Tuesday, June 14, 2011

love (isn't) hurt

How can people say that love is hurt?? If love hurts, why you love someone? To hurting yourself? Why don't you just cut your pulse with razor if that so?
"Love Hurts"
I still don't understand with this sentence.  I mean how? Why?? If love hurts then maybe you don't love that someone or something. Maybe you push yourself to love it. If love hurts, why you can't leave it? Taking a good care of yourself, love yourself more than loving someone who hurts you.
I know I'm not in the place to talk about this thing, because I'm "that" person who love someone who doesn't love me back and just sitting around here writing words on my blog without any movement to getting any closer to him. But I wouldn't say that love hurts, because loving that someone is something that makes me happy. How I stare at him, how I dreamed of him in the night, etc. I'm happy doing all of that things and the hope of to be with him, I must say, it makes me happier and have another things to be hope for in this life, another things I chased for.
So again, why love hurts? Maybe the people who said this things considered love as the "hurting things" because they pushed themselves to be loving that someone and being obsessed with it until it’s hurting them because they can't having their someone.
For some couples who ended their story happily ever after, they wouldn't say that love hurts, because love is amazing for them. Maybe sometimes when they arguing, they get stressed and cry, but eventually they're back in love again in such a beautiful and wonderful way.
So don't say love hurts, because with that thought we will consider that love is always hurt, but if we stick to the positive way that say love is beautiful and then love will always be a beautiful thing. 
You know how people said that, "Love is a splendid thing”, right?? It is right, it is splendid.
Well I don't really have a good love life right now, but I wouldn't said that love is hurt because I know someday I will find my love that will lead me to the splendid world I've always expected for.

So…How’s your opinion? Is love hurt? Or is it splendid??

Happy figuring out yourself amigos!!

add.notes.a few lyrics from the song that inspired my writings above:

 love hurts
but sometimes it's a good hurt and it feels like i'm alive
love sings
when it transcends the bad things
have a heart and try me
'cause without love i won't survive

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