Sunday, April 17, 2011

take it or leave it.

So I’ve chat with my bff through im few days ago. She told me how she's telling the guy she’s been loved for 2 years about her feeling, and how she's taking it.

I'm AMAZED with her, she's, indisputably, one of the bravest girl I've ever met. She text this guy without a doubt and she said everything clearly, about how she feels, how she can't sleep at night, how she's tired of all those wondering things, everything. 
And that is not the only thing I’m amazed for. She’s even taking that boy answer with good attitude. She admits that it’s painful, but she said that she’s relieved, now she can move on her life and forget about him.
I wish I can be like her you know, has the gut to tell the boy how I felt about him this long time. I feel like a chicken (well, a little chicken to be exact) when I hear my friend's story.
She told me to say what I feel to the boy, because she said one day I have to do it either I’m ready about taking that risk or not. But I told her that I'm afraid of the consequences and I'm just not as brave as she is. Then she told me that I'm afraid of taking the risk and ask me what is my expectation of telling the boy how I feel.
I'm also said that if I say to the boy what I feel I'm afraid of his reaction that thinks of me as a weirdo. But then she tells me one magic sentence that sticks in my hand and giving me (well courage) to tell him what I feel. She said, " Suka sama seseorang itu ngga salah sal..". It hits my heart, real hard. And she also said my feeling that afraid of what if he thinks of me as a weirdo that making me looks like a weirdo.
oh yes, another great lines from her :

" Sal cinta itu simple, take it or leave it."- Miss.TN

She really giving me a brightening side that night, I'm crying actually, crying of thinking what a fool I am keeping this feeling for so long and do nothing about it.

But when I’m keep thinking about it, I keep stepping back. Holding back my feeling and waiting for something (well a miracle maybe) to be happen. 
so, should i take it or leave it? i guess leave (for now).

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