Thursday, November 16, 2017

[Gem of the Week] MeloMance

MeloMance is not a newbie in my playlist. They have stayed in it for a while now, but their newest songs managed to make me fall in love again with their brilliant music. And, their latest songs happen to be the original soundtrack of my current favorite dramas: “Because This is My First Life” and “20th Century Boy and Girl.”

The first song is I Want to Love You, the original soundtrack of “Because This is My First Life.” I knew it was MeloMance as soon as I heard this part of the song “dajimhaedo neon nae ape.” I remember this was played when Ji Ho (the female lead character) looked at Se Hee (the male lead character) when he arrived in the bus station before both of them going to meet Ji Ho’s parents and tell them about their plan to get married. There’s something special about the singer’s tone of voice. It makes you know right away that it is his voice, especially when he sings high notes.

The second song is Not Too Distance Day, the original soundtrack of “20th Century Boy and Girls.”

Love love love these songs!!

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  1. 20th Century Boy and Girl Eng Sub: Depicts the love and friendship of three year old single women