha Suk Jin, but also because I’m interested to know who he really is. His fearlessness must be caused by something and I’m curious to learn more about that “something.” I’m also wondering the reason behind his uttermost hatred for nepotism and corruption in the office because he seems to enjoy it as well by easily getting into working in the company.

So, will I continue watching the show? Yes I will, because I cannot wait to see Seo Woo Jin falls head over heels for Eun Ho Won.


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