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Stuck in Love (2012)

This movie is definitely going to stay on my favorite movie list!! Love love love this movie so much. Stuck In Love is my kind of favorite movie. The storyline. The music. The cast. The cinematography. Everything blends in one perfection that i can’t resist. It’s like watching “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” or “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, I’m just falling in love for an instant since the beginning of the movie. From the first sentence or in this case the first line, I’m intrigue to watch more. And in the end, I’m happy that i didn’t get disappointed by the ending or anything happen in this movie. 


Stuck in Love tells a story of how a family experiencing their first love and giving second chances at the same time. 

Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear), an acclaimed-writer that has published two successful book is not ready to start over a new life and get over his wife, Erica (Jennifer Conelly), after being cheated. Almost every single night, Bill spends his hour by stalking on the window at Erica and her boyfriend new home. 

On the other hand, Bill and Erica’s daughter, Samantha Borgens (Lilly Collins) is having everything girl envy. She just published her first book in one of the prestigious publisher and making out with handsome boys. Samantha is the typical love-cynical who is not believe in the world love after seeing her parents’ divorce. But when a handsome yet warm writer which also happen to be her classmate, Louis (Logan Lerman), came in her life, Sam decide to rule out her fear and ready to fall in love for the first time. 

Meanwhile, Sam’s little brother Rusty (Nat Wolff) is also experiencing his first love with his classmate, Kate. Unfortunately, Rusty is just a home boy and socially-awkward high school student who wanted to express his feeling for Kate (Liana Liberato) through poems and writings. But when his father tells Rusty that if he wants to be a good writer he has to experience a lot of thing in his life, Rusty finally step out of his home and ready to capture Kate’s heart.  Sadly, Rusty’s first love is not having a happy ending and that’s when he has to live his life as a more mature man.


As a shallow minded person (why? Because I love to see more of a simple movie that has a deep meanings about love & life, rather than a heavy one) this movie is like heaven to me. Stuck in Love portrays a remarkable journey of how adult and young adult experiencing their love-life in a simple yet meaningful way. Just because it’s light and easy to understand, doesn’t mean this movie is a so-so. How the writer depicts the love story that we often encounter in our life is perfect. The fact that Stuck in Love focus on love-life of the writer also makes me fall in love even more with this. One after another meaningful line that keeps flowing is certainly strength of Stuck in Love. Always love to watch a movie that has a bunch of meaningful lines. 


The set is another plus point. A house on a seaside is perfect and dreamy.


The storyline is undoubtedly the strength in this movie. The simplicity is what makes Stuck in Love beautiful and brilliant at the same time. It shows viewers what a human being would like to do when they can’t get over something. What are their escapes? The father tends to keep waiting while hoping that someday his loved ones will knock on a door. The daughter chooses to be skeptic and cynical about love until finally open her heart and asking to not get hurt. The son prefers to grab his first love heart and experience what people called high-school life.

Isn’t that kind of story simple? It is simple for me. Because it came from an ordinary life, the life we tend to see on. Maybe the familiarity with this kind of story is the reason why Stuck in Love is intriguing for me. Because I find it relatable. The twist came when we realize that Stuck in Love is actually the story of how a writer spends their life. As a book-lover, I used to think an author have a splendid life and magnificent imagination so that they can create such a wonderful book. But when watching Stuck in Love and hearing the line “A writer is the sum of their experiences.”, it knocked my heart. A writer is also a human being who has trouble and complicated life. But they’re refused to get stressed and depressed, they’re deciding to throw it on writings. This, once again, another reason why i love Stuck in Love.


Lilly Collins is all grown up lady now. I really love her act in this movie. I think she perform well than what she does in Mortal Instruments. She really dives into her character. She’s a lovely girl type who never gets drunk and faithful to one boy. She’s a sugar. But she shows that she can be a salt in Stuck in Love. And she did an absolute job. Two thumbs for Lilly Collins in this movie. She’s the attention-grabber for me in this one.

This is the first time I watch Nat Wolff’s movie. Man, he’s cute! He is definitely my type of boy. Dorky, smart, and has a lovely smile. He also did a good job. The scene when he cries after seeing Kate’s unconscious body is my favorite acts of him. I hope he can be a big star in the future, because he deserves it.

Is it just me or is Logan looks put on a lot of weight in this movie? After watching his ok-shaped body in Percy Jackson, I think Logan looks a little chubby in this one. But anyway, beside his looks, as usual he showed a good performance. He looks mature and that makes me forget his role as Percy Jackson. Love the way he treats Lilly, I hope both of them can be a couple in real life.


My first favorite scene is in the beginning of the movie, when Rusty looks at Kate and smile. I don’t know why, but his smile is infectious. It makes me want to smile together with him. And he really looks like he falls deeply in love for Kate.

My second favorite scene is when Bill dropped by Erica’s window and put his wedding ring in the wood. I love it because is the new way of saying “I finally get over you.”, even though he take it back again after seeing that Erica still wearing the same ring.

My third favorite scene is when the Borgens save Kate from some sick bastard. When Bill and Erica brought Kate’s unconscious body to the car, when Rusty cries and Sam’s comforting him. It shows that they are still a family and blood is thicker than water.


I give 10 out of 10 for this movie. This is perfect for me.

“There are two kinds of people in this world: hopeless romantics and realists. A realist just sees that face and packs it in with every other pretty girl they’ve ever seen before. The hopeless romantic becomes convinced that God put them on Earth to be with that one person.” – Samantha Borgens (Stuck in Love)

Monday, April 21, 2014

[K-Drama Quotes] Reply 1994, Reply 1997, I Need Romance 2

This post is dedicated to all of you who adore an extremely remarkable life-quote. I quoted this quote from my favorite kdramas: Reply 1994, Reply 1997, and I Need Romance2. So, get ready to take a deep note quote-eater ;)

Reply 1994

“To the one you love when you have to make them listen to a truth that is hard to accept, when you have to say something that’s so deathly difficult, you have to think of only one thing. Better than any long long words. Better than any well-crafted words. The light in your eyes that says that you love them, if that’s the only thing, it’s enough.” Ssereuki (Reply 1994)

“Present. The englis word has two meanings. Gift and Now. Perhaps, it means that the most precious gift is present, the very time before us.” – Sung Na Jung (Reply 1994)

“Living is a choice made at every moment. Even if it’s a log idle, you have to make a choice. Shoud I go straight or turn back? Or shoudl I stop there?” – Samcheonpo (Reply 1994)

“Of course there are many one-sided loves that couldn’t be confessed in this world. Those fools, which know how to escape (from one-sided love) but cannot escape. That’s why one-sided love hurts.” – Haitai (Reply 1994)

“It was then I learned for the first time. To every guy, there is one girl that you cannot touch. That girl’s name is first love.” – Sung Na Jung (Reply 1994)

Reply 1997

“Life comes and attacks you when you least expect it. It might be sadness or extreme fear. At that moment, what we can di us accept reality and admit we lost.” – Yoon Yoon Jae (Reply 1997)

“We don’t know how life will turn out. There is no way we can avoid it. We just have to face it, and get hurt once in a while. But life sometimes trills us with an unexpected events. And give us happiness when we overcome hardships. However, foolish unrequited love can have potential...that passion sometimes causes miracles.” – Yoon Yoon Jae (Reply 1997)

“People have to be satisfied with an attainable dream. If you’re greedy with unattainable dreams, you’ll only get hurt. Empty passion only leaves you with heartburn. That’s why unrequited love is foolish.” Yoon Tae Woong (Reply 1997)

“People believe that they are born with an invisible red string tied around their little finger. The string is tied to a person they’re destined to be with. However it’s hard finding out who waiting at the end. The string is as tangled as the number of people tied together. As we untangle it, we get to see our fate.” Yoon Yoon Jae (Reply 1997)

“The reason I like you? Because it’s you. Just you. That’s the only reason. I wish I knew. Then I could figure out how to stop liking you. If I can’t avoid it, I only want one thing. To stay as a friend who doesn’t change. For heartache. For love.” – Kang Joon Hee (Reply 1997)

“A relationship that’s tedious but inevitable. A relationship that lasts your entire life. that’s family.” – Yoon Yoon Jae (Reply 1997)

“There is no better time than now. That next time may never come. To talk about a next time that may never come when now is right in front of your...Life is too short for that.” – Yoon Yoon Jae (Reply 1997)

I Need Romance 2

“I wish there were traffic light in my life. Stop. Dangerous. It’s safe. Be careful. Turn right. Turn left. You can go straight. I wish someone could tell me like this.” – Joo Yeol Mae (I Need Romance 2)

ps. I know this is a lazy post. Just copy-paste the already exist quotes, but as a quote-adminer, it really is a useful post for me, hope it also does the same thing for you. 

Toodle loo ;)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

[Editorial] I Need Romance: The Comparison

The idea of making this post is actually came in the middle of watching I Need Romance 3. From my perspective, all of INR series has each specialties and strength that are hard to distinguish from one to another. So, I ask myself ‘Why not compare it and decide who the winner?’ that is why I make this post.

ps. It came from my personal taste, so if anyone think the answer is not right, it’s ok ;)

I will divide the comparison into 10 sections, which basically based on every aspect from the drama itself. Here we go~


I would have to say the original I Need Romance is the winner, when it comes to the PLOT or STORYLINE. INR 1 has the best plot that depicts the real reason of why they need something called Romance in life. The love story and complication of 10 year on-off relationship between Sunwoo In Young and Kim Sung Soo is always the best one for me.


I’m torn between Jung Hee Jae-Lee Woo Young or Kang Hyun Joo-Kim Deok Soo relationship story as the best SUB-PLOT. But Jung Hee Jae-Lee WooYoung cute yet silly relationship is the winner at last. To be honest, when watching I Need Romance 3, their story is even more interesting than the main lead story for me. They’re just too cute to be ignored!


The best gesture here refers to any cute act delivered by each character to shows their true feeling to their loved ones. The winner is certainly ‘I Need Romance 2’. My favorite gesture of all INR series is when Shin Ji Hoon brought Joo Yeol Mae patbingsu in the middle of the night just when she said she want to eat them. What Shin Ji Hoon make for Joo Yeol Mae the rest (make Yeol Mae Patbingsu, bought her a bicycle, etc.) is one of the sweetest act a man can do.


The best sisterhood or bond between the characters goes to I Need Romance. The bond between Sun Woo In Young, Park Seo Yeon, and Kang Hyeon Joo is unquestionably the best sisterhood this series ever made. They really look like a real family.


The Best Lines goes to I Need Romance 2. This second series of INR has many meaningful lines that blown my heart away. Each line delivered by each character success left a print in my heart. Some lines are even makes me smile in agreement.


Hello good-looking faces! Without a doubt, I Need Romance 2 is the best when it came to the best Cast. It’s a personal choice from me, because rather than judge them by the acting point, I’m actually judging them by the face. Well, not entirely to be honest. Some of the cast on I Need Romance 2 also shows a good act.


The winner is once again, I Need Romance 2. Love the colorings of this series. It is bright and sometime dim; portray the exact situation of how the love life of Joo Yeol Mae – the main lead – has.


Fourth in a row, I Need Romance 2 wins it. Joo Yeol Mae- Yoon Seok Hyun’s house is the winner of three main lead houses. I even consider this house as my future house. The other set I love from I Need Romance 2 is Shin Ji Hoon’s cafe and his room upstairs.


The best original soundtrack goes to I Need Romance 3. The music from this series is left the most print in my head. I can’t stop singing and rhyming songs from this series. Especially ‘Love Story 2’ by Park Min Ha. Love love love.


The winner is definitely I Need Romance 3. The fact that the main lead work at the home shopping channel and work with a style director is the exact answer why they’re wearing such a fashionable clothes and rule out INR & INR2 fashion/ wardrobe.

There you go. My personal judgment of I Need Romance series.

Toodle loo~