Monday, September 9, 2013

define silence.

Silence is when everything seems uneven.
Silence is when
you have nothing to say anymore.
Silence is when
you feel uncomfortable in your place.
Silence is when
you find the ugly truth.
Silence is when
you get tired of defending your opinion.
Silence is when
you realize the person you’re talking to is dumber than a monkey.
Silence is when
you decided to swallow everything to yourself.
Silence is when you're looking for a better u.
Silence is when words doesn't mean anymore.
Silence is the sweetest escape.
Silence is simple.
Silence is gold.
Silence is me.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

upside down (2012)

Anyeonghaseyo, just watched another movie last night, called 'Upside Down'. Well, at first I want to watch this movie in theatre but since I don't have any time and it's already 'basi', so I decided to watch it through dvd instead.
The reason why I'm interested to watch this movie is because the cast and the idea of the story. I mean, how amazing world can be when it's upside down? But unfortunately it's not too amazing.


Forbidden love in extraordinary world.  

This movie tells a story of a man named Adam Kirk. Adam is people from down below who lost his whole family because transworld. He always finds pink bees interesting, because the usage from it. Adam always thinks he can change the world with the help of pink bees.

One time when he's sitting in his favorite spot at Sage Mountain, he finds a girl which will change his life forever. She's Eden Moore, the girl from up town.

Love finds them. Through times, Sage Mountain became their place until guardian police separate them.

10 years after that, Adam sees Eden who works at transworld in television and decided to chase his love. Adam's effort to grab Eden's heart and equalize the world he lives in is the main story.

When it comes to love and geeky side, Jim Sturgess is always be my favorite. His acting as a lover boy is magnificent, while Kristen Dust never stops shows her innocent yet brave looks.

The idea of the story is amazing. It blows my mind. I mean come on, the world when it divided by upside and down, who would think of that?

But unfortunately the story line is not as good as the idea. It's lack of process and few events which should be big turns just find. It's feel like everything is fast forward and I find it hard to embrace.

But after all, I quite like this movie because of the extraordinary idea, athough the result is mundane. Plus the moral message that tells everyone in this world is equal.

"Up-top they always win, down-below we always fail." Adam Kirk (Upside Down)
  There you go, another movie review from me. From my perspective I rated this movie 7/10.
ps. Adam and Eden is remind me of Adam and Eve.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

the perks of being a wallflower (2012)

just watched the movie called 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'. Never heard or read about this movie before, but when I saw the cover which shows cast of this film, I instantly think I have to watch this. A brilliant girl like Emma Watson won't choose a random movie script right? So eventually I buy the dvd cassette. 

Beside the cast, extraordinary movie like this also interesting to me, because the story won't be like other mainstream movie.

So, shall we move to the review?

when a wallflower step up to participate.

Like a title itself, this movie tells a story about a wallflower named Charlie. When he first entering high school, Charlie is a loner, he always sit in the cafeteria by himself, going straight home after school, chatting not to others but to his family, and writes letter to his imaginary friend.

But on one occasion, as a freshman Charlie decide to step up, to be the one who let's other people going into his life, to participate. Those people are Patrick and Sam. Both of them are seniors, both of them has seriously weird attitude and infinite. 

From that day, Charlie's life turns 360 degree. He has friends to eat along with him in cafeteria, he goes to party, getting drunk, and having fun all the time. But there is someone Charlie feeling more comfortable with. She's Sam, the girl Charlie's adore. Sadly, Sam already has Craig, the guy who treats her like nothing.

One mistake makes Charlie separate from his friends and his happy life. He's back to what he used to be, until he makes his way to untold what he has been hiding for the whole time. The reason why he chose his life as a wallflower.

I won't comment about the acting of casts or anything technical because as you know those are not my expertise and I don't know anything about that, what I know is I find the story really interesting. Makes me back to who I was when I live my high school life, what I became now.

You know, being a wallflower maybe one of many things people like us always feel when we enter high school or even university and office, hence new life/place. But what we have to do is we have to open ourselves to other, let them in, let the world know that you're exist and you're valuable, because if we keeps holding back, they're also do the same thing. 

The other things I love from this movie is that you still can be yourself and participate with others. We can be ourselves in many ways. People has their own identity and signature style, that's make you unique, makes you different from others, makes other want to know you more.

And we may have nightmare in the past, things we can't forget, things that keep haunted us every time, but when we decided to tells our dearest people about those horrible things, share our pain, let it go and moving forward, we will infinite.

Oh and one thing to remember: true friends and family never judge your past or future, true friends and family are the one who always make you feel accept even when you can't accept yourself.

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad, and I’m still trying to figure out how could that be.” – Charlie (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

There you go, another movie review from me. From my view this movie rated 8/10. 

Happy watching!! 

ps. funny how Charlie writes about himself to his imaginary friends through letters. Another proves that writings can release your pain away and help you to survive. Another thing making me loves to write even more. And also, this movie based on a novel write by Stephen Chbosky.