Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Expecting: Divorce Lawyer in Love & School 2015

I’m extremely excited with k-dramas lineup in the second quarter of 2015! It seemed like the producers were trying to mend k-dramas viewers’ bad time after the scarcity of good k-dramas in the first quarter. Each TV stations are offering a quite promising bill of casts, storyline, and producer-writer pair, which are most of k-dramas viewers would like to see in one production. Hopefully, these sweet promises will turn out beautiful and overcome the viewers’ hunger for good show in dramaland. Among list of upcoming k-dramas that I’m excited with are Divorce Lawyer in Love and School 2015, which will greet k-drama viewers in the next few days! 

1. Divorce Lawyer in Love


A common word of wisdom goes that you should never burn any bridges because you never know what the future will hold.

Ko Cheok Hee (Jo Yeo Jung) is an unscrupulous divorce attorney who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants for her clients. Her office manager, So Jung Woo (Yun Woo Jin) doesn’t hold back his opinions and criticizes everything that Cheok Hee does wrong, and the two constantly bicker and collide. Ultimately, the two can’t stand each other and Jung Woo leaves his job and ends up going to law school and also becomes a divorce attorney. Years later, Cheok Hee gets her legal license suspended because of professional misconduct. When she runs into Jeong Woo, she goes to work for his law office as his office manager. With the tables now turned, can Cheok Hee survive the abuse she gets from her new boss?

Main Cast:
Jo Yeo Jung as Ko Cheok Hee
Yun Woo Jin as So Jung Woo
Shim Hyung Tak as Bong Min Gyu
Wang Ji Won as Jo Soo Ah

Production Credit:
Director: Park Yong Soon
Scriptwriter: Kim Ah Jung

Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-April-18 to 2015-June-21

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Hate-to-Love relationship is one of the common cliché plotlines viewers used to see in kdramaland and Divorce Lawyer in Love appears to take this kind of premise. As much as I love the cliché and guessable storyline, I think compared to other k-dramas lineup in the second quarter of this year, this drama seems to be short of something different. However, Divorce Lawyer in Love could be a good choice to watch if viewer wants something light and cute. I think the bickering and argumentation between two beautiful people will be the main attraction of the drama aside from the blooming love between lawyers. 

Yun Woo Jin as So Jung Woo
 In spite of lack something new and different in plotline, I’m still super excited for the drama because it has Yun Woo Jin! I’ve been setting my eyes on this gorgeous fella since he played the antagonist role in Arang and The Magistrate. I’m so happy after knowing that he will become the male lead in this drama. After delivered a pretty solid leading role performance in Marriage without Dating (MWD), I think Yun Jin Woo will repeat his success in this show. However, I’m a bit worried that he will resemble the same character with what he did in MWD. I wish he will do something different with So Jung Woo and revive an annoying and childish yet smart and kindhearted lawyer character.
Jo Yeo Jung as Ko Cheok Hee
As for the other casts, I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed with production team’s decision to pick Jo Yeo Jung for the leading lady role. Isn’t she too old for Yun Jin Woo? Sure, she’s known as one of the romantic comedy queens, and I love her performance in I Need Romance, but still, pairing her with Jin Woo is something odd (I think). Even though the age difference between these two beautiful human being is small (Jeon Yeo Jung born in 1981, while Yun Jin Woo in 1984), Yun Jin Woo still looks like he can pull of a college student character with that face and body. I think the second female lead, Wang Ji Won, would be the perfect match for Yun Jin Woo. But hopefully my verdict is wrong and the production team as well as Jo Yeo Jung can prove that she’s the perfect match for Yun Jin Woo in this show.

Wang Ji Won as Jo Soo Ah
Shim Hyung Tak as Bong Min Gyu
Talking about the second lead, I’m also looking forward for Wang Ji Won’s performance, especially when it looked like she will play a strong and independent lawyer character. Wang Ji Won has the face and personality for that kind of character. As for Shim Hyung Tak, I have nothing much to say because I never watched his previous dramas or movies. 

Meanwhile from the production team side, I learned that the director Park Yong Soon was one of the two directors who have brought 49Days to k-drama viewers’ plate few years ago. He was also the assistant director for He’s Beautiful. Based on his two previous works, I hope he will give viewers a tremendous work of art and repeat his success. 

2. School 2015: Who Are You? 


This drama is a latest installment to the famed School Series. It will focus on portraying realistic issues, struggles, and dilemmas of today’s youths.

Segang High School is a top school located in Gangnam District, Seoul. One of the students, Lee Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun), wake up one day without knowing who she was. After find out that she used to be bullied, she changes herself and becomes popular. She then tries to recover her lost memories, and in the process, discovers the hidden truths behind her famous school.

Main Cast
Kim So Hyun as Lee Eun Bi / Lee Eun Byul
Nam Joo Hyuk as Han Yi Ahn (Ian)
Yook Sung Jae as Gong Tae Kwang
Lee Pil Mo as Kim Jun Suk (Teacher for Math)

Production Credits
Directors: Baek Sang Hoon
ScriptWriter: Kim Hyun Jung, Kim Min Jung

Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Apr-27 to 2015-June-16

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Kim So Hyun as Lee Eun Bi / Lee Eun Byul

School dramas will be one of the promising themed-dramas to be watched for in the second quarter of 2015. I’m really looking forward for School 2015, especially when I haven’t watched the other School series. Actually, I’m planning to watch School 2013 but because of the upcoming dramas looked more appealing, I decided to postpone it. I’ve always put my interest high for school-themed dramas. Coming from the popular School series, I hope School 2015 will repeat the success of its predecessors. The Cinderella-plot (from unpopular girl to popular girl) is somehow a bit cliché, but the hidden truths and the possibility of something rotten inside a famous school look interesting. The up and down of teenagers’ life as well as the sweet memories of high school are among other reasons why this drama considered interesting. 

As for the love line, I’m not putting my hope high for this because the love story between a newly popular girl with school Casanova (Nam Joo Hyuk) and school fun friends (Yook Sung Jae) look common. However, what interesting is the fact that the production team did not accentuate one of the male lead characters, which will probably make viewer guess which one of these gorgeous boys that will end up with the female lead.

Nam Joo Hyuk as Ian
I’m thrilled with Nam Joo Hyuk’s appearance in this series. I’ve been waiting for his other appearance in kdramaland after his delightful and funny performance in Surplus Princess. Glad to know that he will take the leading role at last. I hope this drama will shoot him into stardom and make him a well-known model-actor, just like what the School 2013 did to his seniors Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk. I’m also happy with his character as Han Yi Ahn (Ian). He will play the typical male lead character in k-dramas. Ha Yo Ahn is a swimming star that has attracted media and public attention. Regardless of his cold appearance on the outside, Han Yi Ahn is actually a kindhearted man. 
Yook Sung Jae as Gong Taek Wan
As for Yook Sung Jae, frankly I have nothing much to say about him because I never watched his acting before. However, his character as everybody’s friends and free spirit guy in this show seems promising and fun to watch, especially when this character equipped with his gorgeous smile and lovely eye gaze.
Lee Pil Mo as Kim Jun Suk
Aside from the above reasons, I’m also super excited for the appearance of Lee Pil Mo. I’ve idolized him since Emergency Couple-era and I think his role as Math teacher in the drama is interesting. I hope the scriptwriter will make a beautiful love story for this charming man because in all of his dramas I watched, I never see him ended up with the girl he loved. Yes, he did end up with Lee Yu Bi in Pinocchio but I want more!

Meanwhile from the production team side, I’m happy to know that the director, Baek Sang Hoon, is also the director of a popular drama Secret Love! I hope Director Baek will bring out his “Midas touch” for this show and repeat his success. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

[MV Review] EXO – Call Me Baby

Well hello, hello, happy Monday everyone! Here I am, writing an MV review again. Today’s MV is Call me Baby by the dearest EXO. First of all, this review came from a perspective of a neutral viewer. I am not EXO hater. I repeat, I am not EXO hater. This post right here was the evidence that I simply adore these cute boys, who have grown into a real man now, by the way.

So, let’s start by watching the MV first, shall we?

Umm, where is EXO? What is happening to the cute and mysterious guys from History & MAMA, to the slightly delinquent and charming school boy from Wolf & Growl, to the chic and easy going man from Overdose? Is this really EXO? I don’t think so. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed with this MV. I mean, come on SM, we already knew that you have amazing camera work with Growl and Overdose, but this one too? Come on!  These guys deserved better! Maybe SM aims to implement the Third’s time a Charm idiom, but this definitely not a charm to me.

At least take them overseas and shoot the MV there or simply take them out of the studio and let them ride their car in the real road, hence let these guys free from the studio-concept MV! You did it with MAMA, can’t you repeat it again? Boy, I’m so frustrated with this similar concept all over again. I wish SM will realize that EXO is major contributor to the agency’s revenue now and upgrade their level to the real concepted-MV with good story and outdoor set!

What makes me more upset is that the fact that the music fell short for me. This is the first time I dislike EXO title track. Compared to Overdose and Wolf, Call Me Baby is simply losing. I wish SM won’t be too hasty to bring out these boys and ended up with giving EXO anything they have, such as this not-so-good music. EXO considered as K-Pop elite now, so give them something people will instantly fall and remember.

And I don’t know if it just me or not, but the way they danced were not in sync. I realized this when I saw the first reff. If you watch carefully, you will know that some of them are too fast than the other. This, again, make me mad. Except for its superpower concept and charming faces, EXO was known for their synchronized dance, as you can see in Growl and Overdose. But the fact that they are not in sync in this MV is (once again) disappointed. 

The only thing I like from this MV is that Chanyeol was getting more and more and more handsome. I wish SM will put Chanyeol on spotlight more and less of (no offense for Kai fans) Kai, because we already knew that Kai is an amazing dancer and a hottie, right? *wink*
RATE: 6.5/10

Saturday, April 11, 2015

[K-Variety Show Review] An Introduction to Gag Concert (GagCon 101)

I know it is too late to introduce the show that has been existed since sixteen years ago, but for my love for the show and for all of you who had not known about the show, I recommend you to immediately watch this, because Gag Concert is definitely the show you can’t miss.

As I googled, Gag Concert is KBS comedy show that began airing in September 1999 and the oldest comedy program in South Korea. The program concept is basically the same with Saturday Night Life (in US) or Sketsa (in Indonesia). It consists of 10 to 15 comedy sketches, or what they usually call as skit, per episode. The skit was played by a number of KBS comedians, which also recognized as Gagman and Gagwoman oro Gag Concert cast. These comedians have to pass a strict test before allow to perform on the show. From what I know, KBS every year open an audition or casting or test to search for the best comedian talent. Therefore, the comedians were divided into a number of classes. The recent class is the class of 2014 (29th class).

Loads of popular MCs or comedians were born in Gag Concert, the most prominent one is probably Korean National MC Yoo Jae Suk. Mr. Grasshopper started his early career as a member of 7th class (1991) gagman in KBS. His brilliant skills and perseverance have led him to the amazing stardom he has now. If you happen to watch one or two reality shows with Yoo Jae Suk and his fellow comedian as his partner or guest for the show, you probably wonder (like I was) the reason behind their close relationship, the reason was likely because they used to be colleague in Gag Concert as well as senior and junior in KBS comedian class.
To be honest, the comedian test was wowed me. It stressed that Korean always serious in everything they do. They even have the test for someone who wants to become a comedian, so being one is not easy. Some of them even have to take the test twice because they didn’t pass the first test.

Anyway, Gag Concert was nothing like too segmented joke or not universal comedy. As a foreigner, I understand the skit well and often laugh out loud when hearing out their comedy punch line or catchphrases, even though sometimes I find it hard to understand one or two storyline, but it rarely happened. Plus, I feel like my knowledge about Korean culture has been increasing after watching this show.

THE CURRENT SKITS (taken from Wikipedia):

Let It Be (2014.6.1 ~ present)
(Starring: Song Pilgeun, Park Eunyeong, Lee Dongyun, Noh Ujin)
Musical comedy; office workers sing about work and their concerns to the tune of The Beatles' Let It Be.

 Chicken High School (2014.6.29 ~ present)
(Starring: Song Jungeun, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Im Uil, Kim Junho, An Somi)
Playful comedy corner about forgetful chickens who are attending Half marinated, half fried class in Chicken High School. The corner starts with Cherry Filter's Flying Duck. Song Jungeun plays the homeroom teacher, Teacher Ticktock, and Kim Junho plays the school principal, Principal Cock-a-doodle-do. The students are Lee Sangho and Lee Sangmin the Two Chickens and Im Uil the Fire Chicken.

 Secretly Dating (2014.9.21 ~ present)
(Starring: Yang Sunil, Kim Kiyul, Park Bomi, Im Jonghyeok, Seo Taehun)
The title of the skit is a parody of 2013 action comedy movie Secretly, Greatly. The corner is about two detectives in violent crimes division who are secretly dating.

 10 Years Later (2014.10.5 ~ present)
(Starring: Heo Anna, Jeong Yunho, Oh Gihwan, Kim Hyeongi, Kwon Jaekwan)
A loan shark tries to bully the proprietress of a small business into paying back a loan, after turning up at her store every day for ten years, he becomes part of her and her son's lives.

 Crazy Love (2014.11.9 ~ present)
(Starring: Seo Taehun, Park Sungkwang, Park Jisun, Kim Nahee)
About crazy couple, Paul Anka's Crazy Love as signature song.

 Atomic Pride (2014.11.23 ~ present)
(Starring: Kim Kiyul, Yang Sunil, Jang Kiyoung, Hong Hwon, Lee Sanghun, Kim Huiwon, Jeong Haecheol)
About men's pride which women hate.

No Big Difference (2014.11.30 ~ present)
(Starring: Park Seongho, Lee Jonghun, Ryu Geunil, Kwak Beom, Kim Byeongseon)
Musical comedy, two things are compared, to which the conclusion is that there is no big difference between them, for instance, a politician speaking and a dog barking.

Comedians' World (2014.12.7 ~ present)
(Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Ryu Geunji, Park Sora, Song Yeonggil, Kim Minkyung, Kim Jaewook, Heo Min)
Three skits within a skit, with the same material performed first by attractive comedians, then by big comedians, and finally by ambiguous comedians who try very hard to be funny.

I'm the King (2015.1.11 ~ present)
(Starring: Lee Munjae, Lee Sanghun, Jeong Seunghwan, Kim Seunghye, Park Sora)
A corner featuring scenes from Joseon dynasty, a king and his people.

First Timers (2015.1.18 ~ present)
(Starring: Yu Inseok, Kim Wonhyo, Song Jungeun, Hong Sunmok, Jang Hyoin)
About nervous employees running business for the first time and keep mixing up the words and getting them wrong. Yu Inseok as first timer waiter. Kim Wonhyo as a first timer chef. Song Jungeun as a first timer of owning a restaurant. Hong Sunmok as a first timer manager. Jang Hyoin as the customer.

R-Point (2015.1.18 ~ present)
(Starring: Lee Dongyun, Lee Sejin, Kim Janggun, Jeong Myeonghun, Lee Suji, Yoon Hanmin)
Parody of the famous Korean horror movie R-Point. About a platoon which is starting to go crazy after 134 days of isolation. Lee Dongyun and Lee Sejin as the only normal soldiers. Kim Janggun as a soldier who has going crazy. Jeong Myeonghun as an elite medical crew who can't remember things. Yoon Hanmin as a colonel who easily gives up. Lee Suji as a suspicious woman.

Stubborn (2015.1.25 ~ present)
(Starring: Song Pilgeun, Im Uil, Kim Kiri, Kim Taewon, Park Seongho, Lee Seongdong, Park Yeongjin)
About a tenant struggling from a stubborn building's security guard and the old men living around.

Last Health Boy (2015.2.1 ~ present)
(Starring: Lee Seungyun, Bok Hyungyu, Kim Suyeong, Lee Jonghun, Lee Changho)
The goal of this skit “project” is to help Kim Suyeong loss weight and reach a two digit weight by losing 70kg, and help Lee Changho gain weight and bulk up to 70kg. If this project failed Lee Seungyun will quit Gag Concert for a month.

I'm a Killer (2015.2.15 ~ present)
(Starring: Yu Minsang, Song Byeongcheol, Bok Hyungyu, Kim Jimin, Song Wangho, Namgung Gyeongho, Kwak Beom, Shin Yunseung)
About 7 killers who always fail in their mission.

Owls (2015.1.11 ~ 2015.3.15)
(Starring: Lee Sanggu, Lee Hyeseok, Jang Yunseok, Song Junseok, Kim Nahee)
Stories from the forest.

The Secret Life of Lee Chan (2015.3.8 ~ 2015.3.15)
(Starring: Lee Chan, Im Uil, Kim Yeonghui, Oh Nami, Park Jisun)
About Lee Chan, an employee that uses his imagination to revenge the arrogant Im Uil.

I'm So Sad (2014.11.2 ~ 2015.3.1)
(Starring: Kim Jiho, Kim Minkyung, Song Byeongcheol, Jeong Taeho)
Jeong Taeho who plays Sukja, Kim Jiho's aunt, tries to seduce her nephew's tutor, Song Byeongcheol.


As much as I like the show, I often discover one or two skit I didn’t like, partly because the joke was not as funny as the other or there is no comedian I like in the skit. During my Gag Concert-watching-time I’ve idolized some of the comedians and try to never skip any of their skits.

My current favorite skits are Atomic Pride, I’m The King, Chicken High School, I’m a Killer, Comedian’s World, Secretly Dating, Stubborn and No Big Difference.

Atomic Pride
Lee Sanghun is killing me with his “One and two and three and four” catchphrase while Kim Kiyul is killing me with his gorgeous smile and overconfidence. I also love the guy with the atomic pride Yang Sunil. His catchphrase used to be about flying kick, but now he changed into the guy who will show up with crazy outfit.

I’m The King
Lee Sanghun (once again) is killing me in this skit. His role as the king’s guard Slippy always makes me laugh. His name is Slippy because his body was full of oil and what makes it funny is the way he said he is only 14 years old and has a baby face (by looking at his face you knew that he’s not a 14 year old boy). His catchphrase is also my favorite “Hmph! Tch~~”

Chicken High School
I love everything about this skit. The principal Kim Jun Ho is indeed a true comedian. He let his junior making fun of him every time in this skit.

I’m a Killer
This recent skit is also very funny. Love Yu Minsang’s expression when the killers was failed to kill him as well as Song Byungchul’s straight face when Minsang asks if someone was trying to kill him.

Comedian’s World
My favorite comedian couple in this skit is Ryu Genji and Park So Ra. Their exaggerate expression was very funny and sometime it is nice to see them doing some romantic scene.

Secretly Dating
The way Im Jeonghyeok laugh is killing me. He is indeed a one annoying colleague. But the office will be dull without his presence.

I’ve already fell for this skit since its first appearance. The angel of deaths is the one that killing me as well as Kim Giri harabuchi constant meddling.

No Big Difference
Even though I don’t really like Park Seongho, I still like this skit. Mostly because he done something like Kim Jun Ho in Chicken High School, which is letting his junior making fun of him.

My previous favorite skits are Madam Jeong, Legends of Legends, Forever Alone, Late Love, The King of Ratings, Strongest Mentality, God of Hip Hop, and Dumb & Dumber Show. Kind of sad when those skits were ended.


The show has a number of wow factors. The number one wow factor is definitely the creative concept and fresh idea of each skit which successfully entertain its viewers at home as well as at studio. The second factor is the surprise celebrity guest. As the viewers of Gag Concert I often find myself surprised with the sudden appearance of Korean and International celebrities. Among them are 2PM and Miranda Kerr. The celebrities will involve and take a surprise role in one skit.

Aside from getting a laugh treatment, you can also get an eye treatment by watching Gag Concert. Few of Gagmen are good looking, while some of the Gagwomen are pretty as well. My current favorite Gagmen are Lee Sanghun, the twins Lee Sangmin & Lee Sangho, Kim Sungwon, Song Byungchul, Yoo Minsang, Park Sungkwang, Jeong Taeho, Ryu Genji, Kim Daesung, Kim Giri, Kim Kiyul and Kim Junho. Meanwhile my current favorite Gagwomen are Kim Younghee, Park So Ra, and Kim Minkyung.

On the gossip side, there are some Gagmen and Gagwomen who develop feelings for each other. Some of them even got married. The recent Gagmen-Gagwomen couple is comedian from Class of 2010 (25th class) Kim Giri and Shin Bora. This couple gains a lot of popularity and interest because people used to think that Kim Giri will develop feeling for his sunbae Kim Ji Min, in which he paired with in one of GagCon's skits. But (from what I saw in Happy Together), Kim Giri seemed to like Bora more. His way of showing his love for Bora was uniquely sweet. He like to hold Bora’s hands when she passed her ~ ahh the lucky Shin Pulip (Bora’s name in Legends of Legends skit).
Last but not least, the reason to watch GagCon is certainly to wave goodbye to your stressful life and laugh your trouble away. If you’re working right now, the Let It Be skit is probably the best skit to watch. As an employee, I always watch this skit to receive a fighting-spirit.

You can also stroll along this tumblr >> << to read recent update on Gag Concert, Gagmen and Gagwomen.