Saturday, April 23, 2011

crazy little thing called love (2011)

every girl’s stories on chasing their prince charming.

just watched the movie above, i know it's late and so last month, but since i'm excited about this movie and it's not a sin giving a review so i think it's ok *smile widely* oh ya, and for all of you who haven't watched this movie yet, you-better-go-grab-your-wallet-and-shoes-then-go-to-dvd cassette shop-near-you-and-buy-this-movie-immediately-because-this one-is-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

ok, so everyone, here's the review ...

Have you ever feel so in love with a boy at your school that you consider as your prince charming? Every time he passes around you you’ll blushing? you’ll get anything done just to see him even just for a second? you’ll do everything you can to catch his attention? Yes, I think every girl in this world must have been passing through this situation. Either their continuing with their prince charming or their journey stop when they’re realizes that their prince charming isn’t really the one for them. 

Crazy little thing called love tells a story of a junior high school student, Nam, (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol) that has been hide away her feeling for Shone (Mario Mauer),  the boy she’s admiring and loving for 3 years during her time in school. She is what we usually called the ugly duck. No man will turning his head just to see her. Even tough she’s a smart girl, her English is fluent and she has an intention to studying harder and become number one in her school so she can catch his father in America and of course catch Shone’s heart. With her three best mates, she’ll learn how to be dating the one you love by one book.  She takes everything, every single steps, just to be exist in Shone's world, to be getting notice and loved by him. Through few times, the ugly duck turn into a beautiful swan. Nam gets everyone attention, everyone love, except Shone.

Because of one unpredictable event, Nam ended up  accidentally  thought to be“dating” with Shone’s best friend, Top. Deep down inside her heart Nam always had he feeling for Chon. How can’t she? With his charming attitude and face which always makes Nam feels sensation of pounding heart every time he’s around.  But Shone’s charming attitude is not only for Nam, he’s also does that with a bunch of girls, including Pin, one of the popular girl in school.

Is Nam will finally catch Shone’s heart or will she be left broken heart by her prince charming?

Watch the movie and you’ll find one of the sweetest love story ever happened.

This movie tells every girl’s stories on this world on chasing their prince charming. You’ll find many events you have been done before when you chase some boy/girl on your life, friendship, mean girls, and the beauty of teenager’s life.  The sweet stories from this movie will move you into tears when some moment happen and when you think how you ever feels that moment before. Beside the sweet stories, this movie also completed with funny scene that can make you laugh out loud. Plus you’ll hear nice soundtrack that picturing any situation.

"P’Shone ka, I have something to tell you, I like you very much, been loving for 3 years. I’ve done everything, changed myself in every aspects because of you. Nam applied for a classical dancer club, played a stage drama, be a drum major, be better at studying, it’s for you.  But I know for now that the thing I should do the most and should have done since a long time ago is telling you straightly that I love you."- Nam (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)

O yes, crazy little thing called love also based on a true story ;)

So, find it enchanting to watch? 

Happy watching everyone!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

take it or leave it.

So I’ve chat with my bff through im few days ago. She told me how she's telling the guy she’s been loved for 2 years about her feeling, and how she's taking it.

I'm AMAZED with her, she's, indisputably, one of the bravest girl I've ever met. She text this guy without a doubt and she said everything clearly, about how she feels, how she can't sleep at night, how she's tired of all those wondering things, everything. 
And that is not the only thing I’m amazed for. She’s even taking that boy answer with good attitude. She admits that it’s painful, but she said that she’s relieved, now she can move on her life and forget about him.
I wish I can be like her you know, has the gut to tell the boy how I felt about him this long time. I feel like a chicken (well, a little chicken to be exact) when I hear my friend's story.
She told me to say what I feel to the boy, because she said one day I have to do it either I’m ready about taking that risk or not. But I told her that I'm afraid of the consequences and I'm just not as brave as she is. Then she told me that I'm afraid of taking the risk and ask me what is my expectation of telling the boy how I feel.
I'm also said that if I say to the boy what I feel I'm afraid of his reaction that thinks of me as a weirdo. But then she tells me one magic sentence that sticks in my hand and giving me (well courage) to tell him what I feel. She said, " Suka sama seseorang itu ngga salah sal..". It hits my heart, real hard. And she also said my feeling that afraid of what if he thinks of me as a weirdo that making me looks like a weirdo.
oh yes, another great lines from her :

" Sal cinta itu simple, take it or leave it."- Miss.TN

She really giving me a brightening side that night, I'm crying actually, crying of thinking what a fool I am keeping this feeling for so long and do nothing about it.

But when I’m keep thinking about it, I keep stepping back. Holding back my feeling and waiting for something (well a miracle maybe) to be happen. 
so, should i take it or leave it? i guess leave (for now).

Saturday, April 9, 2011

never let me go (2010)

A tales of true love, friendship, and life.

Never let me go. We really can't said this to the person we love to do we? Even though we really mean it and hoped it will become true.
Just like what these three people experiencing on their life. Kathy H (Carey Mulligan), Ruth (Keira Knightley), and Tommy (Andrew Garfield) live their life to be someone their supposed to. On Hailsham, they compose their triangle love relationship. The one with true love, and the other with jealousy. Even though their relationship kills each one of them, they never hoped it to be end. But unfortunately life compels them to end it through some people they donate their vital organs for.
On Hailsham they've been raised, they've been teach how to be normal people even though their life is certainly not normal. On this school also they have been tested if either they have a soul or not, the soul they hope will bring deferment to them even though it would never happen.
Their journey through their extraordinary life maybe usual for some people. But in the end, they're still human, human that has a life they would've walk like normal people did, the life they would've enjoy, the life they would've spend with the one they love.

From the beginning from this movie, from the time their spend their childhood, their activities, we will learn, we will moved when we know this kid has nothing to do with their life except for accept their destiny, to be the donor. for the people they've cloned for. When love is comes to them, it’s even getting harder to reach it. I mean, imagine this, you only have one chance to live and you’re already have people arrange how you live. And it’s not the only thing that matters, when you finally find your true love, you have to lost it again. Isn’t it hurts? Isn’t it really hurts? Love is the only thing they can smile their life for, beside friendship that they never agree to it. But they still can’t get it. They just can’t.

This movie is amazing, outstanding, terrific, wonderful and *sigh* what can I say? This movie tells and teaches me about everything. How life I see is nothing at all to the life in reality. How people sacrifice their life for other people not just because they want to but because they supposed to.
Highly recommended would be the ideal way to say about this movie. Not only is the story that really really good. But the scoring, the acting, and the lines are also breathtaking. It really brings us into this movie, really moving and inspiring.
This movie also adapted from the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro (must buy and read it btw)

o yes one thing i find funny but still moving when these three Hailsham students which has been spend their whole life in Hailsham and Cottages going out on the real world for the first time and feel awkward and scare when they have to order their lunch at the bistro. it's cute.
"What I'm not sure about, is if our lives have been so different from the lives of the people we save. We all complete. Maybe none of us really understand what we've lived through, or feel we've had enough time." - Kathy H (Never Let Me Go)
So..ready to witnesses their moving story??

Happy watching everyone ;)

fyi: prepare lots of tissues when you about to watch this movie.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the taxi drivers

Hello everyone!!

Now I would like to share some stories about the taxi drivers. Why? Because I think these people are good people. 
When I first moved to Jakarta 4 years ago, I've used taxi a lot. You know, because of the safety things. 
So since that time, I've been hearing some of good stories of how these people had struggle their life for. Most of them are not the original Jakarta inhabitant. Like me, they're having their own hometown. I usually asked how long they have been in Jakarta, and I always shocked when I heard their answer. They have been in here for a long time. Usually they come to Jakarta to gambling with their fate, trying to be a successful people, to be happy, to be better than what they already are, but in the end they're ended up behind the steering wheel. Even so, I have a high respect for these people. They're not giving up, they're still fighting their life. They’re still trying to make their family as comfort as they can be. 

There is one taxi driver that I can't forget until now. He said a lot of things that makes me realize how lucky my life is. He's a father of three girls. During his life, he has been driving a taxi. But with that status, he somehow can manage the better life education for his daughters until they're all can taste the university chair on one of the greatest Indonesian State University, UI. One of his daughters even made it to Japan to taste her higher education with scholarship. At that moment I salute to the daughter for having that huge spirit. But then I realize that they wouldn't made it without his father, a person that taking a good care of their expenses, a person that picking up them with his taxi, a person that love them. With those three wonderful daughters, somehow this man still can give his best advice for me. He said that I have to love my mother more and more faithful to my religion. He also can predict something! The day I go on his cab is the day I fell in love with that boy (the boy I’ve always talked on my words), and he knows it, he said that I will get married young and with the person from my college. I don't believe in fortune, but well we still can hoping it will become true if it’s a good thing right?

So back to the taxi drivers story...I still amaze on how these people running their life. I ask about their experiences also while driving a cab along Jakarta, and again, I get amazed. Sometimes they get a passenger that doesn't want to pay, instead of get angry, they're letting it go and permit that passengers enter their home with relieved. They’re also sometimes get the drunken passengers that will throw up on their car and get gone with their freakin small brain without even giving any extra money for the taxi driver to cleaning his car.

Few days ago I take a taxi after going out with my wags friends, and guess what?? I get amazed again. He has been coming to Jakarta since 1969, hoping to studying at STAN and become a tax employee, but as he said "gagal maning,gagal maning". So he ends up driving a taxi. He tells me about Jakarta history, how's people around here change, how's trees being cut and how we’re having lack of good air, how's the government starting to be care about themselves rather than their citizen. He's a smart man also, he knows almost all big airport and harbor in Indonesia very well. 

Another taxi driver I found amazing is the driver from taxi I ride in when I am in Singapore. He's an old man, he's 71 years old and he's still driving a taxi! When my uncle asked why he's still working instead of staying at home he said, “In here, we don't work, we don't eat." That's an amazing spirit I heard from such an old man. And we had that spirit in here also, in Indonesia from our taxi drivers who spends their time almost all day long to earn money for the life of their family.

So, what I meant from telling this story is that: they're still exist, some people in this mean city that fight their life through the road and steering with unfinished spirit and smile even though they're know that they're not having as much as others people did, but they're still thankful for it and put on their smile.
Thank you sir drivers wherever you are, you've giving me many motivations and inspirations to live this life more gratefully. It's a shame that I don't know your name, but still thank you.

o yes, a little advice : trying to know your taxi driver more when you riding on a cab. who knows you'll get an amazing story that can inspire and motivate you ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

april wish

hola amigos! 

it has been several days since I’ve posted anything on this blog.
well I’ve been busy with working on my bachelor thesis (LIE) or...getting stress think about my bachelor thesis (TRUTH).'s already APRIL!! Time is moving so fast, right??
it's only 3 months left before the soft cover deadline *banging my head on the table*
but anyway let's not ruin today with those kind of thinking.'s the beginning of April! and every new beginning has a new hope right?
so here they are, My April Wish :
1. Finishing my bachelor thesis (amen..amen..amen..amen..amen..super amen..)
2. Find a job!! (Hopefully in the magazine)
3. Get a scholarship for my Master's Degree (amen again to this one)
4. Upgrading my guitar skill (until I can be like slash or maybe santana, hehe ;p)
5. Spend my Monday and Thursday with sunah fasting every week.
6. Finish a half or even a quarter of my story.
7. Be a faithful daughter.

That's all my wishes for this month. Hopefully i will make it all happen. 

So, what's your wish for this month fellas??

Happy wishing and of course working it!! ;)