Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Shout Out to 2015: The Most Pitiful Second Leads

The third articles of my “Shout Out to 2015” posts will discuss about the one that we love to pity and sympathize: the second lead.

I’m not suffering from a severe second lead syndrome this year. Maybe because there are not many second leads to cry for. Nevertheless, I would like to write about the two second leads who manage to twist my love from the lead to them. These are the two second leads who I feel most sorry for.

Kim Shin Hyuk – She Was Pretty

Dear Reporter Kim, how are you? I hope you’re ok wherever you are and I hope you’ll find someone as good as you are, and I believe you will.

Kim Shin Hyuk is the second male lead I feel most sorry for throughout this year. He is everything a girl wanted. But unfortunately for Kim Hye Jin, he is not. He can be funny, sweet, gentle, caring, and romantic.  He is also extremely loyal! With that looks and that “wealth” he can get any girl he want, but he sticks to Kim Hye Jin, who is quirky and “not that pretty.”

Why I chose him as the most pitiful second male lead in this year’s dramas? It’s because the way Kim Hye Jin treated him.

The time when he confessed to Hye Jin and how a coldblooded Hye Jin left him promptly after getting a call from Ji Sung Joon is just mean cruel brutal! I mean, have some courtesy Hye Jin, this amazing fella is just confessed his pure feeling to you and you left him in dazed and heartbroken.

Based on that particular scene and how wonderful he is throughout the drama, I can now pronounce him as the most pitiful second male lead.

Choi Mi Yeon – Mask

The story of Choi Mi Yeon is tragic as hell. She tries to endure her pain of being unloved by her husband by drinking alcohol from a straw. But alcohol can’t help her anymore after she realized that her husband will never love her and as a result she decided to put her life to an end.

Her dreadful life might be camouflaged by luxurious looks, stable job, and flawless skin. But it’s what’s inside that’s count. Her outwards appearance might fool others but not herself.

Choi Mi Yeon has a slightly villain role in this drama. But strangely, rather than disliking her, I found myself feeling sorry for her. She just wants to be loved by her husband and have a wonderful family together, for God’s sake.

The ending of her story is so sad and heartbreaking. To this end, I can officially pronounce her as the most pitiful second female lead.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shout Out to 2015: The Biggest Disappointment


Just like what the girls of EXID sang in one of their songs “Ups & Downs” my life as a k-drama viewer this year has also passed such “Ups & Downs” moments. As a continuation to myprevious “Shout Out to 2015” post, now I would like to discuss more about one particular drama that turned out to be the bitter pill I must take in the beginning of this year.

One of my friends once said, “Do not expect anything. Expectation will only lead you to disappointment.” And oh well, I live by that sentence this year when I decided to put my hopes up for Hyde, Jekyll, and Me and the comeback of the almighty Hyun Bin.

By looking at its plot, cast, and production team, I see nothing wrong; nothing will lead to something wrong, at least. But as Richmond Akhigbe once said, “When you don’t see nothing wrong in anything you do, then you are doing everything wrong.” And it is proven.

When I watch the first episode of the show, after I saw the ridiculous Gorilla-scene, Han Ji Min’s circus stunt, and the elevator scene, the high excitement I felt within my heart slowly fades away. But at that time, I fool myself and my heart by staying put to watch the next episode. I tell myself that it’s ok if the first episode is not “That Great” because there is still the other. Hence, there is still hope.

But after watching the second episode until the sixth episode, I decided to drop this drama and to cry in vain over its fail.

I mean, what’s wrong with you drama? You have everything to be amazing, but you wasted it perfectly.

Let’s take a look at its plot for a starter. The premise is quite promising. A rich handsome man who unfortunately suffers from a multiple personality disorder due to childhood trauma met a beautiful circus heiress who apparently likes him when she was a child. There are plenty of rooms for romance, thriller, drama and mystery in that premise. If only, If only the writer used it well, then the pandemonium will never happen.

To be honest, when I read about the similarity of HJM premise with Kill Me, Heal Me, and the commotion about KMHM plagiarism accusation, I sort of taking side. Back then, my pick is HJM, just because of Hyun Bin. I know it’s really shallow.

But after watching the first two episodes of HJM and the first two episodes of KMHM, I’m officially resigned from my spot as “HJM supporter” and became “KMHM supporter” because KMHM is undoubtedly WAY BETTER than HJM in every aspect.

My disappointment for the show is also mixed with my pity for Hyun Bin. It’s his drama comeback for God’s sake. Every woman in this world (lebay, I know) are probably have been waiting to see his comeback since forever. But HJM failed him really, really bad. I feel so bad for Hyun Bin because he deserve better. He deserves a two-digit rating!

Therefore, based on the aforementioned reasons, I would sadly announce that The Biggest Disappointment for me this year is Hyde, Jekyll, and Me. I hope Hyun Bin will choose the right drama to play and finally get what he deserve next year and all of the production team of the drama will set aside time for self-reflection.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Shout Out to 2015: The Ultimate Scene Stealers


2015 has been a great year for me as a kdrama viewer and enthusiast. I feel like the drama production teams have showered viewers with lots of unique, interesting, romantic, and thrilling dramas. Though still there are some of the dramas who turned out to become biggest disappointment. But I’m going to discuss about those shining and blemished dramas in another post. In this post, I’m going to discuss about the brilliantness of the front-row persons of one production, which are no other than the cast.

There are tons of new faces in this year’s dramas. Some are able to grab viewers’ heart and steal the spotlight, while others are failed to seize the opportunity and drowned deep. Among many new actors and actresses whose faces appears in this year’s dramas, I would say that the two names succeed in leaving a strong and good impression on me are the noona’s heartthrob Ji Soo and the fierce young lady Stephanie Lee. I will gladly enthrone them as the ultimate scene stealers in 2015’ dramas.

   Ji Soo

Oh, Ji Soo. Where do I begin to talk about how amazing this youngster is. Thanks to his tremendous face and strong, well-written character in Angry Mom, Ji Soo managed to launch into stardom. Ji Soo was able to steal my focus from the first episode of the show, which is a shocker because I thought I would fall for Baro, instead of him. I’ve been admiring Baro since his performance in Reply 1994. When I learned that he was going to play in Angry Mom, I knew that he will be among many reasons why I watch the drama. But unexpectedly, Ji Soo’s performance in the drama is able to outshine Baro.

His character in Angry Mom is the typical bad boy character who girls love and pity. But a strong character without a strong acting is nothing, right? Fortunately Ji Soo knew that and able to deliver such solid acting.

Oh, and one last thing, doesn’t he look like Taeyang? That small yet sharp eyes and strong bone structure of him are reminds me of Taeyang.

  Stephanie Lee

Though I never able to finish Yongpal, I will never forget Stephanie Lee’s performance in this drama. Playing Cynthia Park, Stephanie’s performance was less than stunning. Stephanie showed herself completely one with her character. Her character is not that important compared to other characters within Yongpal, but her impression is lasting.

I still remember her first appearance in the drama and her lines, because she is that amazing and she is that talented. Honestly, during watching Yongpal, I’m sort of hoping that Yongpal will end up with Cynthia instead of Han Yeo Jin. How cool and extraordinary would that be!

I’m really looking forward for her next drama. Though I know that she probably not in the level of a leading lady yet, I really hope that at least she would grab a second lead spot.

There you go, my two ultimate scene stealers for this year’s dramas. Who’s yours?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[Editorial] Rated: Fabulous, Actresses Who Rocks Their Short Hair


What hair style you love the most? Long? Short? Bob? Curly? Straight? Blonde? Brunette? Black? In this post, I’m going to talk about a number of actresses who amazingly rock their short hair and look ten times better with it.

I’m not a fan of short hair or long hair. I’m a fan of someone who rocks whatever hair she have (well, who doesn’t?). I adore some of k-drama actresses who are able to rock their short hair, even better than those who have long hair. To be honest, not all actresses can rock or pull off a short-hair look. Let’s take Hwang Jung Eum in Full House 2 for example. Well, I don’t know if her perm hair can be categorized as short hair but it is short, right? Hwang Jung Eum and that hair is an epic fail.

Luckily, some actresses are found their safest (and probably) greatest place inside their short hair looks. Below are three actresses that I found succeed in pulling off their short hair, no matter how short it is.

Yoo In Young in My Love from Another Star
Yoo In Young in Oh My Venus
 Yoo In Young

From the era of My Love from Another Star to Oh My Venus, Yoo In Young never failed to rock her short hair. Short hair is kinda her signature hair style I think. Even with short hair, the actress still can look pretty and amazingly fashionable. She can rock her short hair with a short dress, night gown, formal attire, casual daywear, or even swimsuit. It all thanks to her tall figure and slender body as well as her on-point style choice.


My favorite of her short hair style is when she appeared in Mask. Maybe it’s because her character in the drama is the daughter of a millionaire, but her style always stunning.  

Go Jun Hee

I’ve mentioned about how I love her style in this post. But it’s not only her fashion style I love. It’s also her hair style. I’m probably not the first person who said that Go Jun Hee DEFINITELY look better with short hair than long hair. Her small face looked even cuter with that hair. And let’s admit it, she looked sexier with that red short hair.

Similar to Yoo In Young, Ms. Jun Hee also have a perfect body to flawlessly complete her hair style. And not to forget, her amazing fashion. 

Wang Ji Won in Fated to Love You
Wang Ji Won

Wang Ji Won will always be my favorite, though she never win a male lead’s heart, well except in AnotherParting where she able to knock Seo In Guk’s heart down in a couple of days only. Like the previous actresses, short hair has also become Wang Ji Won’s signature hair style even though she tried to get rid of that image by having a longer hair in Fated to Love You. But still, she looks better with short hair and she definitely can pull the short hair style perfectly.

Wang Ji Won’s fashion style is also as amazing as the other two. Her style in I Need Romance 3 is undeniable stylish and edgy.