Tuesday, May 24, 2011

death at a funeral (2007)

a tad exceptional funeral.

It all begins with a few little pills that bring a few peculiar incidents at a funeral.

Death at a funeral tells a story about a funeral of Edward (Gareth Milne), that turns out to be a chaos for every single family he left. Starting out with a little mistake by the coffin carriers, to a complication of a fund, an attempt to getting an approval from a father in-law, slapdash pharmacist-want-to-be, hard endeavor on catching a girl a guy used to slept with, crazy old man in a wheel-chair, a friend with skin issues, protective father, starting over a new marriage life, jealousy, father’s “close friend”, and major family matters. So, what will be the ending of this old man’s funeral? Will he be sent peacefully to the almighty God? Watch the movie, and you’ll find out an unforeseen ending.

When first read about this movie I’m not sure this one can be one of the bloody hilarious movie, because from the title itself it’s not something funny to be laugh at. I mean come on, it’s a funeral, and there’s a word death before that, how can it be funny? But after all I decided to watch it and find out the truth. And the truth is freaking bloody TRUE. No wonder why people suggesting this movie as one of the best comedy movie ever, because you won’t be able to count how many laugh you have when you watching it.

I’m never seen a British comedy movie ever, because I thought it won’t be as hilarious as American comedy movie, but mate I’m wrong. Well I’m not saying that American comedy movie is not as hilarious as this one, but not all of American comedy movie is as brilliant as this one. you wont even have to think hard when you watch this. Surprisingly you’ll find a usual event you’ll find on your everyday life, but what makes this one funny is because this one happens in a funeral, a place when you think is all about the boringness and grief situation.

The role itself is not supposed to be a funny role, but the situation and the lines make them funny and still serious at the same time. This one I find the differences between British and American comedy movie, on American comedy movie, you’ll find out a funny role because the actor/actresses play the role with their funny faces and attitudes, but on British funny movie, the situation itself will brings the funny.

Despite all of the amusing scenes inside of this movie, you’ll also find some touching scenes that’ll make you realize after all it really is a funeral.

What I haven’t said before? Oh yes, the act, you don’t have to worry about how the actor/actresses play their role because they play it spotlessly. And the soundtrack is good an easy listening.

The moral lesson I get from this movie? Hmm… Well... I think the moral lesson I get is everyone has their own problems, every single one of the person on this world has the problem they’ve to think about and walk through on their life while they’re still living, just try, try to do your best to deal with those problems and try to do anything you want to do in this life because life is short, no one knew what will happen a minute or even a second ahead with yourself. I think that’s all, maybe because I laugh too much so I don’t take many moral lessons from this one, hehe, but anyway this one is one of the highly recommended and terrific movies to watch ;)

" Life isn't simple, it's complicated. We're all just thrown in here together, in a world full of chaos and confusion, a world full of questions and no answers, death always lingering around the corner, and we do our best." - Daniel (Death at a Funeral)

so, ready to watch an out of the ordinary funeral??

Happy watching everyone!!

oh yes, if you’re questioning why is there a “death” word in a title you’ll chortle with glee when you realize what does it means. *smile widely*

Monday, May 23, 2011

serendipity (2001)

can we count on fate?

It all started out on 20th December when two strangers meet over a black wool Kashmir gloves on Bloomingdale. The boy name is Jonathan Trager (John Cusack), and the girl name is Sara Thomas. Together, they spent that night with drinking coffee in a cozy patisserie, Serendipity, they’re playing ice skating and asks each other basic questions.  Later on the same night they thought they had a crush on each other, especially Jonathan. But Sara (Kate Beckinsale), who believe in fate decided either she’s going to take his number or not by the fate lines. 

Fast forward, they separated by the fate that night. Few years later, Jonathan engaged and about to married to his girlfriend, meanwhile Sara is also getting a marriage proposal by her boyfriend. They both decided to move on with their life, but turns out, fate said the others, the closer they’re into their marriage day, the more they get signs about each other. Tired of all the signs and wonder they’ve inside, they decided to find each other. Will finally fate unite them or is it themselves who have to fight for it? Watch the movie yourself and you’ll find the breathtaking endings.

I’ve known this movie before from my best friend who sent me the soundtrack of this movie and told me to listen and musing the meaning of it. Then I asked her whether this move worthy to watch or what, she said yes, and so it goes I watched it and proved she’s right because this one is a real good romance movie. The movie itself fills with quick flow so the viewers wont get bored watching any sense from it. 

From the first this movie started I accidentally fall into the story and go along with it before even realized this movie is going to an end. The quick flow is so ordinary, it’s like an everyday life but fills with romantic scene and lines all over. The act by the actor and the actresses are amazing, well as we know, John and Kate are perfect for their acting skills, so we don’t need to questioning about that, don’t we? Moving on to the story, as the girl and the fate-believer, I looovvveeee the story from this movie. I don’t know if every girls will nod along and smile like crazy (like me) when seeing this movie, but I think they will do it. It makes me realize that fate really exist and we can meet our soul mate, our destiny anywhere, anytime, as long as God decided us to.

This movie also makes me realize that if really fate surroundings our life, I still have to make my own decisions, my own choice to how I'll run my life because in the end it's me who lived the life and it's my decisions who brings me to the situation I'm in later. Fate is there, to guide me, to giving me options if i have any, to giving me final result and helping me if i don't have any alternatives i have to take.

Besides filled with sweet lines and amazing acts, like any other movie, this movie also filled with great soundtracks with few interesting songs to downloaded after you watch the movie ;) 

As other chick flick movie, this one is also has few interesting comedy scenes that will make you laugh while you’re crying or smiling like crazy.

" I think we make our own decisions. i just think that fate send us little sign,  and it's how we read the signs that determine whether we're happy or not." - Sara Thomas (Serendipity)

So, interesting to see how fate goes for these two??

Happy watching everyone!!

ps. i've never like Cusack until i watched this, man he's a real piece of a true amazing actors, kudos to you sir John!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Harper's Island (2009)

"one by one...."

Heyho, I come in peace and another (short) series review....

Have watched this series lately, and hands up, this series is one of the best series I’ve ever watched.
Harper’s island tells a story about the comeback of Abby (Elaine Cassidy), a girl that used to live in this island until her mom killed by a psychopath, John Wakefied (Calllum Keith Rennie) which also killed six innocent people on that island. After the murder happen, Abby’s father, the sheriff (Jim Beaver), immediately sends Abby to another city and lived far far away from that island.  As time goes by, Abby has to come again to Harper’s Island to attend her best friend’s wedding, Henry (Christopher Gorham), or at least that what she thinks until one by one her closest friends and family disappear and weird things start happening in this island that remind her of her darkest memories of losing her moms few times ago.

So is the Wakefield’s legend come haunting this island again even though he’s already dead? Or do some people try to imitate Wakefield’s line? 

This series is short series, but believe me, on every episode you will feel anxious in about to know what the next event will happen. The acting on every actor in this series which also considered fine and suitable for their roles. Every character on this series has its specialization and makes me as the viewers feels involve emotionally when every single one of them is missing.

So, ready to watch another thriller series??

Happy watching everyone!!

quitter or winner?

People tend to leave the situation they’re not comfortable with. Well I tend to do that. Have you ever heard that "Winners don't quit and quitters don't win?", Or maybe a little simpler one, "Don't quit when you face something hard", or maybe the simplest, "Quit never solve anything". Well I've heard all of those phrases and every time I heard those I promise to myself that I won't quit no matter what situation I face. But well promise is just promise, I never can do all those phrases when I face a problem either its big or even small, I tend to make excuses to quit. It's not good, I know, but I'm just ordinary people that have heart and confusion all over my head, so when I say I quit, it didn't mean I quit for good, I quit for a while then I try to back and solve that problem. Because sometime quit is the easier way, right?

Well let me tell you something people, it isn't, it really isn’t, it will broke your future into pieces.

I've been a quitter since a kid, I know it’s bad and know that bad habit influencing my attitudes, making me an irresponsible one and tend to hang on somebody older and stronger than me every time the problem comes. But I thank Allah for making me my new me. Because of one situation I can't tell in this blog because its personal, I change, I promise myself to not being a quitter and start being a winner because we all are winners, I remember when I'm attending a seminar few weeks ago, my lecturer, Mr. Arnold said that we all born a winners, hell yeah we are a winners, so why oh why we spend our days to be a quitters that carry us to be a loser? no I don't want that. So from now, promise me, promise yourself that no matter what situation we face, we will never ever even think about quit because when you quit you'll have to go around to find a way back to entry door and if you're not so lucky you'll never going to the entry door and you'll stay outside forever.
I will never quit, because I'm a winner, so do you people, we're all a winner

Monday, May 16, 2011

five self-booster songs

I always adore Ms. Beddingfield songs. almost all of her songs always fill with motivational lyrics about life, especially this one. Strip Me tells a lesson to be surviving in situation we feel like can't handle anymre, Strip Me also teach us to be defending our own voices, even though it's a little voice we have, but still it's count. o yes, this song is also one of original soundtrack from "Morning Glory" movie.

coz when it all boils down
at the end of the day
it's what you do and say
that makes you who you are
makes you think about it, think about it
doesn’t it
sometimes all it takes is one voice

Quite similar with Ms. Beddingfield, I also loves Ms. Bareilles songs, wit her magnificent voices simple rhyme and meaningful lyrics, makes her songs so nice to hear on every occasion. Who doesn’t know this song, right? King of Anything has been one of the popular song we listened on our local radio. Well I think maybe everyone has got the point this song trying to tells, but let me explain it again (just for formality: D). King of Anything tells a lesson, well pretty much the same with Strip Me, it teach us to be our self, do not care with other thinking because it’s us who lived the life we have.

and who cares if you disagree
you are not me
who made you king of anything
so you dare tell me who to be
who died
and made you king of anything

all my life I've tried
to make everybody happy while I
just hurt and hide
waitin' for someone to tell me it's my turn
to decide
I first listen to this song from Grey’s Anatomy, and from the first time I heard it, I know I’m going to hear this song over and over again later. Well I don’t really know who Ms. Marina is until I heard this, and she has a beautiful voice, kind of voice that can warm your heart (a bit too much? Just nod along). Well (again) this song meaning is pretty similar with two songs above, tells a lesson to turn your back on others words about our failure because one time we’ll find our success eventually.

but I’m gonna burn, I’m gonna shine and multiply
I’m gonna fill up the great divide
you’ll never break me with all the things you say
“Miss Almost, Miss Maybe, Miss Halfway”

4.      4.  Kate Voegele – Its Only Life
Well I think you’re all can catch the meaning from this song by the title. Yes fellas, this song tells us to still carry on this life even though it’s hard when there are many problems we face ahead and we feels like it's already the end of the world for us, because after all it’s only life.

take your hesitance, and your self defense
leave them behind, it's only life
don't be so afraid of facing every day
just take your time, it's only life

5.       5. Glee Cast – Loser Like Me
This song is the brand new song I’ve listened last night when watching Glee Season 2, and from the first I heard it, I automatically fall for this song. I think you all already knew what this song means, it’s very Glee. It tells all the bullies and the haters out there to be biting their nails when a loser they used to mock become some superstar. It also tells us to not give a damn about others thinking and do what we want as long as it’s fine for us to do.

just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth
so everyone can hear
hit me with the words you got and knock me down
baby, I don't care
keep it up, I'm tunin' up to fade you out
you wanna be
you wanna be
  a loser like me
a loser like me

Sunday, May 15, 2011

single with hope

Just quote the title from Kurt Hummel’s lines on Glee Season 2. Found it true and exactly what I feel right now.

Just for a little preview I've been loving the boy for 3 years and until now I'm still single with hope, hope of getting the boy's love, hope of telling the boy how I feels, hope of forget the boy. 

What's hope actually is? Well from the English dictionary hope is mean: To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.

For me, hope is all I've been through in life. We never left a second in this life without a hope in our heart and mind. Hope of being someone, hope of having something, hope of getting someone, hope, hope, hope, hope...everything.

Some people may say that hope is nothing without working. Well that's right. Absolutely right. For the entire single ladies/boys out there, include me, we're hoping but we still working, even working on getting him,/her telling him,/her or forget him/her. So on this night as what I would said as my muddle night, I would like to say keep hoping! Because hope is not a crime, hope is something that can get us anything we want or getting close to that anything. Hoping is our motivators on chasing someone or something we expect. Hoping is our energy to chasing it. Hoping is our silent supporter to keep pursues it. Hoping is everything. Just keep hoping but don't forget to still working on it. 

after all it's not so bad to keep hoping things right? because  in the end ,the fulfillment of having that  "something" is because we hoping that "something" before. 
so, ready to hoping with some working??

Happy hoping everyone ;)

cin(T)a (2009)

an out of the ordinary love story when people’s questioning God’s policy.

When two people calls God with different names, when two people act their religious devotion with different ways, when two people read their holy book with different languages, can love unite them in the end?

Cin(T)a tells an extraordinary love story by two people with different faith, Cina (Sunny Soon) a Chinese man with genius mind, comes from Tapanuli, Cina has already spent his junior and senior high school time in Singapore with scholarship. Cina’s father is a medicine sensei in his hometown, and his mother is already passed away. When he have to enter a universityterm, Cina decided to take his study in his country, Indonesia. He wants to be a Governor in his hometown, Tapanuli, even though Tapanuli isn’t already a province. On his first day entering his day as a new college student he meets Annisa (Saira Jihan), his senior, a well-known and beautiful actress. At first seeing Annisa, Cina never feel that he’ll fall for this girl later. In fact, he’s mocking Annisa with Newton Law 2, that say:s Beauty is standing reversed with Cleverness. 

Annisa herself is having her own problem, she’s always failed when she have to defense her final project which makes her postpone her graduation. This two always meet in he unexpected ways, until one day, when Annisa knows that Cina needs money for is living, she decided to take him as her scale model maker. Few days these two spending together makes the feelings grown between the two of them. With all of their differences in life, can they fulfill each other?  Watch the movie yourself and you’ll find an unforeseen ending that’ll blow your mind.

This movie fills with breathtaking story and lines inside that makes me learn a new lesson in life about love and faith. Packed in such a beautiful ways, from the colors in the movie (I don’t know what this called, I’m on my way to learn about this thing), the soundtrack, the acting, and the flow of the story, especially the lines from the script that simple but has a deep meaning.

When you entering Cina and Annisa’s story you’ll be taken into a few sweet situation that will makes you smile, cries, and biting your nails. It such a beautiful story that these two playing in this movie.
Cin(T)a also filled with few testimonials by several people that having the similar story with the lead role in this movie. Sunny Soon, the lead actor plays his role wonderfully, kudos to this guy. Fortunately, Saira Jihan, the lead actresses, also played her role incredibly although it’s not as good as Sunny, but anyway they played their role in such a mind-bogglingly way, that is one of the factor that makes this movie a remarkable movie.

From this movie also I learn how people has to be tolerate with other people in this world even if they’re on the different path, because differences is common nowadays and the only thing we can do is except that and try t live with that in peace.
The ending of this movie is the best part, I won’t say a word, because it will be a spoiler and it’s not cool, but you’ll be carried away in such a wonderful faith that still belongs to some people.

by the way, the word cinta in Indonesian means love.
" Yakin lo masih mau sama gue? Tuhan gue aja berani gue khianatin, apalagi lo ntar..." - Annisa (Cin(T)a)

So, ready to learn a new perspective about Cin(T)a a.k.a love?

Happy watching everyone!!

add.notes. Cin(T)a is definitely one of the greatest Indonesian movie I’ve ever watched, this kind of movie that should be aired in Indonesia cinema, not some cheap horror indecent movie that has produced over and over again. By this movie also I realized that Indonesia has an amazing filmmaker beside that unimportant filmmaker that just chasing money by making movie with instant budget and low moral story. 

Long live Indonesian Movie World, Long live Indonesian Genius Filmmaker!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

anchorman : the legend of ron burgundy (2004)

when news is not too serious anymore.

Well hello hello, I come again with the new review of the movie I’ve just watched. This one is a side-splitting movie with some comical actors around. So, ready to read the review? here it is fellas…

Anchorman tells a story of Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrel), the lead anchorman in channel 4 news, life along with his news team, Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), the most stylish reporter on field with indecent behavior among all of them; Champ Kind  (David Koechner) the cowboy sport reporter with free spirit and his winning words, “Whammy”; Brick Tamland (Steve Carell), the most  polite and neat man among all of them, also kind, a bit religious I think, kind of a man that respect woman, although a bit of a Brian follower,  I said too much about him didn't I? well anyway, Brick is a weather guy. Together, this news team is the unbeatable team that makes channel 4 news becomes number one programs. They’re all legend, especially Burgundy, he is like a God in great suit in San Diego, the city where he delivers his daily news with his classy styles and lines. Everyone, from all ages, all races, all genders praise Burgundy as their God in this city. 

Even though he’s a lonely guy, he’s only living with his mate, his soul mate, his dog, Baxter. Ron is not even knows the meaning of love until he meets Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate), a new journalist hired by his boss to work with him. Lucky for Ron, Veronica feels the same, and as time goes by…they’re dating. But one thing that Ron doesn’t know is his career will be smashed after he takes that decision. Ron and Veronica have the same dreams, which is to be the anchor man/woman in network television. On one surprising day, Veronica, which usually just appear as a reporter has a chance to appear in the news as the lead anchorwoman, and voila her presence that day makes the news channel increase their ratings, which eventually makes her the co-anchor to his boyfriend, Ron. Unfortunately sexist Ron is not happy with that and decided that his relationship with her is over. He’s continuing his passionately in love relationship with passionately in hate relationship with Veronica, until one day, one unexpected day unbelievable incident happens to Ron that makes his life change 360 degree. And all of that change has something to do with his former girlfriend Veronica. What  Veronica did? What will happen to Ron? What will happen to their relationship? And one last thing what will happen to channel 4 news team?? Watch the movie and be ready to laugh a lot while watching it.

I think this movie is freakin hilarious, no wonder why people chose this movie as their most funny movie of all times, because from the story itself is quite funny, plus the script and especially the actors and actresses are high class humorous. Even though, this movie also has a moral story, it tells us to be kind with all of the people even that people has already hurts us before, because believe it or not, we’ll get an advantage from that, we really will.

Move on to another interesting point from this movie, first is the soundtrack which I love to gave comment about, well I’ve never find a movie with a bad soundtrack, since I love music and I love hearing any kind of music so to make it quick let’s say this movie has a nicely soundtrack with few (surprisingly) songs I knew (you know since this movie is from couple years ago and filled with old songs). Another point of interesting view is the unexpected events and people in this movie, believe me, I wont tell you any spoiler about who will showed up and what will happen in this movie that will makes your jaw stiff because you’re laughing too much, but let’s just say there will be some godfather-ish and wild hogs-ish kind of things.

another interesting point, the script is incredibly funny , you'll be blown away when you find  some unusual words, or phrase, or sentence you’ll get while watching this movie, so in case you want to broadening your vocabulary, prepare a pen and a note book around to write some good lines that you can use after when you get shocked or even captivating by someone.

" You stay classy, San Diego. I'm Ron Burgundy?" - Ron Burgundy (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

So, ready to witnessing the legend of Mr.Burgundy??

Happy watching everyone!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

the lovely bones (2009)

a journey about a sincere in life and the afterlife.

hello hello. Come again with a new review of the movie I've just watched. This one is...hhmm...What can I say? It’s good,  I don't really into a fiction movie about afterlife and heaven but I think this movie is quite good (who am I to judge,huh?)

so let's move on to the review..

The lovely bones tell a story of a 14 years old girl, Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) that has been murdered by her neighbor. The movie line is how Susie let go her soul into the freedom of afterlife and how her family let her go in life.
This movie tells a lot of things either in life and the afterlife. It also takes us on a journey of  how family: parents, brother and sister are the greatest things we have in life. It kinda reminds us of even when someone gone, that person is not completely gone, that person will always will be presence in our mind and heart.

the technical thing itself..hmm..I don't think I can review this because I might be talk about crap rather than fact. So let's move to the positive side from this movie, it has a good picture and wonderful imagination about how afterlife looks like, oh an magnificent effect about how heaven looks like and when Susie entering her afterlife, the story itself I thought a bit impossible, but good thing is they packed it well with the effect and the incredible play by the actors and actresses that makes this movie worth to watch. Again, the acts by the actors and actresses are good, especially Susie Salmon role that played by Saoirse Ronan ,she played her role amazingly. O yes, last thing, the soundtrack, I don't think I had to comment about this one do I? Because you already know I'll say this one is good.

o yes another lesson I got from this movie is that bad people always lose at last, it just takes us on few patient until it happen.
this movie also based on a novel with the same title.
"These were the lovely bones that had grown around my absence. The connections, sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but often magnificent., that happened after I was gone. And I began to see things in a way that let me hold the world without me in it."- Susie Salmon (The Lovely Bones)

so,  ready to  trace this touching story??

happy watching everyone!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

when i have so much to say

now and then i try to find a place in my mind
where you can stay
you can stay awake forever
how do i live without the ones i love?
time still turn the pages of the book it's burned
place and time always on my mind
i have so much to say but you're so far away
sleep tight i'm not afraid
the ones that we love are here with me
lay away a place for me
cause as soon as i'm done i'll be on my way to live eternally
how do i live without the ones i love
time still turns the pages of the book it's burned
place and time always on my mind
and the light you left remains but it's so hard to stay
when i have so much to say and you're so far away

been listening to this song back and forth tonight. what a beautiful lyrics, right? it express my feeling tonight, the feels of losing my special one, my other soul, my guardian, my everything.

some people said that you'll never know the feeling of losing someone until you lost someone special in your life. it's true. absolute true. it's been a year since i lost him and none of the second in my life i stop thinking about him. many people said that as time goes by the pain will also fade away. it's not true. totally untrue. in fact, as time goes by, the feelings grow bigger and bigger. you know the feelings of waiting someone to coming back but he's not coming? when you counting days, looking at the calendars, and imagining what will happen if he's still here? the time when i reached something amazing in my life and ready to share it with him, but i can't. the time when you feel like you stuck in life and needs someone to give you the wisdom words that can make you get up and live this life again. i'm still waiting, waiting for me to meet him again, to hug him again, to  be kissed in my forehead again, to be spoiled again. even though the pain is still here but i know he sees me, he sees my family, the only thing different is our sight now, he sees me from the above, not from the equal sight as before.

we can't avoid separation, in life, either we like it or not, it will always happen. what we can do is prepares our self, be tough, be strong, and be ready to face it. 

one thing i gets in mind by losing my special one is that Allah and him loves me and my family so much to feel this because when he left us, he knows we strong enough to handle this and that way i know that he believe in us and that believe is the believe that will lead us to continue this temporary life when he live eternally up there.

it has been a year

It's been a year.
A year without your smile.
A year without your laugh.
A year without you sneak into my room door every morning.
A year without you in dining table.
A year without your sisha smoke.
A year without your comment to what I wear.
A year without your enthusiasm to weekend.
A year without your cough sound.
A year without your wisdom words.
A year without your story of life.
A year without your lesson about my college subject.
A year without your comfort hug.
A year without your kiss on my forehead.
It's been a year.

But it's been a year with your presence every single time in my heart and mind.
I'm sincere now dad because I know you're in heaven.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

it's kind of a funny story (2010)

when life seems too hard to handle, who thought few interesting days in mental hospital can change your perspective in life??

hello all, like to give a teeny tiny review about the movie I just watched, and as like other movies I've been reviewed, this one also a good movie to watch, especially for teenagers who thinks life sucks and that entire blah thing around.

It's kind of a funny story tells a story of a 16 years old, Craig (Keir Gilchrist), who thinks his life is a total mess and decided to end his life by killing himself. But he can't do it on his own so he goes to a mental hospital with the hope he can solve his problems. On the hospital he meets few interesting friends with few problems they had. He meets Bobby (Zach Gailifianakis), a father and a husband that trying to kill himself six times which grow to be to be his best friend in that hospital. Noelle (Emma Roberts), an amazingly beautiful teenage girl with free spirit that also trying to kill herself. Muqtada, a middle age Egypt man that never even bother to get up from his bed, and many more interesting persons. On this hospital Craig learns everything, life, friendship, and love. On this hospital also he realizes that everyone's life is a mess, the real question is how we handle that into something best we want to be for our future.
well I think this one is a good movie, I'm not really understand into a cinematography and all of those technical things from a movie (actually I'm hoping of learning that somewhere when I get a scholarship for my master degree, amen *looking up*) but from the story that given I think it's a good movie. When you think life is too hard too handle that's all right because everyone feels the same. And when you did something you didn’t love to, then leave it because you can get brighter future from the things you love to do.
when watch this movie we will lead into a typical life of teenager. All their problems, all their expectation, all their naughtiness that leads them into something called depression. From this movie also we learn how life has many things to offer than being sick about it, if we really think about brighter future than we'll have one. We will also find that people that live in a mental hospital is still people, people with feeling, emotions, and actually brighter imagination than we ever thought. And underline this, everyone, I mean everyone, from all ages, all races, al nationality, all background has a problems, because that’s a common thing in life. You know, as a food, life isn’t great if we didn’t add few spicy ingredients inside it ;)

the movie is not so inspirational, not so heavy, but as a viewer I find it amusing to watch and I kinda learns life lesson from it. That's not so many good lines though, but that’s many good gestures and act which makes this movie stands out. The soundtrack itself is amusing. And one more thing this movie is pretty hilarious, you'll find funny acts almost in the entire scene. What can I say? It really is kind of a funny story.

"Okay, I know you're thinking, "What is this? Kid spends a few days in the hospital and all his problems are cured?" But I'm not. I know I'm not. I can tell this is just the beginning. I still need to face my homework, my school, my friends. My dad. But the difference between today and last Saturday is that for the first time in a while, I can look forward to the things I want to do in my life. "- Craig (It's kind of a funny story)

So, find it attention-grabbing??
Happy watching everyone!!

ps. I never thought living in a mental hospital would be that fun, I'm actually thinking of living in there until I realize it's just a movie ;p