Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thoughts - About Regret

Disclaimer: this post is just a random ramblings, it is not a Korean-related thing.

I used to regret what I have done in the past and wondering if only I didn't do that or take that decision, what will happen to me now. But after a long process of regretting the already-done thing, hoping for a miracle in form of Click remote (yes, the remote from a movie "Click"), and thinking that my life is done, I realize that everything happens for a reason and what I've done in the past has created who I am now. If I didn't take that particular decision, I probably will live my life like what I always do, without any changes toward a better version of me. Without such "bump in life" I will probably be too comfortable with my life and not trying to be better as a Muslim, a daughter, a friend, an employee and a citizen of the world. 

Thanks to those "trials," I'm now starting to value everything in life and not underestimate anything or anyone. I'm starting to feel more grateful and less greedy.

So for anyone who is reading this, please do not regret everything that have happened in the past, though it happened by your will or not. Just remember that everything happens for a reason, a good reason. If you can't find it now, just be patient, don't give up on life, just give up on being full of regrets and hatred, starts to look forward and live the life better than you already have. 

Now, look at the sky and says, "Alhamdulilah," for being alive and have the opportunity to improve yourself and be a better version of you, says "Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to see the sky today."

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