Tuesday, October 16, 2012

when stranger appear

Hello mate? How r u doin today? I hope you're doin just fine :)

I don't know if it's make sense for you guys or not, but something just popped up in my head, and I find it (well not too important, just a bit interesting) to share on this blog.

Have you ever feel strange or scared or having a "duh" sentence in your head when suddenly someone who by the way you've never met before, you've never knew before, you've never saw before, you've never heard before, a.k.a stranger all of a sudden greet you with a wide smile?

Well you probably think what kind of a people that greets a total stranger??

Believe it or not, I'm that kind of a person. Some of my friends and family feels strange about my attitude, some people maybe find me too naive or yucks, but I don't care, for me, greets people is a good thing, who knows they would be someone that has an effect to you someday.

ways, few days ago, me as "that" person greet by another "that" person, and finally I felt what my friends felt about me that time.
Ok, before I talk the talk, I would like to say that I still think that greets a total stranger is not a sin and I wouldn't change my habit about it.
But when a stranger greets me as a total stranger, I feel a bit scared and automatically keep my things to myself, why? Because I feel that person has a hidden motive and who know if that person really does??
A little brief history, when I first move to Jakarta, me as a village girl has an idea that comes from various people that say that I have to be careful and not believe everyone I met, because villains is everywhere. So the case today, when a stranger greets me is automatically makes that stranger a villain in my idea.
So to sum it up, today's case is up to my thinking whether it is ok to greet a total stranger or it is NOT ok to greet a total strange.

So what do you think mate?

For me it's not a big problem, as long as you are not greet them in an ugly and scary way (well of course it is, duh!).

Remember Stranger is not always means Danger.

That's it from me, adios amigos.

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credit to: yanilavigne tumblr

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