Saturday, March 26, 2011

you will meet a tall dark stranger (2010)

Just watched the movie above. I hate a movie with twist ending. This kind of movie leaves me with bunch of questions. But maybe that’s the good things, because in the end we have to answer it to ourselves alone and taking the essence of that answer into our mind set.

This movie basically tells a story about how marriage running in life, what are the problems its get and how we can handle it. This movie spot on Helena Shebritch (Gemma Jones), an old woman that having an unsuccessful marriage along with her one and only daughter, Sally (Naomi Watts), which happen to be walking on a same path as her mother did. Completed with the story of how Alfie (Anthony Hopkins), Helena ex-husband running his new marriage life with his “actress” wife and how Roy (Josh Brollin), Sally’s husband who enjoys his desperate marriage and personal life as a…well…a writer who turn out found his new inspiration across the window with his red dresses neighbor, Dia (Freida Pinto).

So to sum it up this movie gives us a story about how a person that involves in marriage hopes for something more, something they will find it interesting, something that will make them feel brand new, something to get out from their routine life. And eventually on that hope of finding someone, we daydreaming that we will meet a tall dark stranger, a people we have been waiting for, a people we predicted to be meeting for, a people who will makes our life more meaningful and colorful, a people that will ease our pains in this life. Because sometimes t is nice to be dreaming of something, or someone in this case, to forget a moment about the problems we had.
Another fine points are this movie gives us a bit of laughter with some good lines that make me realize this is how life is going on and it is normal. Plus Sir Hopkins role on this movie makes me feel more undaunted about him, because I never saw him playing on a comedy-romance movie before.

oh yes, this movie also fill with the nice music, the main soundtrack "Wish Upon a Star" is portray this movie perfectly.
“ And one has to wonder, given all of life’s uncertainty and pain, how do we get through it? Well, as Sally told Roy, sometime the illusions work better than the medicine” - Narrator (You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger)

So, find it worth to watch??

Happy watching everyone!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Leave unsaid, unspoken
Eyes wide shut, unopened
You and me always be
You and me always between the lines

So I’ve been listening to this song back and forth. This song tells a story of loving someone who doesn’t love you back. How people said that music is describe what we feels is exactly what i feel right now.

I’ve been loving this man for 3 years now, he’s one of the student in my campus. You know how’s the feeling when you love someone so much right? when you blushing every time he’s around, when your heart stop beating every time he passes around you, when you put on your clumsy face and body when he near you, when you stare at him behind dark glasses, when you smile happily every time your friends send you his latest pics, when you always wondering what time he will realize your feeling for him, when your mind says to give up but you can’t because your heart fail you to do it. 

He is everything I’ve been waiting for, everything I’ve been picturing of how my perfect man is.

I love him. I do. But here I am facing my own love alone while keep wishing and hoping he will turning his head and realizing I’ve been here the whole time, waiting for him.

Just a chance to know him more, to make he realizes my existence, to make he knows what I feel, would be countless.


sometime when i look at her picture, her family, her friends, her life, i would say :
 "Oh, what a lucky girl she is. life is so it can happen? when there's one lucky girl that barely not lack anything  and there's another girl (like me) that lack something." 
but then i realized what if  I'm that lucky girl? what if people beneath me say the exact same things to me? and from that moment i realize that nobody is perfect, I have to be always grateful for what I am now, what I have given, because out there so many people not as lucky as I am. there are even homeless people who sleep under the bridge or any places that they can use as their rest place. just one underline sentence i have in mind : 
to be birth in this world, being alive with family around and my needs compliance are the luckiest things for me.  
the hell if there's luckier girl than me that can get everything she wants everything she asks because i know someday i will have that special moment too when i feel and say :

"Oh yes, I'm the luckiest girl in this world!" 

so, always be grateful amigo, because we are lucky people :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

dear you. . .

dear boy
I know I’m not good at writing words, story, lyrics, or even poem. but all I do know is when I think of you there are many things I can write.

dear boy
It has been 3 years since we have met and none of the second in my life I have ever not thinking about you.

dear boy
I don’t want you to know me because I’m afraid. afraid of knowing the truth about how you feels about me. 

dear boy
Let me make you my dream man, because only by dreaming I can be happy with you.


Questioning : if your biggest dreams could come true? does it also means that your biggest nightmare could also come true?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

keep breathing

Keep breathing. Simple two words at first, useful and inspiring two words at last.
On every bad thing when we can't barely do anything all we can do is just keep breathing.
When we're hearing bad news. 
When we're hearing good news. 
When we're facing an outrageous incident. 
Or even when we bored to death on doing something.
On every part of our journey in life we just keep breathing.
Because that’s all we can do when nothing else we can do.

Monday, March 21, 2011

a moment to be inspired

2.33 am and I'm still awake listening to some music while opening up some sites. when suddenly this song came up on my track list. i used to love this song a lot until another song catch my ear and  i forgot  (just like that) about this song (oh how evil am I *glancing to my self*). 
this song sang by Brendan James and the title is All I Can See. listening to this song always makes me inspired  to embrace everything i have pass over this life. the lyrics really touched me, it makes me realize on how we supposed to be grateful on our life that has been given. and makes me realize on how many things i haven't done, earn, reach, and see on this life. the things i have to struggling this life for, the things to construe my life. so from now on i will promise to myself that i will never wasting my time again and to stop being a lazy person because there are so many things waiting for me to be seen  and done out there.

so,, are you ready to be inspired ?? here it is..

those who journey can easily understand
the more they see, the more they'll learn, the more that they will be
so this i swear to you, and this i swear to me
I'll never rest till I've seen all i can see
no, I'll never rest till I've seen all i can see

enjoy!! ;)

define life # 2

life is like a highway, it takes us on a long journey until we reach our final destination.

define life # 1

age is like a level in life as a game. when you reach higher level, you will also play a harder game.

stay cool (2009)

Hello there, just watched another movie here, and this one is brilliant!

The basic story is about Henry (Mark Polish), a guy who used to be a geek in high school and turn into a successful author after. He’s going back to his hometown to give a commencement speech for his former high school. But commencement speech is not all he has to do, he also has to deal with one unfinished story with his biggest high school crush.

This movie is really touched me. The story of how Henry spends his high school time until how he gets a successful life and his love story are packed perfectly. This movie also tells many things about life after high school in simply and real way.  Why I said this one is brilliant is because there are many lines that taking us on a journey back to our high school days. The time when we had a friends who will be there for us when we had a rough time and the time when we fell for one guy/girl and secretly admire him/her every time. 

Another great things from this movie is the way Henry admires his high school crush that’s so sweet and how he gets that story written on his book with beautiful lines and parable is exquisite.

From this movie I also am realize that every moment in our life has its story and every story has its lesson, a lesson that we can take to walk our life later.

“Remember this, our memories make us who we are. These 4 years would only become that, your memories. You can define them or they can define you.” – Henry McCarthy (Stay Cool)

So, interest to recharge your high school memories??

Happy watching everyone!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

marry me (2010)

 Just watched this movie, and oh what a SWEEEEEETTT movie. The story is very light but still sweet, maybe in Indonesia, we used to call this kind of movie as “FTV”.

So for all of you who haven’t watched this movie before, here’s a little review...

This movie tells a story about a woman named Rae (Lucy Liu), a social worker and artist who dreamed of her fairy -tale love story. She’s about to make her fairy tale story comes true until three mans comes up and makes her questioning about what fairy tale she will choose. Those mans are Adam (Bobby Cannavale), her ex-boyfriend who she’s fall madly in love before, Luke (Steven Pasquale), the “rebound” guy who ask her to marry him after a first date, and Harry (Enrique Murciano), a wealthy playboy who doesn’t believed in marriage that has everything Rae needs to create her fairytale story.  So which guy will Rae choose as her prince? Will Rae gets her fairytale story?? Watch it and you find a sugary sweet ending ;)

Well the reason why I said this movie is very sweet is because the story itself, it’s so real and we can find it in every people’s life. This movie is like a modern fairytale story with real life, real people, and real story around them. It’s very light and fun to watch, I think every girl who dreamed of her fairy tale story SHOULD watch this movie.  

For me this movie tells many things of what I dreamed of you know? I mean who doesn’t dream of a fairytale love? Everyone does, especially girls. By watching this movie I realized that a fairytale story still can comes true as long as we believed in it and tries not to expect too much about it because even though the prince with white horse and a castle is not around us, we can still find a perfect man that loves us they way we are and sees us as his princess. 

Sometimes fairytale just pass around us without we realized it, sometimes we considered it as a regular love story but deep inside it is the fairytale we has been waiting for.

Fairytale is around us dear, you just has to realize and believed it ;)

 “ I love him. I’ve always loved him, I doubted myself because I thought it was just too good to be true, but it wasn’t too good to be true, it was just true.” Rae Ann Carter (Marry Me)

So, find it tempting to watch?

Happy watching everyone!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

happy thank you more please (2010)

Another movie I’ve watched, pretty good-o movie I guess. Basically the story of this movie tells about life as usual which is represented by its actors.

So for all of you who haven’t watched it, here’s a little review...

This movie has 3 lead actors (as far as I know), which are Sam (Radnor), Annie (Akerman), and Mary (Kazan). These three peoples are related to each other and each of their life has a story to tell. Firstly Sam, he’s a regular writer with regular life, but one day his decision of taking home a kid he met at the subway change his life after. Secondly is Annie, a high spirit girl who is searching for her true love behind her deadly disease. Third is Mary, a girl who loves to paint and lived with her boyfriend with no future plans ahead until one incident change her life and her bf.

The struggling of those three roles is the story until they’re reach the understanding of love and to be loved by someone they’re never expecting before.

This movie is good to watch when you're think you've reached your surfeited point of  the life you had. What i take from this movie is that we have to learn accept this life and trying to live happier because our life is worthy. We have to make our story more colorful and  open for love because to be loving someone and being loved is the great things we will ever had in our story.

Oh yeah the director and writer of this movie is Josh Radnor himself!! 

“Sadness be gone, let’s be people who deserved to be loved, who are worthy cause we are worthy.” – Annie (Happy Thank You More Please)

So…interest to learn how to love and be loved?? 

Happy watching everyone!!

the moment you realize you're an adult

The moment you realize you’re an adult:

1. When you visiting someone house and notice some unusual stuff on their coffee table, you want to touch it but you can't because you realize you're an adult.
2. When your mom setting you up with a man that could be your future husband, you realize you're an adult.
3. When you fall in front of people and you hurt your back, yo want to crying out loud but you can't because you realize you're an adult.
4. When you start searching fr heels instead of flats, you realize you're an adult.
5. When you're signing up for a job hunter website, you realize you're an adult.
6. When you look at a calendar and see your 20 something birthday is not so far anymore, you realize you're an adult.

ps. the word "you" is actually means me. oh yes, I'm an adult now :|

it's always sunny in philadeplhia (2005)

I’m currently watching to this series now. At first I was like what?? What is this? But, when I get along, I think this series is pretty funny. I missed the 1st season, so I started watching it exclusively from the 3rd season and in my opinion when you watched series not from the beginning but you liked it and want to watch it again it means that series is good. So to sum it up, I think this series is a good series to watch. Just for the entertainment you know, the kind of a series you watch when you feeling blue. 

Move on to the review…

This series tells the story about the four friends: Deandra (Kaitlin Olson), Charlie (Charlie Day), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), and Mac (Rob McElhenney), who decided to open an Irish bar in Philadelphia. The conflict is about their ego about build this bar and maintains it the way they like. Like any comedy series, this series doesn’t have the lead point, so their everyday life to get the money and lack respect for each other is basically the stories.
Oh yeah and one more important thing, Danny Devito is playing a role in this series!

So, interest to add your series collection??

Happy watching everyone!!

angus, thongs, and perfect snogging (2008)


I’ve just watched Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (again) and I’m not even bored watching this movie. First reason (well, obviously) because there is  Aaron Johnson in this movie and secondly is because the story is so sweet and teenage-licious (i don’t know if that even a word but it really is have a teenager’s flavor).

So for you who never watched this movie before, here is a little review...

This movie is adapted by the novel that has the same title and the second novel “It’s Ok I’m Wearing Really Big Knickers!”  But believe me, you better watch this movie first before reading it because from there you can imagine how perfect Robbie is (I’m sorry for talking all-about-Robbie, but mother of all the good things, Aaron Johnson is really....ahhhh...i can’t even express it in words). Back to the story.. this movie tells  us about the life of a young teenager, Georgia Nicolson  (Georgia Groome) that never be grateful about her life and thinks she’s the most unluckiest teenage girls alive  until Robbie (Aaron Johnson) comes and the effort to take his heart and getting the perfect snogging from him begin. 
Robbie and his brother Tom (Sean Bourke) are the new students on Georgia’s school. From the first Georgia and her gang, Ace Crew saw these two men, they instantly fall for them. But sadly Georgia roads is not as smooth as she thinks, Robbie already has a girlfriend, Wet Lindsay (Kimberley Nixon). With support from her friends and some lesson she learns, Georgia decided not giving up. She tries many tricks to get close to Robbie to get his perfect snogging and of course being his girlfriend. 

so will Robbie fall into Georgia’s heart? Will Georgia have her perfect snogging?? Go watch this movie and finding out yourself! 

oh yes this movie also gives us many flavors: funny, sweet, sad, and all of those “ooohhhh” moment when you see Aaron Johnson‘s cutie face.  

“ Enjoy being 14, how twisted is that? And if home isn’t mental enough. I have to spend all day at this loony bin, or as some people call it, school.” – Georgia Nicolson (Angus, Thongs, and The Perfect Snogging)

Happy watching everyone!! ;)

country strong (2010)

Just watched “Country Strong”. Well, what should I say to this movie?  I don’t into country that much but this movie has a lot of great songs. The rest of the story is the typical story of Hollywood stars: cheating, getting drunk, getting stress, and the glamorous life of course.

So for all of you who haven’t watched this movie before, here’s a little review...

This movie tells the story about the popular country singer Kelly Canter (Paltrow) that just has go out from a rehab and trying to get back to the music world with the help from her husband James (McGraw). Sanity is not the only thing she had after rehab; she also had a singer-songwriter that makes her life happier and meaningful, Beau (Hedlund). Together they run the comeback tour of Kelly, accompanied by Chiles (Meester), the beauty pageant queen that want to spread her world to be a singer. The tour pretty much tells about Kelly’s struggle after losing her unborn child and the complication of her triangle love story.

I’m not the fan of an affair movie, first watching this movie I am almost stop it but Hedlund’s face tell me not to (hehe). 

If you love country and Meester, you should watch this movie because (I never thought I would be saying this), she sings beautifully in this movie.

"Don't be afraid to fall in love. It's the only thing that matters in life." - Kelly Canter (Country Strong)

Oh yes one more thing, the ending is my favorite part!!it is so sweet and..ahh i can't explain it, just watched it and you know what i mean.
So, ready for another musical movie beside HSM series??

Happy watching everyone!!