Sunday, October 14, 2012


Feeling alone in the middle of the crowd.

That's what I felt before. At first I feel such a loser, pathetic is the right word. But as time goes by I kinda enjoy this situation. You know how people usually said that no matter what bad things are, there is always one good thing we can take from. And finally I get what that means.

Back to the alone-in-the-middle-of-the-world-feel, yeah I can take something good from this situation.
When I feel alone I can focus on my own little world (creepy? No), I can focus and embrace my little world. When I embrace I can tell my own story or even my own writing (like this one!). And somehow the more I think it's pathetic the more I enjoy it.

I enjoy every minute, in fact every second I feel alone.

I guess that's it. No mention (duh,feel like twitter), I mean no hidden feeling why I post this writing, just want to share a bit of my story and tell that's not every time feeling alone can be depressing and make you stress ;)

Gracias amigos, see u on my next writing ;)

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