Saturday, August 23, 2014

Please Stop.

Saturday night and writing about how people in this world (or particularly in my life) wearing a mask is certainly not something I would like to do. But some occasion on this what-I-thought-would-be-a-lovely-night forces me to do it.

Have you ever realized that every single person in this world is wearing a mask? It’s not because someone ask them to wear it, it’s because they choose to. Ironically, those people who are wearing masks are still talking about other people who are also wears them, or sadly talking about people who are trying to be real, people that are trying to takes off their mask. Isn’t it a misery circle? I mean, what’s that all about? 

I’m not going to say I’m an angel or something. I’m one of those people who wear mask and still talking about other people, but as what the legendary John Lennon said in what of his amazing song “Imagine”, BUT I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE. Yes, I’m not the only one. Unfortunately I’m already trapped in this hell and if I’m trying to get out then i would be one sweet prey for them to talk about later.

But still, I’m willing to get off of their circle. At least I intend to.

Anyway I just want to say to those kinds of people, please stop minding other business. Let other choose what they want to because it’s not your business. Is it wrong if they want to do something for their own happiness? If it is wrong and you’re not happy about that then it is YOUR PROBLEM! Please take care of yourself as the unhappy person first. Stop saying bad things to people. Stop corners or reprimand people who already face a lot of bad things in their life. Stop teaching life lessons to people who face death of their family for consecutive years. Just stop. They don’t need extra bitter pill to drink. They don’t need extra burden to think of before they’re going to sleep. They already have that. Though they seem alright, they always miss their late husband and children. Though they seem alright, the pain will always stay with them. In their heart and in their mind. So unless you want to make them go crazy, please stop. I beg you. Don’t hurt people anymore. Don’t hurt my family. I stay with them. I’m the one who knows them. I know when they’re awake in the middle of the night thinking about the extra burden you gave to them. I only have three of them left now. So please, don’t make me lose one of them again.

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