Thursday, July 30, 2015

Friday Fashion: Warm and Cozy’s Lee Jung Joo

Another brand new section on this blog. It’s Friday Fashion everyone! I have a teeny weeny passion for fashion; therefore I’d like to pour that minuscule thing in this section. Since k-drama always look like a runaway packed in a melancholy and dramatic theme, I would like to review the looks of a number of memorable fashionistas in kdramaland. 

Shall we begin?

The first Fashionista on the line is the sexy and chic Lee Jung Joo (Kang So Ra), who finally linking her arm to the handsome Baek Geon Woo (Yoo Yeon Suk) after their (somehow) irrational journey to a Warm and Cozy ending.

Maybe it is because of her body, but Kang So Ra a.k.a Lee Jung Joo never put on a bad clothes and seems to pull off everything thrown at her, even a lady diver swimsuit!

Her fashion style is not as extravagant as Cheon Song Yi or as edgy as Ji Hae Soo, it is simple and quite normal, but there is something with her style that can be rated as stylish.

First and foremost, let’s take a look at her style in the early episode.

She’s not coming with a bang though, because in episode 1 to 3, Lee Jung Joo’s style still considered as ordinary, since she only wear a normal office attire, t-shirt and jeans, sneakers and a parka jacket. Then, in episode 4 onward, she starts to show her boyish style.

Like this pair of boots she wore while picking conches. I love the way she styled herself, with the rolled up jeans and boots. Even though she only wears t-shirt and a basic hoodie. Oh, and don’t forget her mini apron!

From the episode 6 onwards, Lee Jung Joo is not only upgrading her fashion style, but also her hair style. The way she tight and accessorize her hair with a scarf/bandana thingy is perfect and matching her character who is getting familiar with living in a small yet beautiful city. Matching that hairstyle with an overall is perfecto.

Other style I can’t forget from Lee Jung Joo is during her “date” with Baek Geon Woo. Her style in this is a fusion of feminine and boyish. Pairing a loose t-shirt with long outerwear and a pair of ripped jeans plus a slip-on is definitely a good choice to spend the day in a sunny Sorang Fish Town.

Another views of Lee Jung Joo’s rated stylish looks in Jeju Island Gatsby or Warm and Cozy:

she looks good even in a lady diver swimsuit!

Last picture, have a Warm and Cozy night everyone!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

[Editorial] Love Is In The Air for Korean Celebrity Couples!

Good God, these beautiful k-drama actors and actresses are really living their k-drama life, don’t they? The dating news of Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah convinced me that the Hallyu actors and actresses are not only having a beautiful story on screen only, but also off screen!

“Holy crap” is the first reaction coming out of my month when I spotted the dating news of these two magnificent creatures. I mean, come on, it’s Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah! Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah everybody!! The man whose chest girls want to cry on and the girl whose smile man want to stare for an infinite time. And now, these two are in a RELATIONSHIP! A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP! It’s a lie if I say that I instantly happy for both of them when I read the news. There’s a little bit of jealousy and a oh-no-kimwoobin-is-in-a-relationship feeling going across my mind (and heart) the minute I saw the news. But after reading their story and remembering how cute and lovable Shin Min Ah is on Running Man and Arang and the Magistrate, I decided to give my blessing (as Kim Woo Bin’s diehard fan) to them. 

It was no other than Dispatch who broke the dating news of these flawless human beings out to the world. The media caught Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah during their secret dates. Even though there is no prove of a love-dovey manner during their date, I believe that these two are still in that honeymoon phase since based on Dispatch’s report, the two started their relationship in May.

Anyway, as all the media have reported, the two developed feelings for each other after became the endorsement models for fashion brand Giordano. The five year-age gap – Shin Min Ah is 31 year old while Kim Woo Bin is 26 year old – looks to not cause a problem for these lovebirds. I remember that I once read an article that said Kim Woo Bin prefers older woman as his ideal type. The fact that Kim Woo Bin’s sugary manner for Shin Min Ah in which he push back his own schedule to make it easier for his Woman and pick her up for dates proved that he’s the man of his word.

How the two started their relationship is funny, though. Since it is similar to how Kim Woo Bin started his relationship with his previous significant other. 

Looking back at Kim Woo Bin’s history, this is not the first time he’s involved in noona romance. His previous girlfriend, model Yoo Ji Ahn, is one year older than him. What’s more interesting is that the two developed feelings for each other after met in a magazine photo shoot, just like how Woo Bin developed his feeling for Shin Min Ah.

But anyway, regardless of Kim Woo Bin’s preferences for older woman and how he likes to romance his model partner in a photo shoot, I wish the best for these two fancy faces. I hope they will be one of those long lasting-celebrity couples and probably getting married and have beautiful children (of course!).

Oh and speaking of which, Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah couple is not the first celebrity couple who come clean about their relationship to the public. Prior to them, a number of celebrities have conveyed their “off screen” romance unintentional and intentionally to the world.

The most prominent one is probably the Lee Min Ho-Suzy couple. Despite of the-agency-plot-commotion that remains going on over this pair relationship, I’m pretty sure that there is nothing rotten behind the Heirs’ star and national first love’s romance. The two “forced” to confirm their relationship after Dispatch camera spotted them on a romantic date in London some time ago. 

Not long after the news come to the surface, Suzy asks for public’s support and love for the couple when she came to the set of Happy Together 3.

Unfortunately I must ask the Lee Min Ho-Suzy couple to move aside as the movie stars couple Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah is definitely deserves the title as to the hottest celebrity couple found this year.

Other shocking (and quite sad) celebrities dating news broke out this year is my Kpop first love Taeyang Big Bang and Sunny’s star Min Hyo Rin. The two met on the set of Taeyang’s Music Video “1 AM” and confirm about their TWO-YEAR relationship last month. Taeyang said that the girl is his first ever girlfriend. ENVY MUCH? I know I AM.

The other celebrity dating announcements were probably not as biggest as the above, except for Jo Jung Suk and Gummy, well since I’m currently crushing on Jo Jung Suk in Oh My Ghost *Cheffeunimmm!!*

The two stars and talented vocalist announced their relationship to the public in February. Similar to Youngbae and Min Hyo Rin case, the two had been together for over two years. Their baby will surely has beautiful voice, right?

Other Celebrity Couples spotted this year are:

 Jiyeon T-Ara – Lee Dong Gun Couple

 Lee Min Woo – Go So Hyun Couple

Yoon Hyun Min – Jun So Min Couple

Yuri – Oh Seung Hwan Couple

Ryu Soo Young – Park Ha Sun Couple

 Ohn Joo Wan – Jo Bo Ah Couple

It’s not wrong to deem 2015 as the year where Love is in the Air for Korean celebrities, right? It’s only July and the list is already packed out. Will there be another celebrity couples spotted this year? Lee Jong Suk-Park Shin Hye, maybe? ;)


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[K-Variety Show Review] Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice (2015)

Finally, a brand new variety show (or talent show) that suit my taste! This show is a perfect show to watch when you need a couple of laughable items while looking for something gripping and exciting. 


I Can See Your Voice is a brand new talent/variety show from Mnet which presents 1 guest, 8 contestants, 3 MCs, and 5 to 8 panelists. The guest is a famous and talented singer whose songs and talents recognized throughout the nation. The main concept of the show is where the guest has to guess which one of the 8 contestants who really has a beautiful voice. The tricky part is that among those 8 contestants, only few people are real singers, while others are tone deaf. The guest will look only at three clues given by the contestants in three rounds in which at the end of every round, the guest has to eliminate two of the eight contestants. Those three clues and rounds are:

[credit to: Wikipedia]

First Clue: Singer's Visual

Differentiate the skilled vocalists and tone-deaf participants just by looking at their appearances and singing visual. This round will show a muted video of each contestant’s singing and will only reveal 0.3 seconds of their singing voice. Also in this round, the participants are not allowed to speak.

Second Clue: Singer’s Lip-sync

Identify the skilled vocalists who are lip syncing to their own voice and the tone-deaf participants who are lip syncing to someone else's voice that have their similar voice tone. Before they perform lip-sync, the participants will introduce themselves first and tell their stories.

Final Clue: Singer's Truth

Through a 100 seconds question and answer, differentiate the skilled vocalists who only tell the truth and the tone-deaf participants who mix lies in their stories.

[credit to: Wikipedia]

The last contestant standing will earn the opportunity to sing a duet with the guest at the end of the show and receive a prize of 50,000,000 KRW.

The show is produced by producer Lee Seon Young, who also produced mega hits such as “Superstar K5,” “Show Me the Money,” and many others. [credit: to Soompi]



The concept of the show is brilliant. The title of the show fits perfectly to its premise, even funnier since it is a pun of a popular drama “I can hear your voice”. And the fact that the show invites a really good singer, not a mediocre one, to be presented as one of the contestant is showing that the show was really aimed at finding a diamond in the rough.

Oh and the stage is ah-mazing! Even the panelists and the MCs were shocked by the ultra-modern stage. They even said that the stage looks like a Transformer *another funny remark which made the show watchable*

The seriousness of the production team to build such stage once again showed that Korean TV shows are never taking a middle path in realizing their shows and they are always doing it with such strong intention.


There are three MCs who host the show. They are Leeteuk Super Junior, Yoon Se Yoon, and Kim Bum Soo. Kim Bum Soo was also the first guest of the show. The combination of these three people is fine. It’s not perfect, but it also not bad. Each MCs has their own characteristic and signature style which distinguish them from each other. The good part is that none of them do better than each other, which is good. The three of them are hilarious as well, so I think it’s not a bad decision for the production crew to unify these three boys together for the show.

As for the panelist, the number of this team is changing in every episode, sometimes it’s 5, 6, 7, or 8. But from what I look, Julian and Kim Sang Hyuk remains at their spot at the first row and second row panelist respectively and never absent for the show. Other standout panelist is Ahn Young Mi. Ahn Young Mi used to sit beside Julian as the first row panelist, however starting from episode 5 onward, Jang Dong Min takes over her place and she has yet to present again on the show. 

Anyway, the job of the panelists is to give suggestion and input for the guest to choose which contestant is the real singer and which one is tone deaf. They also help the guest draft questions to ask to the contestant in the final clue round. The panelists are definitely holding vital role for the show as the show will be too bland and boring without their presence. Their nonstop bickering with the guest in which they argue about their choice – which sometime different with the guest’s choice – is fun to watch. I still remember Julian’s question for Kim Bum Soo when the latter refused to hear Julian’s input about who he should choose. Julian asks why he was there when Kim Bum Soo covers his ears when the panelist gives him an input. Leeteuk then seasons that question by asking Kim Bum Soo: “Why Julian in South Korea?” 

Based on that assumption, I think the presence of panelist is pretty essential for the show, because it create interaction between the casts. Even though sometime (or most of the time?) their input is wrong and the guest should just go with his/her belief.


The show is like a glass of iced lemonade in the middle of a sunny afternoon. It is refreshing, pleasant, and simple yet addictive.

SCORE: 9/10