Wednesday, August 31, 2011


EID MUBARAK 1432 Hijriah!!
Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin - Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin

time flies. i guess that phrase is absolutely right. suddenly we've reach this holy day, Ied Fitri. for me, it's a bittersweet feeling. it's sad Ramadhan month is end, it's also exciting that we're facing this fitrah day and hope that our act of devotion on previous days when we wolk on our fasting will be received well by the almighty Allah SWT. i've been blessed by many things on this Ramadhan month, and there is nothing I can do except for thanking Allah and be more faithful to Him. anyway, have a wonderful Lebaran day fellas!! let's eat opor, ketupat, semur and many moooree special Ied meal!! ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

awaited movies on september 2011

here are lists of some movies i can't wait to watch that'll be release next month:

A comedic account of a 27-year-old guy's cancer diagnosis, and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease. Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Seth Rogen, and Anna Kendrick.
Directed by Jonathan Levine, Writen by Will Reiser.
Opening: 30 September 2011 (USA).
trailer: here

(not sure enough if this is going to be a good movie or not, but after seeing the collaboration between Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt I think it's worth to wait)

A thriller centered on a young man who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.  
Starring: Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, and Alfred Molena.
Directed by Shawn Christensen, Written by John Singleton.
Opening: 23 September 2011 (USA).
trailer: here

(I'm not a big fan of Taylor Lautner actually, well..maybe just a fan of his abs..who can resist it right? anyway, this is one of the movie i really can't wait to wait, not just because taylor abs will be in it (well that's a little) but because the trailer is soo good and make me want to see the movie. The story itself is maybe a bit similar to Bourne Identity, but still it's going to be a good movie I think.)

An action-thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak.  
Starring: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Marion Cottilard, Laurence Fishburne, and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Written by Scott Z. Burns.
Opening: 9 September 2011 (USA).
trailer: here

(now, this is what i like to call the movie we've been waiting this whole life. I mean come on, look at the casts! Do i have to say more? And it's just not the cast, the story itself is tempting! now i just have to pray the opening date in USA will be the same as the openng date in Indonesia *fingercrossed*)

A story centered on the friendship between a boy and a dolphin whose tail was lost in a crab trap. 
Starring: Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, and Harry Connick Jr.
Directed by Charles Martin Smith, Written by Karen Janszen and Noam Dromi.
Opening: 23 September 2011.
trailer: here
( a wonderful story of friendship between a bot and a dolphin, who wouldn't love to watch it right?)

A comedy centered on the life of Kate Reddy, a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two kids. 
Starring: Sarah  Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan, and Kelsey Grammer.
Directed by Douglas McGrath, Written by Aline Brosh McKenna (screenplay) and Allison Pearson (novel).
Opening: 16 September 2011 (USA).
trailer: here

(another SJP comedy romance movie!! always loved her movies and since this has Pierce Brosnan inside so i think i would also love this one!)

When his mentor (Robert De Niro) is taken captive, a retired member of Britain's Elite Special Air Service (Jason Statham) is forced into action. His mission: kill three assassins dispatched by their cunning leader (Clive Owen). 
Starring: Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert De Niro.
Directed by Gary McKendry, Written by Ranulph Fiennes (novel), Gary McKendry and Matt Sherring (screenplay).
Opening: 23 September 2011 (USA).
trailer: here

(well again, i'm not into action movie much but hellloooo with these amazing actors acts i think my mind would be changing immediately, plus the amazing trailer who mesmerizes me a lot!)

A young woman witnesses a bus accident, and is caught up in the aftermath, where the question of whether or not it was intentional affects many people's lives. 
Starring: Anna Paquin, Matt Damon, and Mark Ruffalo.
Directed and written by Kenneth Lonergan.
Opening date: 30 September 2011 (USA).
(fyi, i haven't found the official movie poster and trailer, so pardon me. anyway, the story is so tempting and also the star, (again) can't wait to watch it!)

The story of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players. 
Starring: Brad Pitt, Robin Wright, and Jonah Hill.
Directed by Bennett Miller, Written by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin (screenplay), Stan Chervin (story), and Michael Lewis (book "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game")
Opening: 23 September 2011 (USA).
trailer: here

( beside there is Mr. Pitt in this movie, the unusual and kinda inspiring story (i hope) since it's based on a true story is make me interested to watch this movie.)
The story of a terminally ill teenage girl who falls for a boy who likes to attend funerals and their encounters with the ghost of a Japanese kamikaze pilot from WWII. 
Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Henry Hopper, and Ryo Kase.
Directed by Gus Van Sant, Written by Jason Lew.
Opening: 16 September 2011 (USA).
trailer: here

( ahh another sweet movie i can't wait to watch, i got the feeling that this movie is going to be one of my favorite movie..)
L.A. screenwriter David Sumner relocates with his wife to her hometown in the deep South. There, while tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with locals becomes a threat to them both. 
Starring: James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, and Alexander Skarsgard.
Directed by: Rod Luris, Written by: Rod Lurie (screenplay), David Zelah Goodman and Sam Peckinpah (earlier screenplay),also Gordon Williams (novel "The Siege of Trencher's Farm")
Opening: 16 September 2011 (USA).
trailer: here

(just watched the trailer and tense is already surrounding my body, hope this movie will be as good as the trailer, oh and btw, so glad to see Alexander Skarsgard in thsi movie, he's my favorite bad boy, i don't know if it's country or british accent he use in this movie, but it sounds great!)

A woman looks back at the past twenty men she's had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love.
Starring: Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans.
Directed by Mark Mylod, Written by: Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden (screenplay), and Karyn Bosnak (novel "20 Times a Lady").
Opening: 30 September 2011 (USA).
trailer: here
(this one is another comedy romance movie i can't wait to watch, beside many hot actors inside, the story also is really attractive!and plus there's Anna Farris in it!)

movies synopsis source: imdb 
so, what's your most awaited movie next month??
happy exciting-waiting everyone!! ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



semoga di hari jadi ke 66 ini Indonesia bisa merdeka dari korupsi, merdeka dari kemiskinan, dan merdeka dari perselisihan antar WNI, amin.

Maju terus Indonesia-ku!! Jayalah Indonesia!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

the other guys (2010)

when the underrated talks.

Just watched this movie few days ago and oh
-my, this movie is a total comedy! It’s outrageously funny, all hail king of comedy Sir Will Ferrel!

The other guys basically tells a story of two guys in police department who keeps underestimated for their capability due to their past. Terry
Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) previously on his police day has shot the baseball star, Derek Jeter. Meanwhile Allen Gamble (Will Ferrel), on his previous day as a college student has been a pimp but to repent and forswear because he meets his wife Dr. Sheila (Eva Mendes)  when he thinks everything goes wrong with his condition. Together in the police department as a partner they kept bullying by others, Terry is a temperamental guy who never accept what others said and has an ambition to become a good and popular cop who finish one amazing case. On the other hand, the repent and forswear Allen is just accept anything happen to him without even fight his bully. One day the popular police Danson (Dwayne Johnson) and Highsmith (Samuel L Jackson), which are like the star of police department passed away on an unbelievable event that makes their position empty. Terry shows the opportunity to fill in and become more than a loser. But he can't do it by his self, eventually he asks his partner, Allen with hesitation. Meanwhile there are also other cops who want to fill Danson and Highsmith empty places. So which one can be the next DS? Can terry and Allen who knows as the other guys become anything more than their nickname? Watch the movie and you'll find a real slapstick comedy that'll make you laugh out loud.

To be honest I never thought that
Mark Wahlberg would be playing this kind of movie, you know, comedy movie. The basic story from this movie itself is a bit shallow and kind of in disorder. Well I think the first minute from this movie is quite good and viewers already introduced to the essence from this movie, which is the comedy. But when I enter the middle section from this movie, it’s a bit confusing and the story looks like spread around and widen in disorder. Though there are still one or two points related to the first point. But when we enter the last minute, fortunately it’s all back unite again and focus on one case, though still there's many unimportant still (since its comedy movie, so its permitted I think). Anyway as I said before since the story is light and a bit widen in the middle so this movie is really made just to burst the viewer laugh and as I always hear before, it’s only for laugh.

Honestly I'm a bit disappointed by this, because Adam
McKay-Will Ferrel collaboration before, such as Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy is really great comedy and the story is pointed at one point and not widen. So when I watch this movie I've came with better expectation, especially since Mark Wahlberg also take a part in this movie, but still anchorman is way way better than this if you're looking for comedy movie. I'm not saying that this movie is bad, it’s good; it’s just not good enough.

By the casts acts point itself, it’s not a secret anymore that the lead actors from this movie which are
Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg is a good actor, especially one of the comedy king, Sir Will Ferrel. So I don't think I have to comment any on their acting side, because they're already put on a good act. Another casts I like is Samuel L Jackson and the rock which playing the popular cop, I looovvveee Mr. Jackson acting in here, he's so funny and different from his previous acts on his previous movie.

Oh and also as usual Adam McKay movie, in this movie also you'll find unexpected scenes and casts as a surprise. Well let's say in this movie you'll find some broadways and popular sport-watching-spot.
 "I'm like a peaccok, you gotta let me fly!" - Terry Hoitz


(click to enlarge pictures)

movie trailer: here

So, ready to watch another Adam McKay-Will Ferrel collaboration??

Happy watching everyone!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

kimi ni todoke (2010)

an adorable story about friendship and love.

Just watched this movie last night and i instantly in love with it. It has a beautiful story about friendship and love that’ll blown the viewer away with good lines, acting, and flow of the story brought by the casts and whole crew production from this movie.

Kimi ni todoke tells a story about a girl named Kuronuma Sawako (Mikako Tabe) who from junior high school stick with the name Sadako due to her physical appearance. She does nothing with that name but accept it and living her life as usual. One thing she has  in mind is that not all the ghosts are scary, when she was a little child, her father always telling her the story about a little girl ghost that keeps helping people around her, and from that day, she promise herself to always helps people around her. On the first day she’s about to enter high school, she meets a young boy who lost his way to the same high school as Sawako is, stick to her promise to help others, she directly tells a boy the direction to the high school. The boy, Kazehaya Shota (Haruma Miura) is attracted by Sawako since their first meeting that day. And from meeting Kazehaya also, suddenly Sawako’s day become much colored by meeting some of new friends and grows a new feeling she never felt before.

I’ve never watched Japan movie much, well I’ve watched some of the J-movie, such as Death Note, and what i previously review on this blog, Lovely Complex. But compared to the frequent of watching Hollywood and Korean movie, still Japanese movie being in the last place. And by watching this movie, i automatically regret my time before by not choosing Japan movie  as my priority. By watching this movie, i mesmerized by the set of this country, the beautiful language they had, and the well-mannered attitude of Japanese people. 

Its such beautiful scenery, gestures, and story given by Kimi Ni Todoke from the first time this movie start. As a viewer, i literally close my mouth and smiling like a fool when seeing the first main point from this movie. And as the story goes on, it gets better and better. It flows delightfully with the great acts by the casts inside. Every scene on this movie has a thoughtful meaning that tells us about friendship as well as love. 

The friendship side is told in such a sweet way, and makes me (again) as a viewer touched by a beautiful story of friendship the characters had in this movie. Truthfully, I even cries in some scenes. The main character of the story, which is Sawako that has a pure heart is really an amazing role models. Her pure heart and the way Mikako as an actress plays it, is really good and make its believable that in this world there is still a good girl who has a pure heart and well-mannered attitude that put others happiness as a priority. Lesson i got is that a phrase that said kindness will be paid by kindness is really true, and it portrayed in this movie. And also a karma law, you know, that things like what you do is what you get.

On the other side, along with the sweet friendship story told, the love story in this movie also pictured in an adorable way between a girl who never felt the feeling before and a gentlemen who can see through a girl heart without even care about her outside look. The love story in this movie i think is more delicate than any other love stories by Hollywood movie I’ve watched. Frankly in the Hollywood movie, we often seen that a kiss and any other physical contact is the sign of love, but in this movie, the character is gracefully tells their feeling through their polite gestures, expression, and lines everytime they’re seeing the person they love. That is why the love story in this movie is truly adorable and sweet. The main actor role in this movie also tells us that there is still a true gentleman out there that seeing a girl not based on the physical appearance only.

Another strength point is that the wonderful scenery and set given by this movie that completed the whole image and situation on every scenes entirely. The music also heaves well. Although there’s not much music played in this movie, but it doesn’t make this movie less interesting and bored as any other movies that having lack of music I’ve watched before. In fact, the acts by the actors and actresses are already makes the moment in this movie alive even if there’s not music as the back sound. 

By my perspective, i think the credits also should be given to a scriptwriter in this movie, because this movie really has wonderful lines that look simple but really thoughtful.
Anyway, this movie is also based from the manga with the same title. As usual manga-to-movie kind of like, the manga surely would be better by the movie, and by what i heard/read is that it’s really better than the movie. I don’t know if it’s true or not because (again) i haven’t watch or read the manga, but if the manga is better than this awe-inspiringly movie, well then i guess i have to put it in my sacred collection.

Oh and a little addition, i think this movie is one of the best romance movie I’ve watched, it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

“A pass won’t be received well by others if you don’t seriously think for it to reach them.”- Kazehaya Shota

 (click to enlarge pictures)

movie trailer: here

so, ready to see how beautiful friendship and love can be?

Happy watching everyone!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the switch (2010)

it's never too late to say love.

Ohh here it is another sweet story about love between two friends who happen to be two human in love with each other.

The switch tells a story about two “best friend” which are Kessie Larson (Jennifer Anniston) and Wally Mars (Jason Bateman). On a sudden day, Kessie decides to get pregnant by taking a sperm donor. Wally on the other side strictly forbid Kessie to do that kind of thing and trying to convince her that what she’s about to do is not the right thing. However, Kessie stick to her decision, until she’s finally find a perfect donor named Roland (Patrick Wilson) with perfect body presentation as if what Kessie hopes her child would be. On the night when Kessie held an insemination party, Wally gets very drunk and unintentionally switches the donor sperm with his sperm. Due to his massive drunk, on the next day he wakes up, he doesn’t remember a thing. Meanwhile, Kessie is successfully get pregnant and decided to move to Minnesota to raise her child. Still can’t forget about his unspoken feeling to Kessie, Wally walks his life without any enthusiasm.  Seven years later, Kessie backs to New York with her five years old son named Sebastian (Thomas Robinson). As Kessie’s arrival in his town, Wally once again felt what is like to be alive. He’s even making a good relationship with Sebastian. But odd things keep bothering Wally’s head, like the similarity of him and Sebastian. Meantime Kessie still keeps in touch with who-her-think-is-the-father-of-her child Roland who-is-recently-divorced. After searching a few explanations, finally Wally knows that Sebastian is really his son. But then again, when the time he’s about telling that thing to Kessie and confess what he feels about her all along, Kessie’s already start a new relationship with Roland. So, is Wally will finally be able tells Kessie about everything? Watch the movie and you’ll find a sweet ending.

Okey, so where do we start? The story first i guess? Ok...So the story is basically fine and different. When i first read about the story i thought it’s going to be an interesting/ hilarious movie about how a sperm can be switched. But then again it’s a bit bored on the execution. Well i dont know if it is the intention from the director to makes it a bit serious yet sweet story, but i think it would be better if they added few funny scenes and a bit cheerful music to lighten up the story who actually great in the first place. But anyway, the flow of the story is fine, it flows well and well again, a bit boring, though there are maybe some good scenes and lines.

Now we move to the acts part. Well i guess it’s not a breakthrough idea how the main roles of this movie is a great actor and actress because they truly are. I’m not a fan of Jason Bateman, and am not watching lot of his movies, but from what i heard, he’s a good actor and he does play his role beautifully in this movie. If i may say, it’s Jason’s acting which makes this movie a bit better to watch. For Jen Anniston herself, i don’t think i have to add more credits to her because she’s already amazing on her way (since I’m her fans), but she really looks beautiful in this movie(gosh how can she’s not aged at all? I wonder what her secret...). 

Anyway, another role I like is this kid who plays Sebastian, Thomas Robinson. He’s so cute yet so mature, and the good stuff is that he really acts like Jason/Wally in the movie. Oh and by the way, for all of you Patrick Wilson’s lovers, he really looks ah-mazing in this movie, his eyes is ehmm...i can’t even express it in words.

Jeff Goldblum who acts as Wally’s friend also (as always)acts amazingly. I always love him in every movie he’s in. A further thing i like from him is that the signature style he has which also presents in this movie.

For the music itself, is well like i said before, this movie is lack of a cheerful music, i don’t know if it’s because of the story itself or not but anyway there are still some good music inside which portray the exact situation in the movie.

" Because getting old sucks. Most people don't accomplish what they'd hope to and they realize that they are most likely not going to. They end up living these quiet live of denial, and uh... brushing birthdays under the rug just becomes a part of that."- Wally Mars

 (click to enlarge pictures)

movie trailer: here

So, ready to watch another Jen Anniston’s romance comedy movie??

Happy watching everyone!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

lovely complex (2006)

Hello hello fellas!! Waahh it’s (again) been a long time since i post anything on this blog. Well it’s not that I’m busy, it’s like the laziness that keep surrounding me :D 

Anyway, happy fasting for all Muslims! It’s already a week, few weeks more, we’ll be facing the greatest day ever!!
Ok, so let’s move on to the review shall we??

once destiny speaks.

Ahhhh I loveeee this movie!! Actually last night is not the first time i watch this. Long long time ago while I’m still at the Senior High School I’ve already watch this, and i instantly in love with this movie. 

Lovely complex tells a story about a 16 years old high school student Risa Koizumi (Ema Fujisawa) and Atashi Otani (Teppei Koike) who have problem with their heights. One is less higher than other while other is less shorter. One thing they’ve in common is that they made promise to their selves to never ever fall in love with boy/girl that shorter/higher than them due to their gloomy love memories in the past. But for their friends in school they have seen as a perfect couple who keeps completing each other who like and says the same things. Despite what other think about them, in school they’re keep fighting over many not-so-important problem until one night when they realizes that they likes same idols and become closer. But on their way to a perfect destiny, suddenly Otani’s ex-girlfriend show up and decided to try again wins Otani 's hearts. Meanwhile, Risa realizes her feelings for Otani which is reverse side from hate. But what Otani feels? Watch the movie and you’ll find a sweet teen story ;)

Well from the plot itself i think this movie is pretty predictable, but the flow of the story which makes this movie interesting. Lovely complex movie comes from a manga with same title, i haven’t watch or read the manga, but from what i read people who has watch or reads the manga says this movie pretty good and hilarious although it’s not as good as hilarious as the manga. Speaking about hilarious side, this movie has many funny scenes that sometimes are not important at all, but from those not-important scenes I laugh out loud watching this movie.
Back to the story, well from what i said earlier, this movie story is predictable and the viewers can watch it without using an extra energy to think because it’s fun and light. Though some sad scenes will make your face unhappy, but then again it’s  most filled with happiness after all.

The acts by the actors/actresses are pretty well i think. I love Ema’s act that plays Risa roles. Although i don't know how Risa Koizumi is (since I’m not read nor watch the manga), Ema plays Risa in good way with her cute but careless attitude, especially when she fell in love with Otani and the awkward situation they had after she’s confess. Anyway, the main point is she plays an exact Japan teen girl who fell in love in a beautiful way which make me as the viewers also feels what she feels (a bit too much? well, that’s what i feel, so...*smilewidely*). In the other hand, Teppei who plays Otani also acts pretty fine, i think he’s..well...i think...he’s...he’s just too cute!!! 
Beside the story and the acts, another thing i love from this movie is the setting and the music. The music is so cheerful and describes every scene precisely. oh yes, there are also several characters which are absolutely will make you laugh out loud,!

 (click to enlarge pictures)

movie trailer: here
So, ready to watch another sweet teen love story??

Happy watching everyone!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

hello ghost (2011)

when you find your true family , through the unexpected visit

Hello hello again, woaahh it’s been a long time since I post any movie review around here. Anyway, I’ve just watched this Korean movie few nights ago. It’s already on the cinema right now, but since I got lazy watching it on the big screen so I decided to buy the DVD cassettes and watching it on the tiny screen. 

Hello ghost tells a story about a guy named Shang Man (Cha Tae Hyun) who desperately wants to die, he tries many ways, from eating a bunch of capsules in the hope of become overdose and die, until jump from a bridge. But It’s not his time for leave this world, instead of being a ghost he became the one who can see the ghost and the only one whose body used to fulfill the ghost activities in the world. And it’s not just one ghost, but four ghosts, from a middle age lady who keeps crying an put on sad face, a middle age man who keeps smoking and smiling, an old man who keeps drinking and coquettish, and a little boy who seems never get satisfied by eating a lot of sweet food. Getting tired of all the ghosts around him, he decides to take the ghost wish with repayment of the ghost dismiss. They’re reaching an agreement. Day after day Shang Man fulfilling the ghost’s wishes which actually turns his life upside down and meets a beautiful woman on his way fulfilling the ghost’s wishes. So, will the ghosts finally dismiss from Shang Man‘s life? Will Shang Man find his passion in life? And why exactly Shang Man being the chosen one by the four ghosts to be their “spot” in the world? Watch the movie, and you’ll find the unexpected endings, I mean it now, it really unexpected!

Well now we move on to the comment thing. Where did I have to start?? Oh the story. The basic idea of the story itself is good I think, well not so new, but the ending makes it perfect.  It leads us to a feeling that sometime life has other meaning and goal for us to hang in there and moving it with sincere because in the future we don’t know who will we met, what that person will do to us, and what will happen to us in life after we meets them. Life of the main role a.k.a Shang Man I think also tells a viewers that no matter how bored or desperate us about living in this life, it’s not us to decide either we want to ended it or not. 

The flow of the story itself is a bit boring, I find one or maybe two or three scene I think bores me and make me yawn, I don’t know if it because the lack of back sound or lack of conversation, you know, since it’s involve “ghost”. Somehow there are several funny scenes that’ll quite funny and make me laugh. But overall it’s a good quality movie, if the endings is not that way, maybe this move will be one of the boring movie I’ve watched, but thank the director and writer makes the endings like that. O yes, the ending is also very Korean, I think, if you’ve already watched many Korean series or even movie, maybe you’ll find it the same way as I did.  Oh yes the ending also make me a bit touched by seeing that those who dead also cares about other who live. 

The acting itself is amazing, especially from Tae Hyun. He supposed to be playing the role of five characters, including his self, and he plays it perfectly. Each role he plays has each character and not the same with the other role he lays, and when you compare the acting when he has to play the ghost role, you’ll find it really similar to the ghost itself, that’s why I find his acting skill is so brilliant (not mention how good looking he is on screen ;p). But anyway I always love Tae Hyun’s acting. Who doesn’t know him from My Sassy Girl and Speedy Scandal huh? He really is a terrific actor. Meanwhile the acts from other actors are quite good.

So, ready to watch another touching yet funny Korean movie??

Happy watching everyone!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

[K-Variety Show Review] SBS' Running Man (2010)

Hello hello. It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog. Well it’s because I’m busy preparing for my thesis defense, and Alhamdulillah I’m holding my Bachelor’s Degree right now. Well, I’m still working on my revision, but thank to Allah the hard part a.k.a the defense is over.

don't walk, run!!

Anyway, I’m currently watching to this series called, Running Man, it’s Korean reality/game show, and from my perspective this is definitely the best reality show I’ve ever watched!!! It’s amazingly hilarious, from the beginning until the ending you’ll be chortling a lot. This show really is a sack of laugh.

So basically this show is a bit leaning to a game show, that’s why I called it reality/game show above. The show tells a story when the cast, which are seven man included the host (yes, the host is also playing the game, isn’t it freaking funny??) and two or maybe 3 guest stars (depend on what situation they’re in) are divided into two teams and locked in landmark. The game is when they’ve to find clue or prize to get out from that place in the end. Now it’s seemed so ordinary, right? Several people, divided into two teams, locked in landmark, compete to find the clue, and out of that place in the end? But no, it’s not ordinary, the game they’re playing to get the prize/clue is extremely extraordinary, it’s a simple game but the game that ourselves will never ever think of it. That’s why I love this show, it’s simple yet unusual. Beside the cast is soo soo funny, they playing this game as if they’re living their everyday life, it’s so natural and even sometimes they showed the set-up or break scene in the show, that’s why people called it reality show, because it’s real!

The basic cast itself are Yoo Jae-Suk, which is the host; Ji Suk-Jin, which is the older cast join the show; Gary a.k.a peaceful Gary, which is a Korean rapper (fyi, he’s my favorite cast, I’ll get lol for just imagining his “peaceful” face); Kim Jong-Kook, which is the strongest cast; Ha-Ha, which is the funniest gesture imitator of the cast; Lee Kwang-Soo which is the cinderella/step sister of the cast that keep bullied by others; and Song Joong-Ki, which is the prettiest boy of the cast. They’re usually accompanied by two or three guest stars, sometimes two girls with one boy, or just two girls straight.

In the race of searching the prize or clue, the cast will put on an uniform with their name tags on their back and whoever name tags get dislodge by rival team members will be disqualified from the race. On the race they’ll run to get the prize or clue before others team get it. Oh and another thing, the losers team will get punishment while the winning team is free from the landmark and going home.

you can also watch the first episode here for a preview, and if you decided that like it and want to know the rest of it, you can right away download it here .

So, ready to laugh a lot??

Happy watching everyone!!

fyi. For you girls who love Korean boys, they’ll be some of the surprising guest stars on this show from Korean series/boy band you might love ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

love (isn't) hurt

How can people say that love is hurt?? If love hurts, why you love someone? To hurting yourself? Why don't you just cut your pulse with razor if that so?
"Love Hurts"
I still don't understand with this sentence.  I mean how? Why?? If love hurts then maybe you don't love that someone or something. Maybe you push yourself to love it. If love hurts, why you can't leave it? Taking a good care of yourself, love yourself more than loving someone who hurts you.
I know I'm not in the place to talk about this thing, because I'm "that" person who love someone who doesn't love me back and just sitting around here writing words on my blog without any movement to getting any closer to him. But I wouldn't say that love hurts, because loving that someone is something that makes me happy. How I stare at him, how I dreamed of him in the night, etc. I'm happy doing all of that things and the hope of to be with him, I must say, it makes me happier and have another things to be hope for in this life, another things I chased for.
So again, why love hurts? Maybe the people who said this things considered love as the "hurting things" because they pushed themselves to be loving that someone and being obsessed with it until it’s hurting them because they can't having their someone.
For some couples who ended their story happily ever after, they wouldn't say that love hurts, because love is amazing for them. Maybe sometimes when they arguing, they get stressed and cry, but eventually they're back in love again in such a beautiful and wonderful way.
So don't say love hurts, because with that thought we will consider that love is always hurt, but if we stick to the positive way that say love is beautiful and then love will always be a beautiful thing. 
You know how people said that, "Love is a splendid thing”, right?? It is right, it is splendid.
Well I don't really have a good love life right now, but I wouldn't said that love is hurt because I know someday I will find my love that will lead me to the splendid world I've always expected for.

So…How’s your opinion? Is love hurt? Or is it splendid??

Happy figuring out yourself amigos!!

add.notes.a few lyrics from the song that inspired my writings above:

 love hurts
but sometimes it's a good hurt and it feels like i'm alive
love sings
when it transcends the bad things
have a heart and try me
'cause without love i won't survive