Thursday, July 7, 2011

[K-Variety Show Review] SBS' Running Man (2010)

Hello hello. It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog. Well it’s because I’m busy preparing for my thesis defense, and Alhamdulillah I’m holding my Bachelor’s Degree right now. Well, I’m still working on my revision, but thank to Allah the hard part a.k.a the defense is over.

don't walk, run!!

Anyway, I’m currently watching to this series called, Running Man, it’s Korean reality/game show, and from my perspective this is definitely the best reality show I’ve ever watched!!! It’s amazingly hilarious, from the beginning until the ending you’ll be chortling a lot. This show really is a sack of laugh.

So basically this show is a bit leaning to a game show, that’s why I called it reality/game show above. The show tells a story when the cast, which are seven man included the host (yes, the host is also playing the game, isn’t it freaking funny??) and two or maybe 3 guest stars (depend on what situation they’re in) are divided into two teams and locked in landmark. The game is when they’ve to find clue or prize to get out from that place in the end. Now it’s seemed so ordinary, right? Several people, divided into two teams, locked in landmark, compete to find the clue, and out of that place in the end? But no, it’s not ordinary, the game they’re playing to get the prize/clue is extremely extraordinary, it’s a simple game but the game that ourselves will never ever think of it. That’s why I love this show, it’s simple yet unusual. Beside the cast is soo soo funny, they playing this game as if they’re living their everyday life, it’s so natural and even sometimes they showed the set-up or break scene in the show, that’s why people called it reality show, because it’s real!

The basic cast itself are Yoo Jae-Suk, which is the host; Ji Suk-Jin, which is the older cast join the show; Gary a.k.a peaceful Gary, which is a Korean rapper (fyi, he’s my favorite cast, I’ll get lol for just imagining his “peaceful” face); Kim Jong-Kook, which is the strongest cast; Ha-Ha, which is the funniest gesture imitator of the cast; Lee Kwang-Soo which is the cinderella/step sister of the cast that keep bullied by others; and Song Joong-Ki, which is the prettiest boy of the cast. They’re usually accompanied by two or three guest stars, sometimes two girls with one boy, or just two girls straight.

In the race of searching the prize or clue, the cast will put on an uniform with their name tags on their back and whoever name tags get dislodge by rival team members will be disqualified from the race. On the race they’ll run to get the prize or clue before others team get it. Oh and another thing, the losers team will get punishment while the winning team is free from the landmark and going home.

you can also watch the first episode here for a preview, and if you decided that like it and want to know the rest of it, you can right away download it here .

So, ready to laugh a lot??

Happy watching everyone!!

fyi. For you girls who love Korean boys, they’ll be some of the surprising guest stars on this show from Korean series/boy band you might love ;)

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