Tuesday, June 14, 2011

love (isn't) hurt

How can people say that love is hurt?? If love hurts, why you love someone? To hurting yourself? Why don't you just cut your pulse with razor if that so?
"Love Hurts"
I still don't understand with this sentence.  I mean how? Why?? If love hurts then maybe you don't love that someone or something. Maybe you push yourself to love it. If love hurts, why you can't leave it? Taking a good care of yourself, love yourself more than loving someone who hurts you.
I know I'm not in the place to talk about this thing, because I'm "that" person who love someone who doesn't love me back and just sitting around here writing words on my blog without any movement to getting any closer to him. But I wouldn't say that love hurts, because loving that someone is something that makes me happy. How I stare at him, how I dreamed of him in the night, etc. I'm happy doing all of that things and the hope of to be with him, I must say, it makes me happier and have another things to be hope for in this life, another things I chased for.
So again, why love hurts? Maybe the people who said this things considered love as the "hurting things" because they pushed themselves to be loving that someone and being obsessed with it until it’s hurting them because they can't having their someone.
For some couples who ended their story happily ever after, they wouldn't say that love hurts, because love is amazing for them. Maybe sometimes when they arguing, they get stressed and cry, but eventually they're back in love again in such a beautiful and wonderful way.
So don't say love hurts, because with that thought we will consider that love is always hurt, but if we stick to the positive way that say love is beautiful and then love will always be a beautiful thing. 
You know how people said that, "Love is a splendid thing”, right?? It is right, it is splendid.
Well I don't really have a good love life right now, but I wouldn't said that love is hurt because I know someday I will find my love that will lead me to the splendid world I've always expected for.

So…How’s your opinion? Is love hurt? Or is it splendid??

Happy figuring out yourself amigos!!

add.notes.a few lyrics from the song that inspired my writings above:

 love hurts
but sometimes it's a good hurt and it feels like i'm alive
love sings
when it transcends the bad things
have a heart and try me
'cause without love i won't survive

Monday, June 13, 2011

charlie bartlett (2007)

 aged before age
Hola amigos!!

Teenagers really screwed up don’t they? They’re all getting depressed, sad, and mad easily. Well I’m not the one who’s gonna judge them because I’ve been there before. So, better for us (especially me) to move on right away to the review…

Charlie Bartlett essentially tells a widen story of how a high school student, Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) lived his life. His life as a teenager is not as easy as every teenager. First he's drop out from his dormitory school, then deals with his depressed mom, afraid/ hate to visit his father in prison, and starts his new life as a high school student in local high school which absolutely different from his last school. On his new school, on the very first day, he’s already got a welcoming gesture by a rebel kid which successfully left the area around his left eye with a blue color. 

Regardless all of the misery and weird view all of the students giving him, Charlie always has one fantasy about him standing on a big stage with spectacular lighting and people cheering his name loudly. This is what makes her mom and his psychiatrist thinks there’s something wrong with this little boy and decided to cure him with a daily dose of Ritalin. The days when Charlie takes his first Ritalin is the day that’ll change his life after. So what will happen to Charlie? Will he finally experience his fantasy in reality or furthermore what is actually going on with him?? Watch the movie and you’ll find another reason why we have to give a teenager a little break.

Charlie Bartlett movie let us know the story of a usual high school’s situation and all of the insanity the occupant’s having. Not only the students, but also the principal, who sadly is an adult. it’s enlighten the viewers about what these teenagers through. High school is not all about laugh, falling in love, and happy, high school is also the time of depressed, lonely-kind-of-thinking, parents problem, and future weight they’ve to carry around. 

It also gives me a lesson that problems are everywhere, no matter what ages you are, problems will keep coming either you ready to face it or not. The other message I’ve got from watching this movie is that when we reach our teenagers time, it is actually time to prepare yourself to take in hand real life.
A little confession from me is that I’m also has depressed back in time I spend my high school. You know, the feeling of getting expel by people around you, never feel good enough, always tries different things to be exist and leave all of the real deal things behind just to be satisfy with temporary life in high school. High school time really is one of the hard time a kid can get. Because this time is the beginning of their journey to the real life, with college, work, and married ahead. But then again, there is nothing that can’t be solved, same thing with this one, if we can passed the time we had before then why we can't pass this time? A little break and refreshing time are the best thing to get rid of all the complicated thoughts and things we have.

The actors and actresses also play their role in such a good way. Anton plays his role perfectly, he really represents what we called “aged before the real age” thing, you know, the time when a kid trying to be more mature than a kid and act like an adult. He also has a good voice and amazing piano skills, it’s actually makes this movie more attractive to watch.

Last thing is the music, of course, I love the music from this movie. It’s so enliven the theme of this movie, the theme of teenagers life. 

" Well duh dude, this place sucks. But I just worry that one day we're gonna look back at high school and wish we'd done something different." - Charlie Bartlett (Charlie Bartlett)

so, ready to trace these teenagers madness??

happy watching everyone!! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

drop dead gorgeous (1999)

when beauty pageant turns ugly

Hello hello again mates!! Since beauty pageant season is approaching (or maybe some of them are already held) so, this time I would like to review the movie about his pageant thing.

Drop dead gorgeous basically tells a story of how young girls around Minnesota, a small town in America, struggling to get their chance to become Mount Rose American Teen Princess ,that’ll representing their town to become one of the finalists in Sarah Rose American Teen Princess, the most prestigious pageant ever on that time. Some TV crew decided to record the whole thing and make the documentary movie about how this event held, from the registration until the coronation night. It’s not only the beauty that they’re getting from this documentary, but also the ugly side of the pageant. Based on the process of sorting, there are nine contestants chosen that represent each of the high school girl’s madness. 

Despite of all other contestants “talent”, there are two girls that become the ultimate candidate to be winning this pageant, which are Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst) and Rebecca Ann Leeman (Denise Richards). Amber herself is a talented girl, she loves tap, dreaming to be the next Diane Swayer, and working in many places to live her poor life. On the other side, Rebecca a.k.a Becky is a perfectionist girl, daddy and mommy little girl who would do everything she can to be getting her desires. Luckily, she has her ambitious mom along her side, Gladys Leeman (Kristie Alley), which happen to be the former Miss Mount Rose American Teen Princess back in her time. More auspiciously, Becky also has a rich father that has a Leemans Furniture. 

It all started out well and the tv crew sense nothing to be suspicious about.  But when suddenly, one of the contestant, Tammy Curry (Brooke Elise Bushman) drop dead on the explosion of her tractor, others contestants start thinking there are something wrong with this pageant. So who killed Tammy? Is it all only a coincidence? Or is the richest family on that town, the Leemans, has something to do with it? More over, who will win the pageant? Is justice will finally arrive in this small town?? Watch it and you’ll find a happy/hilarious ending.

I first decided to watch this movie when I saw many great actresses playing in this movie, such as Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, and some of other names I haven’t said before in the above, which are Amy Adams, and Brittany Murphy. So since there’s many talented actresses laying I thought maybe it is a good movie. But well, it’s a so-so movie I guess. It’s pretty amusing, I’m not gonna lie, I laugh a lot watching it, but from the story itself ,I find some of the scene is not logic at all. Well maybe because it’s a comedy so it’s fine, that’s when the people suppose to laugh, right?? When they’re find something awkward. So (again) it’s fine. 

Actually the story is kinda giving us the real story behind what beauty pageant is all about. You know when there’s some nepotism, beauty turns ugly thing inside that covers beautifully by the committee of its pageant. At the end of the movie, the viewers also given a lesson to keep fighting and find for our dreams even though our expectations is not as wonderful as we thought it would be. O yes, the ending also make me laugh, when we really find these girls (the beauty pageant finalists) showing up their real attitude.

If I may tell a little confession on my own, I don’t really into pageant thing, I thought if beauty, brain, and behave girl is really exist, then why she has to become others spectacle and then help unlucky people with press attention along her. If she really is having that B3 thing, then why she isn't do all the helping thing by her self with modest and out of people (especially press) attention. Plus, since there are many pageant “alumni” that turns out to be brainless people, I even more hate this pageant thing, because the judges certainly judge these girls by their outside a.k.a casing rather that their inside competence. I’m not saying all of pageant princess and judges like that, some of them done some pretty amazing thing that really could help this world, but it’s a tad, and most of them is usually as I explained before.

Anyway, this movie really tells exactly what I said on the upper paragraph. I don’t know if it based on the true story, but every story has its inspiration, right? 

So, back to the review…the actresses plays their role well, some of them plays it great, especially Brittany. She always having her signature acts (I don’t know if that’s a right sentence), but anyway, she really has something that makes her viewer remember her acting, kind of like her acting style. The other actresses I find great is Amy Adams, if you ever saw her on her other movie, you’ll find her absolutely different in this one. I don’t know if it’s because she plays a dumb, pretty cheerleader, but, again, I almost doesn’t know that it is her. Even so, she plays her role amazingly. 

Another thing is the music, well I love music and (almost) never find a bad music to hear on, so to sum it u, this movie has a great music that could lighten up the story.

" Hi. I'm Amber Atkins, and I'm signing up 'cause my two favorite people in the whole world completed in pageants, my mom and Diane Sawyer. Course I hope I end up a little more like Diane Sawyer than my mom.." - Amber Atkins (Drop Dead Gorgeous)

So, ready for seeing how ugly a beauty pageant can be??

Happy watching everyone!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the hangover (2009)

the best freaking night guys can have.

Holy mother all of the darn things in this world, why oh why I haven’t watched this movie before???? Oh maybe because I’m such an idiot who judged it by its poster!! Yeah, right, the reason why I wouldn’t watch this movie from the first place is because I thought the poster is not too tempting enough and I decided not to watch it. But hey! since there’s a second movie.. My brainless head starting to think: “if this movie is not good enough then why they have to make a sequel from it??” and gotcha! Maybe because this movie is a good movie then they decided to make a sequel out of it. Then, fellas… it brings me to the 10th June 2011 at 11.00 pm (the time I watch this movie :D). Laugh out freaking loud is all I can say (or maybe do) after I watched this. 

This movie is freaking hilarious!! No wonder people talked about this movie so much before, no wonder some of my friends tweeted their worship comment after watching it, no wonder they nominated for an awards a lot, no wonder this is one of the best comedy movie people will talk about in the future, no wonder, no wonder, no freaking wonder! Anyway, before I get too much excitement (which I already do) shall we move to the review right away??

It all started out when Doug (Justin Bartha) decided to asks his friends, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and his (future) brother in law (which turns out being his friend too), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) to be going with him to the sin city, Las Vegas for celebrate his bachelor party two days before he has to get married with his fiancee, Tracy (Sasha Barrese). At the beginning it went really well, a road trip with fancy Mercedes car, a villa at the Caesar’s palace and a drink on a roof that will make a history of their life. A night after they’re share a toast over a drink on that roof everything change, somebody lose a teeth, the other ones has a major headache, and someone almost death by being a tiger’s breakfast, but the most important thing is they’re all forgot anything they do last night and lose their friend, the groom. So, can they remember any of the details on what they do last night and more important, can they find Doug? Watch the movie and you’ll find a hilarious journey on these three genius morons.

From the story itself I find this movie is really brilliant. The story it so simple, I mean, come on, it all basically started out with the bachelor party, nothing could go wrong with this thing, right? But no, not for these guys. That's why I find it great, because the kind of simple story like that can become a brilliant story from its execution. And it really tells the viewers that there is no such thing as a smooth way when you decided to come to Las Vegas and partying there.

The casting director done his/her job amazingly picking up these actors. First is Ed Helms, who doesn’t know him, right?? (Maybe the people who hasn't watched the office, but again who doesn't watched the office, right??), anyway, Ed is play his role in such a good and funny way. Second is Zach Galifianakis, now, I’m only watched him once when  watched It’s Kind of A Funny Story, and I thought he plays his role so-so on that movie, but when I watched Hangover, I know why people like him can be one of the comedy stars alive. Third is Bradley, well I don’t really into his comedy factor, but every movie needs a hot guy in it, right? But he also plays his role incredibly in this movie.

Another good things from this movie is the music, yeah, well for you R&B lovers, you’ll be spoiled by some of top forty R&B music that’ll perfectly match with the days on Vegas.

What can I say more?? Well, if you looking for an entertainment that not too cheesy and dirty but still brilliant and funny, you can watch this movie.

" To a night the four of us will never forget!!" - Phil (The Hangover)

So, ready for (another) Vegas madness??

Happy watching everyone!!

add.note. Ken Jeong also plays his role startlingly. I first saw this guy at MTV Movie Awards 2010 when he got an award that night and getting nuts. Funny guy, I laugh a lot watching his scene in this movie. oh!and this movie contains with few surprising cameo that'll make your jaw dropping ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

waiting : sucks or worth?

Waiting sucks right? But sometimes it's worth. You know how people said that “good things will happen for those who waits", in fact there are some song that uses this lines.
You know how in this world they are negative and positive pole. It works on this waiting thing. Sometimes we feel bored, we feel unhappy, sad, sucks because of waiting. But on the other side, when we're waiting enough and we really put our patient into it, we will feel extremely happy, we feel great when that thing are in our hands.
So the real question is, do we or don’t we can handle the waiting? Because believe me, no matter how sucks it will be, no matter how long it will be, no matter how bored it will be. It will be worth in the end. Because it really is amazing thing that will happen when you willing to wait a little more

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

haavee you watched this??

 i can't help but posting it because this video is so freaking amazing!! (plus) i'm kinda love Harry Shum Jr (who wouldn't, right??)

so, the video above is another short film presented by Legion of Extraordinary Dancers a.k.a LXD, directed by Charles Oliver and Christopher Scott with Harry Shum Jr and Frances Manzo as the lead roles.
i first find this superb creation when i browse some of breathtakingly LXD videos and from the first time i watched it, i instantly lovee it. the expression, the musicality, the way they dance are really really mesmerizing and  right at the tempo (oh look, i sound like i'm one of the sytycd judges right know :p). but it really really is good. wait, no, it's not good, it's GREAT.

anyway, the title is "MATCHED". no need to tell what the story tells from this short film because by seeing it, you'll know.

so...ready to see another beauty of art??

happy stunned everyone!!

ps.i'm into dance so much right now, i even thinking to learn about lindy hop soon after i earn my first paycheck, wish me luck dearies *smilewidely*

from prada to nada (2011)

who said we can’t be happy when we can’t buy some Prada?

Another version of material girls. When two rich girls turn poor for unexpected reason.
From prada to nada tells a story of two perfect Mexican girls, Nora Dominguez (Camila Belle), a beautiful and smart girl with one fear in this life, which is to lose her control in life and Mary Dominguez (Alexa Vega), a sexy and attractive girl that spend all of her time with shopping, smoking pot, and live by the money her father earned. These two girls seems has every girls want in this world, a home that looks like a castle, an amazing latest cars, branded product all over their body, and a wonderful father. But when everything seems fine and faultless, they have to say goodbye to their beloved father. Not enough with one shocking news about their father death, they have to take (another) shocking news about their new step brother and their father’s wealth status. One thing led to another they’ve to leave their perfect castle and survive in the Mexican neighborhood when they have to stay with their aunt.  As if anything isn’t complicated enough to the life their live now, they has to deal with another life difficulty, which are love, friendship, carrier, and school. So, can these two chicas survive the life they have now? Or will they surrender? Watch it and you’ll find a sweet family flavor ending.

I'm not really into this movie at first because I know this movie is a usual chick flicks movie similar to the movie material girls. But since I need some diversion from all of the complicated things I have through lately so I decided to watch this movie with the hope I could be more relax.

Well from the story itself. Like I said before, this movie story is really similar to material girls, you know, the movie played by the Duff sisters, yeah, well, you know. So I think there's nothing more to be worship or salute from this movie story except the strong culture of Mexican that family that spread on almost every scene in this movie. There's also some lesson about what family means in life and how that thing is could be the number one priority. But over all, it really back to love and all the adaptation from rich to poor stuff.
I'm a bit disappointed by the endings also, because it's not like the way I expected and it feels flat, even though it’s a sweet endings, but still, it’s flat :(

The acting by the actresses itself is good, especially Alexa that playing a Mexican Barbie really well. Actually I'm a bit shock seeing this cute and tough girl from Spy Kids to be this spoiled, sexy, a bit bitchy girl in this movie. But well since she can play her amazingly turned 360 degrees from her “trademark” role really well so it rove that she can transform well and again it prove that her acting is good enough.

Another thing I like from this movie is the soundtrack that has a full Mexican flavor…and (of course) the guapooo actor!!! Nicholas D’Agosto, Wilmer Valderrama, and Kuno Becker, so, should I say more?? You girls already know what I mean, right *smilewidely* ??

" No high-protein diet. Poor people only eat carbs... " - Mary Dominguez

so, ready for another chick flicks movie??

happy watching everyone!!

add.note.I’m also a little upset by Camila skins in this movie. I love Camila, I mean, helloooo, could this girl be any more perfect?? But in this movie I think she’s too orange, maybe she tanned it to much or maybe it’s the new style, but still I don’t like it. Anyway, it’s only my subjective pinion, so no offense to all her fans that love her skins in this movie *smilewidely*