Tuesday, April 5, 2011

april wish

hola amigos! 

it has been several days since I’ve posted anything on this blog.
well I’ve been busy with working on my bachelor thesis (LIE) or...getting stress think about my bachelor thesis (TRUTH).'s already APRIL!! Time is moving so fast, right??
it's only 3 months left before the soft cover deadline *banging my head on the table*
but anyway let's not ruin today with those kind of thinking.'s the beginning of April! and every new beginning has a new hope right?
so here they are, My April Wish :
1. Finishing my bachelor thesis (amen..amen..amen..amen..amen..super amen..)
2. Find a job!! (Hopefully in the magazine)
3. Get a scholarship for my Master's Degree (amen again to this one)
4. Upgrading my guitar skill (until I can be like slash or maybe santana, hehe ;p)
5. Spend my Monday and Thursday with sunah fasting every week.
6. Finish a half or even a quarter of my story.
7. Be a faithful daughter.

That's all my wishes for this month. Hopefully i will make it all happen. 

So, what's your wish for this month fellas??

Happy wishing and of course working it!! ;)

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