Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hello Goodbye (2012)

I've ever write about my intention to watch this movie two years ago in this blog, but sadly due to my lazy body and my hectic schedule #halah I just be able to watch it few days ago. Fortunately I watched it, because if I’m not I can guarantee I will be so much in regrets missing this such good Indonesian movie. 

It is rare for me to find good Indonesian movie these days although through times Indonesian movie industry seems to be improving. It's not that I’m not proud to be an Indonesian, I really proud to be born and raised in this beautiful land but I must say this country lacked a lot of things, I’m not going to discuss about poverty nor corruption because that's definitely not my cup of tea, it's just Indonesian movie industry seems to be running out late. But anyhow, Hello Goodbye gave me a perspective that Indonesian movie personnel still has a sense to bring viewers such a beautiful love story. Not to mention a lot of Indonesian movie todays who can pass International Movie Festival selection. Keep up the good work Indonesian film-maker!

Hello Goodbye tells a story of an Indonesian Consular worker Indah (Atiqah Hasiholan) who placed in Busan, Korea. Day by day Indah finds her work is really boring and she surely miss her home, Indonesia. Accompanying government’s wife shopping and live in unfamiliar place is making Indah even more stressed. Her obsession on making a paper doll is her way to fight the boredom. On her monotonous day, her boss suddenly asks her to take care of Indonesian Citizen, Abimanyu (Rio Dwanto), who nearly passed away by a heart attack. Abi is an introvert man who works in a cruise ship and refuses any medication given to him. With Abi’s stubbornness, Indah felt that her life is getting even worst. What she doesn’t know that met Abi is her gate to a new life she always dreamed of.

when love finds you through unexpected time.
Two thumbs up for the writer and director of this movie, Titien Wattimena. I never thought that watching Indonesian romantic movie will give me chills. Since I love watching Korean Drama, a whole idea of romantic scenes on my brain is taking up by those dramas. But after watching this movie, I sincerely thought that there’s another way of expressing your feeling to your love and Indonesian man has such a sweet way to do it. The fact that it filmed in Busan, Korea is making this movie even fascinating.

start of the Hello.
start of the Goodbye.
From the beginning, this movie already grabs viewer’s attention through the unknown conversation about How-You-Start-Your-Life. And in the end the answer is revealed with a sweet journey behind it. Without much conversation and focusing on the life of lead actress, Titien Wattimena be able to portray what Indah’s been through and what she felt when she met Abimanyu. 
Eru's cameo.
I truly love everything about this movie, from the storyline, the cast, the cinematography, and the soundtrack. 

one of the best scenes.
The story itself is already dazzling. It’s actually a typical romantic movie story when you met a stranger and grows feeling for him/her after spending days together. But even though it’s easy to guess, the way they’re felt they feeling grow for each other is become the real magnet from the movie. I never found that someone who has a bad temper like Abimanyu can be as sweet as a sugar when he finally opens his self to Indah. Not only his gesture is nicely done, his dialog also gave an impression as if he’s been longing to find someone like Indah on his offshore life. The ending is the best part from the story. It depicts the Indonesian sentence “Kalau Jodoh Ga Kemana” which means if he/she supposed to be your soul mate then he/she will be one. The ending is unexpected for a moment, but when I watch the rest I literally clap my hands congratulating the sweetness. 

the one and only smile from Abi, kyeopta XD
Rio Dewanto’s acts is caught my attention more in this movie. Not because his gorgeous looks, but it really because he gave more solid performance than his co-star/wife, Atiqah Hasiholan. This is my first time watching Rio Dewanto’s movie. I never watched him in another movie or series. I used to think that he gained more attention because he date Atiqah but now I think I have to erase my thought and admit that I’m wrong. This handsome man is really can act. I never imagined that Rio Dewanto can be as sweet as bad at the same time. He really portrays the image of a loner Abimanyu perfectly. Although his level is not as high as another Indonesian movie actor, I think through more production and practice, Rio Dewanto will be a successful actor.
Indah and her doll.
On the other hand, this is my second time watching Atiqah Hasiholan movie. Before, I watch her in La Tahzan. I think she gave better performance in this movie than La Tahzan. It’s confusing I know, because Hello Goodbye is produce way before La Tahzan. I don’t know if it is because she acts with someone she familiar with or not, but the way Atiqah acts in this movie is more reliable.

Finally, if I have to put score I will give 9 out of 10 for this movie.

“Gimana kamu bisa sampai tujuan kamu itu kalau kamu ga tahu titik awalnya?” – Abi (Hello Goodbye)

[K-Drama Review] Another Parting (2014)

This is my second time watching web miniseries after Twenty Years Old. And I find it more confusing and less interesting than the first one. Maybe it is because of the dark story. However I couldn’t resist Seo In Guk’s charm through this web series. Oh and one more thing, is alien become a new “thing” in K-Drama now? If the answer is positive then it’s super fine, because unlike the scary version of Alien in Monster vs Alien movie, alien in my imagination lately has been formed into a gorgeous man like Seo In Guk or Kim Soo Hyun ;)


Another Parting tells a story of an alien (Seo In Guk) who receive tasks to find the reason why human cry. He only have one day to fulfil his tasks. Unfamiliar with human world, he searches everywhere to finish off the question. When he felt like the task is too hard and he will be failing like any other “agent” who used to carry out the same task, he met what he looking for from a girl name Hana (Wang Ji Won).


favorite scenes.
Watching Another Parting is like watching a long version MV. In my head, I’m thinking of T-Ara’s Cry-Cry or another drama version MV. It’s short yet still has a story, a beautiful one. The teaser is so intriguing, the sentence that said “A Woman who really wanted to live. A man who wanted to go to an end. There is only one day. At the end life...Love begins.” Doesn’t it increase your curiosity higher? Sadly, the series is not as good as the teaser. The phase is not right and I think many scenes look awkward. I feel like it’s not finish yet or maybe there still something hanging in my head about few things. If only they make it longer. I’m not saying that it has to be a 20 episode series. Like Twenty Years Old for example, the series who has 4 episodes but still create a good story and pleased the viewers.

the sweet escape?

However, I love the scoring in the beginning of the story (doesn’t it sound a bit like “Bad Guy” theme OST?). The music really portrays the darkness of the story and the feeling of Hana. The music at the end of episode 4 is superb as well. The cinematography is enchanting. I really love the dreary atmosphere which again depicts the essence of the story.


when hana met hana.
The idea of the story itself is really interesting. There are no greater things than two souls that can fall in love in the matter of second. I always find this kind of a story appealing. It also light, which makes the story even more drawing. Unfortunately it is too short, even though the ending is still as pretty as I hope it supposed to be.

the climax?
 The first and second episode is really drawing my attention, yet I lost my spark in the third and beginning fourth episode. Nevertheless the ending of 4th episode pulls me back and makes me questioning the next episode. Even though there are few scenes in the fifth episode which I find not connected to the story and less important, the ending still pack the whole storyline in magnificent acts.


his gaze is priceless.
 I have to congratulate Seo In Guk, because he really transform himself into a qualified actor through this one. Maybe acting is the right path for him despite the fact that his beautiful voice also makes a good point. The dumb expression he make when first landing on earth to be living a life as a human and when he finally realize what he felt for Hana is flawless. Although it just a miniseries, Seo In Guk proves he will put everything through his act and i admire him for that.

wipe your tears Hana, you met Hul ;)

 On the other hand, Wang Ji Won also portray a perfect role of an ex-idol who frustrate with her current life and regret her past decision. This is the second time I watch her acts after The Heirs. I don’t really know how she is as an actress, but if I have to judge from this one I think she did a pretty good job.


I will put 8,5 out of 10 for this series.

“Promise me three things. If you go back to when you wanted to go back to. One...never lie to yourself. One...never lie to yourself. One...never lie to yourself.” – Hul (Another Parting)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

[K-Drama Review] Reply 1997 (2012)

Finally be able to finish another series. I watch this series from the first place because Reply 1994. Few people told me that Reply 1997 has a better story. So I watch it to prove if what they’re saying is true. Turns out it’s a 50-50 point for me. Even though I love the story and the cast, my heart still goes directly to Shinchon Boarding House’s kids in Reply 1994. But after all Reply 1997 is also had a good value. Therefore I must salute the Screenwriter-nim for giving us such a beautiful story of the 90’s. Can’t wait for another ‘Reply’ drama!

Reply 1997 tells a story of six youngster who (5 of them) grew up in Busan and spend their time together at Kwang An High School. They are Sung Shi Won, Yoon Yoon Jae, Kang Joon Hee, Mo Yoo Jung, Bang Sung Jae, and Do Hak Chan. 

Sung Shi Won (Jung Eun Ji) is a diehard H.O.T fans. Her bias is Ahn Seung Wo a.k.a Tony. She’s a typical undying fan girl who can spend days starving and sleeping on the street if it is for her ‘oppa’. Her father, Sung Dong Il is always tell her to study more since she ranked last in her class but her mother Lee Il Hwa is always proud of her daughter and stand in front of her if her husband ready to smack her. Beside her life as a fan girl, in the 90’s Sung Shi Won faced a harder questions in her life when she figured out who is her first love.

Yoon Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk) who grew up together with Shi Won is the total opposite. Growing up without parents and raised by his only brother, Yoon Jae always rank first in class. However he’s under Shi Won’s spelled. Even though both of them fighting all the time, he always follow Shi Won’s order and ended up losing. But one day he decided to not give up what he has and faced the most difficult times of his time when he has to choose who he loves the most, his first love or his guardian angel.

The rest of the group also has the distinct characteristic. Kang Joon He (Hoya) is the second smartest kid in school after Yoon Jae. Looking picture-perfect from the outside, Joon Hee hides a dark secret inside that no one could ever wonder. Mo Yoo Jung (Shin So Yul) is Shi Won’s BFF. Her cuteness is her power. Like friendship relationship in common world, she and Shi Won also had a big fight when she chooses to love the forbidden one.

Bang Sung Jae (Lee Si Un) is the unluckiest guy of the group yet he still enjoys his unfortunate moments and lives his teenager’s life blissfully. Do Hak Chan (Eun Ji Won) is the last member to join the group. He’s a transfer student from Seoul. Behind his cool act between guys, he can’t say a word or even looking eye to eye to a girl. He also known as the Porn King in his high school days.

gang in 1997.
gang in 2012.
Together in the 90’s they find their first love for the first time and struggling through time until in 2012 the group together again in their Kwang An High School Alumni Class of 1997’s reunion when one couple announce they’re getting married and having a baby together.

After watching Reply 1997, I’m officially declared that I’m addicted to ‘Reply’ drama. I really love how Lee Woo Jung  Screenwriter-nim collect all the memories we had about the 90’s and our first love then spread it out in one marvelous story of Kwang An High School Gangs and Sinchon Boarding House’s kids. The voice over which depicts the moral lesson on each episodes is my favorite thing from the drama. I’m in awe for the beautiful words that (miraculously) paints all the character’s feeling. 

life of a fan girl, 'Reply' drama signature :))
However I didn’t find Reply 1997 as attractive as Reply 1994 on the early episodes. I don’t know if it is because I watch the 1994 first or not. Maybe because the story is a bit different. You know how Reply 1997 tells a story of a teenager’s first love in their high school, while Reply 1994 express how a college freshman finding out their first love. Other thing is that I don’t find myself laugh out loud watching this drama as what I’ve done when watching Reply 1994. Oh and also I find the bonds of Sinchon Boarding House’s kids are stronger.

a moment like this is one of the reason why i love 'Reply' drama.
But putting out Reply 1994 – Reply 1997 comparison behind, Reply 1997 is definitely one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. From the story, the casts, the soundtracks, the cinematography, all nearly reach out a perfect point.

one of the best scenes.
I rarely find a bad story in one drama or movie. The same case goes for this one. The story of Reply 1997 is really light yet enchanting. It starts from a simple point at first. About how you chase your first love and spend your time from a spoiled teenager to become a grown up. But each day, each moments these kids spent is really special and form a breathtaking journey. Unlike other drama, Reply 1997 shows their viewer a moral lesson. The story explains that a person can have their up and down moments in life. It is not only link to love relationship, but also family and friendship. Salute for the writer. It gives me chill to watch a lot of beautiful moments in one drama.

I never knew that Jung Eun Ji can act so well. I really loved her character in here. Actually i thought Sung Shi Won is her true character in real life, because from what I see Eunji also has a lively and bubbly image when she attends variety and music show. Besides Eunji, I really love how Seo In Guk portray his character in here. Next to his striking face (and body), I thought he only perfect when he plays a cool yet mesmerizing guy (Again, I got that image because I watch him in The Master’s Sun first, when he plays Kang Woo, the head of security department who has a cool character) I can say that sloppy and funny Seo In Guk in Yoon Yoon Jae name is way hotter than Kang Woo in Master’s Sun. 

hope to see u in another drama production Hoya ;)
But then again, who caught my attention the most is Hoya. Maybe he can teach L how to act since he acts so well in this drama. He really represents his character effortlessly. The way he standing, the way he holds something in his hand, the way he talks, and his glare is really what the personality of his character would do. I must say that Hoya is also in a race on becoming to be the next successful actor-dol.

you're the best Sung Dong Il ahjussi!
Alike Reply 1994, I also find Sung Dong Il is the vitamins of this drama. I always laugh when it comes to his scenes. Strangely, I also cry watching few of his scenes. He really is a great actor. He can drive his viewers crazy and brought them into the same state with him. Two thumbs up for Sung Dong Il ahjussi!

Another thing I like from this series is that it has more familiar cameos than Reply 1994. It will be a spoiler if I call it one by one here but some of the cameo (who also came out in 1994) really makes my jaw drop.

A good drama always have good soundtrack, but a good soundtrack doesn’t always belong to be a good drama. In this case, the first option is what I chose. I really love Deli Spice – Confession music, I think I’m going to be listening to this song for a couple times in the future. Another song I like is definitely Seo In Guk – Jung Eun Ji’s All For You. I find it shocking though when this song played for the first time. It’s not because this is not a good song, but because the scene when this music played is not the main lead scenes. On the other hand if I have to compare it to Reply 1994’s soundtrack, i find Reply 1994 soundtrack is more interesting. Maybe because a lot of today’s singer sang the OST, unlike Reply 1997’s OST which filled with 90’s music. 

Finally, if I have to put a score I will put 9,5 out of 10 for this series.

“The reason I like you? Because it’s you. Just you. That’s the only reason. I wish I knew. Then I could figure out how to stop liking you. If I can’t avoid it, I only want one thing. To stay as a friend who doesn’t change. For heartache. For love.” – Kang Joon Hee (Reply 1997)

Ps. I’m really looking forward to another ‘Reply’ series. From what allkpop write is that tvN already prepare a ‘Reply 2002’ drama. Can’t wait! Oh and another thing is I’m officially a fans of tvN drama. Love love love the distinction from any other drama!