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[MV Review] iKON – Apology

Is it just me or is this group is really looking similar to Big Bang? I don’t know, but iKON gives of a really strong Big Bang vibe for me. Every time I listened to iKON’s songs, my mind will immediately think of Big Bang. I’m going to discuss more about this similarity in the next passage. First, let’s take a look at the group’s newest MV.



On Music

I LOVE IT! I fall in love with it straight away. The melody is ear-wormy and addictive. I can’t stop singing it inside my head. I thought Rhytm Ta will be my favorite song of the group, but now I think this is my favorite song.

I love the arrangement, which started off strong and emotional with Jun Ho’s voice (which I love berry much, btw) then moving to the rash and strong rap of Bobby, then to the rap/narration of B.I. and going back to the emotional voice of Jun Ho.

What I love from this song is that each member has a chance to shine, unlike the previous songs or MVs which are mostly dominated by B.I., Bobby, Junho, and Jinhwan quartet. To this end, I realized that each member of iKON has a magnificent talent, though I must admit that some members are better than the other.


As a fan of black and white, I can’t find an excuse to hate this MV. I love how the director chose the black & white tone for this piece. It somehow depicted the sorrow of the members and the song’s gloom nuance.


However, at the end of the MV, the tone suddenly changes into a normal one, which is weird I think. Why? Because it looked like the director want to focus on the word “Hell,” which refer to how the members felt after the love of their life was gone. It portrayed that they are living in hell with no one to hold their hand – while under the word “Heaven,” one of the member seen holding hands with his girl. If the director really want to portray the hell the kids are living in, is it better to portray it in black and white? Nevertheless, it’s a matter of taste.


Anyway, story-wise, I don’t find the story of this MV as strong as the group’s Airplane. I think the director want to focus on the beauty of the set, cinematography and each member’s expression, rather than the story because I find the MV is lacking in story.

I love the set; it’s very artistic. Did T.O.P involve in this MV-making?

Unfortunately, the members’ crying expression in the end made me cringe. I think they must take an acting lesson.

On Members’ Performance


Let’s start with Junho. I love his voice. It’s unique. Though all members have the chance to shine in this MV, Junho manage to steal the main spotlight (for me, at least) because every time I listened to the song or watched the MV, my mind would go directly to him. He reminds of Taeyang. I know their voice is a hundred percent different. But he gives off a Taeyang vibe. I think his role in iKON is looking pretty similar to Taeyang’s role in Big Bang.

Now, let’s talk about the golden boy of this group. Bobby. He grew up well, didn’t he? I remember the time I watched WIN: Who is Next and saw how Bobby struggle with his talent. Now, I’m looking at him in a different light. Thanks to SMTM, his popularity has risen so quickly and strongly. Now, he’s one of the leading rappers in YG family. He deserved that spot, though. His rapping skill is incredible and he has something different from other rapper. His rash and sharp voice is Bobby’s strongest ammunition. I really love his performance in this MV – except the crying part.

The leader of the pact, B.I., also put on a solid performance. He’s like the clone of GD. His rapping style and his cute image (and smile) reminds me of GD.

RATE: 8.5/10

[Editorial] 7 Legendary K-Drama Items


Kdramas always manage to have some items or objects that store meaningful background story between the female and male lead. Such items or objects will often remind the shows’ leads about their feeling toward each other. Below are the seven of many legendary k-drama items showcased through popular kdramas from time to time.

 Dreamcatcher from The Heirs

Thanks to The Theirs, now every kdrama fans were dreaming of having this item to keep them from having nightmares. Dreamcatcher hold a vital role in Kim Tan – Cha Eun Sang relationship. Both characters were depending on this thing to encourage good dreams. And voila! They found each other. Can I have a dreamcatcher and a Kim Tan, please?
K Pendant Necklace from Dream High

Both female leads in this drama, Go Hye Mi and Yoon Baek Hee, believed that the necklace will bring them luck and success. This necklace holds an important role in the show. This item is like a symbol of Dream High, because the most successful student of the school was holding and kissing it right before he brought home his very first Grammy Award.

Pet Onion from She Was Pretty

Who would’ve thought that a pet onion will become a growing trend among kdrama fans? As a result of the drama’s popularity, the growing trend of growing pet onion was born. In the drama, the male lead Ji Seong Joon gave an onion to the female lead Kim Hye Jin when she was feeling sick. Hye Jin then grows that onion into her own pet onion. Both leads will remember each other when they saw the onion. Aww, cute!

 Doll of Shin from Princess Hours

The female lead Shim Chae Kyung sewed together a life size doll of her husband Lee Shin to give it to him. But instead of giving that to his husband, Cha Kyung used it as a punching bag to pour out her feelings and pent up frustrations.

 Keddongie Cup from Fated to Love You

This item is not lasted to the end of the show. But this item holds a special place within the story of the shows’ two leads. Kim Mi Young painted the cup with the face of her unborn child with Lee Gun. They named their unborn child is Keddongie. It is really sad when the cup is broken and so does their hope of becoming mother and father

 Sunburst Necklace from The Master’s Sun

This necklace has bringing the male lead, Joo Jong Won, back to life. There’s so much story with this necklace in the drama. This necklace – given to the female lead Tae Gong Shil by Joo Joong Won – is an important symbol of the drama. Thanks to the drama’s popularity, this necklace has once become an IT item every fan wants to get their hands on.

 Umbrella from The Producers

An umbrella is not a new item in a romantic story. This item has garnered popularity when popular movie The Classic was using it as one of the symbols of the leads’ romantic journey. Now, this item has again gained fame after KBS’ The Producers using it. The show’s lead, Cindy, begun develops her feeling for a rookie PD Baek Seung Chan after he gave her the umbrella to protect her from the rain. Baek Seung Chan has also protect Cindy (for a moment) from the rain while they were filming 1 Night 2 Days in a forest. Can I have someone like Baek Seung Chan to cover me from the rain too?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

[Friday Fashion] She Was Pretty’s Min Ha Ri


Remember when I talked about how I loved Min Ha Ri’s style in this post? Now, I’m about to talk more on her style, which is undoubtedly rated as stylish!

Not all women can pull off short hair, but Min Ha Ri did it, fiercely. What I love from her style is that she’s not only showing off boyish character to match her short hair, but she also mixes it with a hint of feminine outfit. She perfectly pulls that tricky looks off. Oh, and one more thing, her style reminds me of Matilda *kkaman seon.geullaseu*

Let’s take a look at her memorable-stylish looks, shall we?


In the early episodes, Min Ha Ri showed that there is another way to look sexy by wearing an oversized/boyfriend shirt.


Min Ha Ri likes to look sexy and thanks to her model-like body, looking sexy for her is as easy as drinking a glass of water, she just need to put a short skirt, see-through long-sleeves top and a black bra.

Even her sleepwear is as sexy and stylish as her daywear. I would like one of this sleepwear, please! (and her body, too, if it’s not too much to ask)


This look is my favorite look of Ha Ri. It’s perfect and super stylish!


Even as a student, Ha Ri did not forget to stick to her badass style. I love how she mixed the leather jacket with a white formal shirt.

Another fashion-items Ha Ri loved to wear is edgy earrings. Her earrings collection is amazing. From simple, to long, to rounded, to diamond-like.


So, it’s not a sin to rate her looks as stylish, right?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[Gem of the Week] Korean Students' Cover of Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely

I think it is normal for someone to love other countries’ culture or foreigners’ work, especially if the work is amazingly creative. I don’t know what is wrong with people who bash people who likes Korea. Hello, I do not like Korea because I don’t have any clear reasons. Look at how amazing their stage-acts are, look at how ridiculously incredible their music are, to name a few. Look at how talented they are! Like this cover for example.

I found this one by accident when I surfed about Korean female student whose cover of Adele’s Hello goes viral (speaking of that student, she sure has a beautiful voice and incredible talent). Apparently there’s one channel in Youtube that posted covers from Korean students. Among many covers, this cover has catch my ear-ttention (a pun of ear and attention, hehe, I’m trying) the most.

They’re so original and it looks like they made this video when they hang out and just doing the cover for fun when one of them has an idea “Hey, why don’t we make a cover of Isn’t She Lovely? Just for fun, you know.” And they really look like they’re having fun!

What I love from this video is not only their perfect harmony; they also seemed to not push themselves too much and just go with the flow. Unlike many people who really “niat” to cover other people’s song and make a story of their own.

[Under the Spotlight] Rising Star Ryu Joon Yeol

I did not see this coming. As a hard-line fan of Reply series, I’m so excited about the third installment of Reply franchise, which is no other than Reply 1988. 

Looking at the show's stars lineup, I thought that it’s going to be a battle between Sun Woo (Go Kyung Po) and Taek (Park Bo Gum). You know the meaning of a battle I mentioned right? I mean the battle of winning the female lead, Sung Duk Seon’s (Hyeri) heart. I have no idea that Kim Jung Hwan (Ryu Joon Yeol) is going to be the strongest candidate in winning that battle. And…(most importantly) I never thought that I’m going to fall hard for this fella. Thank you Lee Woo Jung writer-nim and Shin Won-Ho director-nim for finding and noticing this guy’s talent and bringing him to the surface.


The fact that the actor is currently become an internet (or at least Reply’s viewers) sensation is amazing, considering how he used to be under the radar. I’m so happy with the casting team of Reply series because they are always able to notice and find a good and new talent to be launched into stardom (what a good eyes!).


It’s all thanks to the scenario and his acting who managed to make girls’ heart flutter. Odd, right? Because as a drama enthusiast myself, it’s always about the face (and body, ehem) for me to have a crush on a male character. Looking at Joon Yeol’s case, I find that my preferences are no longer that shallow. I mean, to be honest, he’s not that handsome, actually he’s ugly at times, and his body is not as hot as So Ji Sub’s or Siwon’s *Reporter Kim!* Nevertheless, I still fall for him, hard! It’s because his acting is so good and he is bursting with charms every time he looked at or cared about Deok Sun. It showed that visual is not really important as long as you have the right attitude and genuine heart.

To be honest, Ryu Joon Yeol reminds me of Jung Woo or Garbage oppa in Reply 1994. Though Jung Woo has played in a number of productions (whether it’s drama series or movies), no one really knew about him until the Reply series found him and raise him into one of the hottest actors he is now. And..Jung Woo is also not that handsome, but his character in Reply 1994 bringing out his overflowing charisma.


I know it is still too soon to call Ryu Joon Yeol as having a same “luck” as Jung Woo because the series has only reached its 4 out of its 20 episode, but hey, try google his name or write #RyuJoonYeol or #Reply1988 in your Instagram’s explore page, then you’ll see that I’m not the only one who fall for him.


Speaking of his role, I have a strong feeling that he’s probably going to end up with Duk Seon in the end of the series, mainly because his looks is not that different with Kim Ju Hyeok – who by the way played Duk Seon’s future husband – and his personality is also the same with him, which is grumpy and always want to bicker with Duk Seon.

Yes, the future of him and Duk Seon is still unsure because it’s anyone’s guess for now but I’m officially will declare myself as #TeamJunghwan from now on. I hope I’m also in the right team this time, because in Reply 1994, I was in #TeamGarbageOppa.

Anyway, let’s wrapped the Kim Jung Hwan-craze-talk and let’s move on to the actor Ryu Joon Yeol.

Apparently, Ryu Joon Yeol is a rookie actor, though he’s born in 1986. Before Reply 1998, he did a cameo in popular series “The Producers.” You can spot him in the early episode of the drama, in which he played the role of an intern, along with the series’ male lead, Kim Soo Hyun. I’m so blinded by Kim Soo Hyun’s charm at that time and didn’t realize that he existed in the series.

Ryu Joon Yeol in Socialphobia

Ryu Joon Yeol also has starred in a number of movies. Based on his wiki page, his 2015 movie is Socialphobia. According to people who have watched that movie, Joon Yeol was doing a great job in that production, though he’s not the lead role.

Glory Day/ One Way Trip

What makes me even more excited for him is that he also starred in an upcoming movie called “Glory Day.” The movie is about the four 20-year-old friends whose fate changed right after an unexpected incident. Why am I excited about this movie? It’s because his co-stars in this movie is no other than the cute and sexy Ji Soo!!

I don’t know if I should call this coincident or not, but when I first fall for him, I thought that he looked a bit like Ji Soo, since he also have that strong cheekbones, sharp eye, deep gaze, and plumpy lips. I’m so glad when I found out that the two is going to show off their charms in one screen *sexiness overload alert!*.


Other than dramas and movies, Ryu Joon Yeol also has involved in a number of photo shoots, including the above Bean Pole photo shoot, where he exhibit his magic properly.

That is by far what I know about him and his career. I hope that he has nothing left but to go up from here. Really really looking forward for him (and for Jung Hwan!).

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