Wednesday, December 6, 2017

[Gem of the Week] Day6's I Like You

I know it's too early to post something under [Gem of the Week] category since it's only Wednesday and I have more days to explore other things that have the potential to become the "Gem" of this week. However, since I'm pretty sure that nothing will beat this one, I'm decided to post this anyway.

Let me introduce you to my "Gem" this week. It's Day6's new release: I Like You.

I'm still pissed at MAMA for underestimating these hardworking and talented boys by giving them no trophy and no solo stage. Shame on you, MAMA!! This song proves that they deserves better.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

[Gem of the Week] New Duo on the Block: Monogram

As a person who gets bored fast, I always love discovering new things. I recently found out about this cute and lovely duo when searching for MeloMance’s new songs. Downloaded their works with let’s-give-it-a-try spirit and ends up being in love with them.

Monogram is a new duo, consisting of Kevin and Riwon, from SidusHQ. They have launched their debut mini album or extended play (EP) ‘Diary’ on 23 September, 2017. There are two songs included in the EP, namely “Hello, Good-bye” and “The Child.”

Personally, I love “Hello, Good-bye” more than “The Child,” though both songs are excellent and I have no problem listening to them. But, if I have to choose on what will I recommend to hear first from Monogram’s, I would like to go with “Hello, Good-bye.” I, myself, listening to “Hello, Good-bye” first before “The Child.” And that song is what got me into liking this duo.

Anyway, both are good and both are worth to listen to. So, without further ado, I present you, Monogram. Enjoy~~

Thursday, November 16, 2017

[Gem of the Week] MeloMance

MeloMance is not a newbie in my playlist. They have stayed in it for a while now, but their newest songs managed to make me fall in love again with their brilliant music. And, their latest songs happen to be the original soundtrack of my current favorite dramas: “Because This is My First Life” and “20th Century Boy and Girl.”

The first song is I Want to Love You, the original soundtrack of “Because This is My First Life.” I knew it was MeloMance as soon as I heard this part of the song “dajimhaedo neon nae ape.” I remember this was played when Ji Ho (the female lead character) looked at Se Hee (the male lead character) when he arrived in the bus station before both of them going to meet Ji Ho’s parents and tell them about their plan to get married. There’s something special about the singer’s tone of voice. It makes you know right away that it is his voice, especially when he sings high notes.

The second song is Not Too Distance Day, the original soundtrack of “20th Century Boy and Girls.”

Love love love these songs!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[Under the Spotlight] The Awkwardly Attractive, Lee Min Ki

Finally! Oh how I miss writing something in this not-too-long-abandoned blog. To be honest, I did try to post something before, but then my body starts to give up before even do it. Classic me. But for this one, I have to post it because I’m completely in love with “Because This is My First Life” and one of the reasons of my love for the show is this man.  Without further ado, let me introduce you to the awkwardly attractive, Mr. Min Ki Lee.

From my perspective, Lee Min Ki is not an obviously handsome actor. There’s something attractive about him, but it is definitely not his face. It doesn’t mean that he is ugly. How can I put it? His face is fine, in fact it is beyond fine; his face is so unique it makes it hard to forget it. It’s the kind of face that I would not forget. His amazing height and slender body makes his appearance even more striking.

I have known him for a while but never this mesmerized by him. His character in “Because This is My First Life” is so well-written and well-played, it makes me fascinated by the model turned actor.
I first watched him in “Spellbound.” At that time, I was just felt he’s an okay actor. Honestly, I don’t really remember what he did in the movie, but I do remember his face, since, you know, it’s so unique it makes it hard to forget. I never watched his other movies or series after that.

Enter “Because This is My First Life.”

I watch the series with zero expectation. I’ve been in a k-drama slump and decided to give the series a try due to my boredom and reduced stock of good dramas/shows to watch to. And click clack bada bing bada bong, I fall in love with the show right from the very first episode of it. I’m going to discuss how amazing the show is in another post (if I’m not too lazy to write it) and discuss how amazing Lee Min Ki in the show is in this post since this is an appreciation post toward him.

I can’t picture other actor that will play the role of Nam Se Hee as awkwardly good as Lee Min Ki does. It is so good to the point where I think his character in the show is also his character in real life. It is probably because he has excellent acting skill or merely because his look is the right fit for the character. But looking at his wikipage and his experience in acting department, I think I will go with the former.

The reportedly model friend of Kang Dong Won and Lee Chun Hee has starred in 15 movies and 7 drama series. That’s a pretty amazing achievement, right? He has also received Best New Actor award during the 2010 (46th) BaekSang Arts Awards for his role at the movie “Haeundae”.

I haven’t found anything about who he is dating currently or previously. I think he’s pretty guarded about his private life. Last year, however, he was accused and acquitted of sexual assault charges. Fortunately, after careful investigation by the police he was declared innocent. Fyuh.

I think I’m going to look forward to his next project, whether it’s a series or a movies or a reality show. Now, let me finish this post by giving several of his quirky yet gorgeous pictures.

*Bonus pictures of Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min (Min Ki's co-star in "Because This is My First Life")

Thursday, August 10, 2017

[Editorial] 7 Frequently Visited Places in K-Dramas

I cannot believe that it is August already. Why does time seem to pass so quickly? I have list of places I want to go this year, yet I haven’t visited one of those places and keeps going to the same-old places I frequently visited. This “constant” hobby of mine got me thinking that just like me; many drama characters also have their frequently visited places. I know. I’m comparing “my life” with “drama character’s life.”

As an avid drama viewer, I kept looking at the same places where drama characters spend their morning, afternoon, and night. And below, my friend, are those places.

Mini Market

Mini market has become the place where the drama heroines often spend their time in. Whether it is only to buy and eat a cup ramyeon.

Coffee Shop

I’m a hundred percent sure that Koreans love drinking coffee. It can be seen from the regular appearance of coffee shop in k-dramas. In fact, some of drama fans tend to visit coffee shops just to “experience” what it is like to sit and drink coffee in a coffee shop just like their favorite drama characters have done.


What place you choose to go on a first date? Well, k-drama characters often choose Cinema. This place have become a silent witness to the flirt, awkwardness, and being dumped on the first date, just like what Si Jin did to Mo Yeon long time ago in Descendants of the Sun.

Fancy Restaurant

If the first date develops into something more meaningful, the kdrama couples often choose to spend their second or next dates in a fancy restaurant.

Tent/Food Cart

Many drama characters chose to vent their frustration and anger by drinking. And a place where they often go to do such “ritual” is no other than the closest tent/ food cart to their office or house. A busy ahjumma will always be there to give out bottles of soju and muscle soup for accompanying them while grumbling about their never-ending problems.  


And if the drama characters are having more money, they chose to go to a fancy bar with fancy music and chair. In this place, instead of having an ahjumma serving them, they will be served by a handsome bartender. And instead of having soju and muscle soup at the table, they will have a glass of vodka and a plate of fresh fruit or peanuts. Yes, I’m looking at you Suk Joon Soo.

Department Store/ High End Boutique

Many k-drama heroines need a makeover. And place where they go to do such practice is department store or high end boutique. But, aside from being the “makeover” place, department store also often becoming the workplace of k-drama characters. Take Lee Hae Joon in Come Back Mister for example.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

[Music] 6 Reasons to Love Day6

I’ve been listening to Day6 lately and I can’t stop loving this band. They’re coming to Indonesia for a fanmeeting and a mini concert, but the ticket price is beyond my capability, so instead of crying and wondering why oh why I don’t have enough spare money to buy ticket for concert of my favorite artist, I decided to write this post.

There are many reasons to love Day6, but to be “poetic,” I decided to write only 6 reasons to love Day6.

Oh, for you who – probably – doesn’t familiar with Day6, they are a band, consist of five members and working under JYP Entertainment.

First Reason – Their Songs

Honestly, I don’t even know who the hell Day6 is until about three months ago. Yes, fellas, I fall in love with this band in only three months. The story is, my YouTube playlist accidentally played one of Day6’s songs – You Were Beautiful. It’s impossible to hate that song. If You Were Beautiful is a person, he will look like Jo In Sung, the one you can’t resist to look at. The one who is super handsome and charming, it makes you want to dig more about him.

After listening to You Were Beautiful, I’m starting to listen to more of Day6’s songs. And the result is: I like all of their songs. FYI, I literally only listened to the song, without watching the MV or searching about Day6 in Google. So, no people, I don’t like Day6 because of Wonpil’s dazzling eyes or Sungjin’s charm or Young K’s perfect look, I like Day6 in the first place because of their songs are simply amazing. That’s it.

Seriously guys, their songs are amazing. The lyrics are great. The music is incredible. And their voices are so diverse yet so pleasing to listen to. It’s hard to pick any favorite song from this band because their songs are that good. However, if I have to recommend one or two songs to attract people into liking Day6, I would recommend You Were Beautiful and Letting Go. Go listen to it and get mad at yourself, saying, “Where did I go these past years, why did I do to just found them now?” like what I did three months ago.

Second Reason – Their Voices

An ordinary band usually will have one main vocalist and one or two backing vocal who also plays guitar or other instruments within the band. But not with Day6 pal. They have five members. And all of them are singing – well except for Dowoon (the drummer), he sings, but the portion is not as many as the others.

They have four main vocalists, which consist of Sungjin (the guitarist), Jae (the other guitarist), Young K (the bassist), and Wonpil (the keyboardist). So, what’s the special thing about that, you may ask. The special thing about it is all of them have different tone and voices. I personally love Sungjin’s manly voice. I’m not lying, my heart skips a beat every time I heard his part. But many people love Wonpil’s voice because it is so unique and different. Jae’s voice is so tender and matches perfectly with him. Young K, on the other hand, is a double trouble; he can sing beautifully and rap awesomely.

Even though the tones of their voices are different, it will turn into something ah-mazing when they’re harmonizing. Don’t believe me? Just Watch Go listens to intro of Letting Go or the middle part of Dance Dance.

Third Reason – Their Best PR Staff, Jae

As an international fan who can’t read hangul or speak hangul, I often get frustrated if someone I admire is saying something in hangul in his/her social media. It’s my fault, honestly, to be too lazy to learn hangul. Thankfully, Day6 has Jae, their best Public Relations staff; in charge of maintaining Day6’s relationship with their international fans through weird Q&A session in twitter.

Even though what he posted sometimes too bizarre to be understood by my brain, Jae’s tweets in English really helps international fans – like me – to, at least, know what Day6’s current activities are.

Fourth Reason – Their Hongkira’s Session

Correct me if I wrong, but from what I heard, Day6 is one of regular guests in Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss the Radio program (Lee Hong Ki of FT Island’s radio program). I’ve watched three of their sessions in the Hongkira. And it’s hilarious. All of them are entertaining.

And, as a bonus, I got to see their wonderful covers of another artist’s songs or their own songs in acoustic version.

Fifth Reason – Their Fanservice

Another reason to love Day6 is their great fanservice. I’ve never experienced it myself since I never watched their live performance (cray-cray), but from several videos of their showcases I watched in YouTube, I can see that they’re really respecting and loving their fans. They even made a video to My Day (their fandom name) to thank them. Sweet, isn’t it?

Oh, and I heard that Day6 prefers to perform in small concert or mini showcase instead of having a large-scale concert because they want to connect more to their fans. In Korea, their showcase is more private and grassroots. I have nothing but love and respect for this.  

Sixth Reason – Their Visuals

Who will resist a handsome face, right? As a bonus to their remarkable songs, beautiful and manly voices, quirky member, entertaining personalities, and grand fanservice, they also have stunning visuals. To this end, Day6 is pleasing to ears and eyes.

Poster of Days6's EveryDay6's August Project

That is it from me. Hopefully this post will help you love Day6 as I do. I’m still praying that an angel-like human will give me Day6’s concert ticket for free or half price or there will be a quiz or something to win a free ticket or I will be super tired after karaoke-ing Day6’s songs all night long and go to sleep throughout 26th of August (the day of Day6’s mini concert and fanmeeting). 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Expecting: Age of Youth Season 2

The Belle Epoque girls are back!! They are back sooner than what I expected, but that’s not a problem at all. I’m super happy because I’m finally having an upcoming drama I’m genuinely excited about this year. I’ve been pretty disappointed with k-drama world this year because it is not giving me a thrill of watching or expecting a k-drama like it did last year. Therefore, I’m super, super happy regarding the return of the Belle Epoque housemates.

The show has teased its viewer with several teasers and posters – which, by the way, makes me even more impatient.

There are some changes and addition to the cast of the show. Ji Woo (The Universe’s Star) will replace Park Hye Soo to play Yoo Eun Jae. To be honest, I’m a bit dissatisfied with production team’s decision to replace Park Hye Soo with Ji Woo. I still find it weird to see Ji Woo as Eun Jae in the show’s posters and teasers. Hopefully my dissatisfaction will turn into pleasure once the show started.

Park Hye Soo & Ji Woo

Aside from the changes of actress behind a character, there are also some additions to the cast. The Kang Yi Na character, played by Ryu Hwa Young, will no longer exist in the second season of this show. The Belle Epoque buddies will, therefore, welcome the new housemate named Jo Eun (Choi Ara). The teasers, posters, and articles about Age of Youth Season 2 are not telling much information about this new character, except her super tall figure and mysterious look. Oh, and her potential partner.

Kang Yi Na & Jo Eun

One of few things I love about Age of Youth is the varied romance experience the characters are having. The new season of the show will still have such element with the addition of three male characters, which, hopefully, will bring pleasant colors to the show.  

The first new male character is Seo Jang Hoon (Kim Min Suk), who will be playing the landlord’s representative and a potential partner of the new girl, Jo Eun. Romance between the tall girl and the short guy? Sounds a bit similar to Lovely Complex, but still interesting.

The second new male character is Heimdal (Ahn Woo Yeon), who will be a failed K-pop idol whose band never got off the ground after debuting five years ago. He will be romance Yoo Jin Myung (Han Ye Ri) character.

The third new male character is Kwon Ho Chang (Onew), who will be playing an engineering student who’s never had a relationship and is clueless about love. He will be paired with Jung Ye Eun (Han Seung Yeon) character. An idol pair!!

Yoon Jong Yeol (Shin Hyun Soo) and Im Sung-Min (Son Seung Won) will remain exist in the second season of the show. In this season, Yoon Jong Yeol will still become a sunbae of Eun Jae, but he’s no longer her boyfriend. Im Sung Min, meanwhile, will still having that “some” relationship with Song Ji Won (Park Eun Bin).

Age of Youth 2 will begin airing on August 25. Till then, I will keep my excitement and hopes up for the most awaiting drama of the year.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

[K-Drama Review] Fight My Way (2017)


I’m pretty sad that one of my favorite dramas of the year has ended. I never thought that I would be fall in love with Fight My Way. Though, my love for this one is not as intense as my love for Reply series, I will gladly put this show in a special rack within my mind and – maybe – re-watch it again when I have a bad day or start questioning my purpose of living. So, without further ado, let’s go right away to the review!


Fight My Way depicts a story of four adults who are struggling in life. Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) who dreams of becoming an announcer ends up working in a department store. Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) who once known as talented Taekwondo athlete now ends up working as insect exterminator. Baek Seol Hee (Song Ha Yoon) and Kim Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong) have been dating for six years and are hiding their relationship from their colleagues at work because they are working in the same company. Their relationship seems to look fine until one of Joo Man’s junior (evil b**ch) starts to develop a feeling for him. Oh, did I mention that four of them – Ae Ra, Dong Man, Seol Hee, and Joo Man – are long-time best friend and living in the same neighborhood area? This self-acclaimed “Fantastic Four” invites you to witness how they live their life, fighting against never-ending problems, and trying to reach their dreams on their way.


There are more pros than cons of this drama for me. I’m enjoying my time watching this show. The strongest point of this drama – for me – is probably the beautiful friendship between the four main casts. Their friendship is so beautiful; it makes me want to go back in time and built a friendship as wonderful as what the Fantastic Four has. The type of friendship these guys are having is my favorite type of friendship. The kind of friendship I love. Watching the Fantasic Four’s friendly relationship is like watching Ssangmundong Alley’s Gang in Reply 1988 or Shinchon Boarding House’s Squad in Reply 1994. It also feels like watching the Central Park’s Crew from Friends (American TV Show).


I love how Ae Ra said that she will always be there for Seol Hee even though Seol Hee decided to leave Joo Man and leave her job. I love how Dong Man said that he can’t side with Joo Man after he broke up with Seol Hee but said he will root for him to get back together with Seol Hee because there’s no other guy who will be as good as Joo Man for Seol Hee. I love how Ae Ra and Dong Man decided to not overly involve in Seol Hee and Joo Man’s relationship and vice versa.


Other points I love from Fight My Way is its characters. I love how relatable and flawed the main characters are. They are portrayed as adult who are living a tough life and they are shown as adult who really are living a harsh life. I like how the wardrobe team “dolled” them up. I used to see supposed-to-be-poor drama character wear expensive clothes and accessories. But it aint happened in Fight My Way.

Take Ae Ra for example. She always wears her father’s restaurant T-shirt and track pant in home instead of using some fancy pajamas. And when she’s out and about, she wears something simple and cheap-looking. Seol Hee, on the other hand, always using her company’s uniform and I’ve seen her wearing the pink dress Joo Man bought for her for several times during the show. The wardrobe selection is perfectly portraying the characters’ financial status.

Other thumbs-up point of this show is the portrayal of Seol Hee and Joo Man’s relationship. Thank you casting team for choosing Ahn Jae Hong to play Joo Man. Seol Hee and Joo Man couple looks far from a fairy tale couple, a couple I often see in dramas, a couple that usually consist of an amazingly beautiful woman and incredibly handsome man. Seol Hee and Joo Man looks like an ordinary, everyday couple. A couple we often see in real life. I love how the casting team decided to go with Ahn Jae Hong, instead of other actors. I’m not saying that Ahn Jae Hong is not attractive. He’s attractive in his own way. He has that charm. In fact, I’m starting to like him more after watching this show. He looks manlier in this drama rather than his witty character in Reply 1988. Seol Hee and Joo Man will probably become one of my favorite couples, more than the Ae Ra-Dong Man couple.

What is more? Oh, its depiction of how adult relationship should be. In terms of romance, the characters are always saying thing straight to the point – well except for Seol Hee. I love how they are dealing with their feelings and romantic relationship.

The con of this drama for me is probably the ending of it. I don’t know, but it feels like the story is being rushed toward the ending. Yes, I get all of the answer. No questions left unanswered. But, I just have the “That’s it? That’s the ending?” kind of feeling. It feels incomplete for me.

And that minor incompleteness is what leads me to give score of 9.5/10 for this show.