Sunday, May 15, 2011

single with hope

Just quote the title from Kurt Hummel’s lines on Glee Season 2. Found it true and exactly what I feel right now.

Just for a little preview I've been loving the boy for 3 years and until now I'm still single with hope, hope of getting the boy's love, hope of telling the boy how I feels, hope of forget the boy. 

What's hope actually is? Well from the English dictionary hope is mean: To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.

For me, hope is all I've been through in life. We never left a second in this life without a hope in our heart and mind. Hope of being someone, hope of having something, hope of getting someone, hope, hope, hope, hope...everything.

Some people may say that hope is nothing without working. Well that's right. Absolutely right. For the entire single ladies/boys out there, include me, we're hoping but we still working, even working on getting him,/her telling him,/her or forget him/her. So on this night as what I would said as my muddle night, I would like to say keep hoping! Because hope is not a crime, hope is something that can get us anything we want or getting close to that anything. Hoping is our motivators on chasing someone or something we expect. Hoping is our energy to chasing it. Hoping is our silent supporter to keep pursues it. Hoping is everything. Just keep hoping but don't forget to still working on it. 

after all it's not so bad to keep hoping things right? because  in the end ,the fulfillment of having that  "something" is because we hoping that "something" before. 
so, ready to hoping with some working??

Happy hoping everyone ;)

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