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[K-Drama Review] Because This is My First Life (2017)

I’m sorry “Fight My Way,” I’ve decided that “Because This is My First Life” (BTIMFL) is my favorite drama of 2017.

I bumped into this drama out of boredom and curiosity. I’ve never committed to any drama in 2017 since I’ve completed “Fight My Way.” I’ve watched several dramas, but none of them are gaining my full attention. Oh, there’s “Age of Youth 2.” I love the second installment of Age of Youth, but, still, it has not wowed me like the first season did a year ago. However, there is one particular actor I’m starting to put attention to. It’s Kim Min Suk, who played Seo Jang Hoon character and has a cute love line with new girl in the house. Then, in one of Dramabeans’ articles, I found out that Kim Min Suk is one of the casts of BTISMFL. Due to my boredom (thanks to shortage of good dramas to watch) and my curiosity (about Kim Min Suk), I decided to give BTISMFL a try. And boy, I’m eventually falling in love with this series.

From my point of view, BTIMFL is very natural and relatable show. The storyline and the characters of the series are very relatable. The fact that the main female character’s job is a writer, which I’ve always dreamed of becoming one since I sat in senior high, is making me love this series even more. Therefore, I would like to thank tvN and the series’ production crew for serving this almost perfect drama.


BTIMFL tells a story of a contract marriage between Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) and Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min). Nam See Hee need Yoon Ji Ho to be his wife because his parents urge him to get married. Yoon Ji Ho decided to marry Nam Se Hee because she needs the apartment. Both are living a double life as husband and wife when they are outside of the apartment and as landlord and tenant when they are inside the apartment.


Shout out to Yoon Nan Joong writer-nim for writing this genuine and well-written series. I love how everything is so tidy and so relevant. Love how the writer neatly put every ideas, sayings, poems into the story, which extraordinarily match perfectly with the characters and the struggles they’re facing at the time. Another thing I love from this series is how fast-paced almost everything is. Some things, like the suspicious Yeon Bok Nam, are unimportant and seen only as the way to “fill” the duration. But other things are absolutely fine.

As for the characters, I love how vulnerable they are. They are so well-written and well-played; it makes me think that they are existed in real life as well.

Yoon Ji Ho character is the type of character you often see. The one who tend to not give up on his/her dreams, always kind to everyone, but decided to be bad once in a while, and the type to always say yes to everything but chose to speak up and stand for her/himself when he/she cannot take it anymore. Jung So Min is the right fit for this character.

Nam Se Hee character is definitely a one-of-a-kind. I haven’t met this kind of person in my life, but I have heard from my aunt about how weird her officemate is; the personality of my aunt's officemate is slightly similar to how bizarre Nam Se Hee is. So this type of character probably exist in real life. If Jung So Min is the right fit for Yoon Ji Ho character, Lee Min Ki is the perfect fit for Nam Se Hee character. I see Nam Se Hee in Lee Min Ki.

Other characters are very lovable as well. The sisterhood is not special, so does the brotherhood. However, I love how they always there for each other and tries not to interfere the life of their friends too much, but becoming a good listeners instead.


To be honest, I kinda disappointed with the ending of Yang Ho Rang-Sim Won Seok (Kim Ga Eun-Kim Min Suk) love story. I thought they will be breaking up for good and move on with their life. That way, the story will look more real as in real life not every long-term relationship end up in a marriage. But, probably the writer want to emphasize the fact that the reasons why they breaking up, which is mostly financial condition, could be handled well if they starts to communicate better and let go of each other’s dreams. Maybe, the writer want to stress that for ending up with someone you love, you can give up one or two things you’ve always dreamed of.

Yang Ho Rang & Sim Won Seok

As for Woo Soo Ji-Ma Sang Gu love story, I love how the writer made the female character as the dominant one even though she is dating a CEO of a company and a self-proclaimed playboy. Woo Soo Ji (Esom) character is definitely a girl crush. And it probably weird, but I would love to have someone like Ma Sang Gu (Park Byung Eun) as my life partner. He can be so childish and foolish at one time, and grown-up and romantic (in a non-cheesy way) at the other time. I love how he accepts Woo Soo Ji as she is and tries to “fix” her slowly and gently. Ma Sang Gu-nim, sa-rang-hae-yo!

Ma Sang Gu & Woo Soo Ji


I should not forget the original soundtracks. All of them are beautiful and pleasant. My favorite OST is the once I’ve mentioned in the previous post, MeloMance’s I Want to Love You.


It’s almost perfect; I will give it 9.8 out of 10.

Nam Se Hee's smile is LYFE

Some memorable quotes:

“Going through this life is the first time for all of us anyway. Good luck.” – Nam Se Hee

“Only one kind of species on Earth locks themselves up in time. They’re human-beings.” – Yoon Ji Ho

“It’s not like you know all about today just because you lived yesterday.” – Yoon Ji Ho

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