Thursday, January 4, 2018

[Under The Spotlight] Alluring Boys of Prison Playbook

Have you watched Prison Playbook? If you haven’t watched it, then you have to watch it A.S.A.P! I have to take off my hat to Shin Won Ho PD nim. He has done an excellent job. He always managed to hire less popular/rookie actor and turns them into stars. There are three particular men from Prison Playbook who I’ve been admiring lately. They are Park Hae Soo, Jung Hae In and Kim Sung Cheol.

Park Hae Soo is the main character of the series. His character, Kim Je Hyeok, is a popular baseball player who has to stay in prison after beating up the man who rapes his sister.  Based on his wiki page, he has starred in several popular dramas, including “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” I really love his character in Prison Playbook. From my perspective, his character is similar to Reply 1988’s Choi Taek character. Just like Choi Taek who only know how to play Go, Kim Jae Hyeok also only know how to play baseball. Then why he is alluring? Because his kindness and….his hot body! *blushing*

Jung Hae In is my favorite! He is so charming OMG. And….he is older than me! OPPA!! He has starred in many dramas, including the recently ended drama “While You Were Sleeping.” I REALLY LOVE his character in Prison Playbook. As Captain Yoo, Jung’s character is so appealing and terrifying at the same time. And…he also has a hot body!! *blushing again*

Last but not least is Kim Sung Cheol. He’s the maknae out of the three. And according to his wiki page, he hasn’t starred in any drama except for Prison Playbook. There’s something attractive about him. He gives off a Ryu Jun Yeol vibe. Hopefully he will be the next star born by Shin Won Ho PD’s midas hand. 

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