Friday, October 30, 2015

[MV Review] Kyuhyun – A Million Pieces

I’m utterly disappointed with this MV. I’m so excited when I knew that Kyuhyun’s newest MV will be a short-drama version MV and is starring Go Ara. But when I finally watched it my excitement dropped right away. I’m pissed at SM and the director of the MV who waste such good location, scenery, and amazing actress in this MV. The video would have been an amazing one if the aforementioned factors are used properly. Anyway, before reviewing it in full, let’s take a look at the video first.


I definitely just waste my precious 7 minutes to watch this MV. It started off strong, with such beautiful scenery and music. But as it continues, it felt wrong and blah.

On Music
Let’s review the music first.

I prefer At Gwanghwamun than this. I felt like the melody of At Gwanghwamun is more beautiful and it matched perfectly with Kyuhyun’s sweet and tender voice. Though, Kyuhyun also did a good job in A Million Pieces. But looking at the full package, At Gwanghwamun is still the winner. I think A Million Pieces lacks something. It is not as captivating as At Gwanghwamun, which grabbed my attention from its first melody. I hope Kyuhyun’s next solo will be better than this.

On MV/ Story
Now, let’s look at the real deal of this video, which is the story.

Omona, it is awful.

You know the time when you saw a really tempting dessert and decided to buy it even though it is a bit pricey because you thought the taste will be amazing when turns out the taste is bad and you just waste your precious money (which you can use to watch a movie or eating a proper meal instead of eating a light dessert). Such feels is the exact description of how this MV is from my perspective.


Let me tell you the story of this MV. It’s about a girl (Go Ara) who accidentally bumped into a Korean student (Kyuhyun) when she was on a solo holiday in Switzerland and ending up spent the day with him and fell for him (in few hours only, FEW HOURS). Both of them then decided to not mention each other’s name and let the fate played its game, whether they will coincidently meet again the next day or not. Sadly, the fate decided to part them because the girl is having a mysterious headache (WTH?).

I feel like the story is still raw and the production crew or anyone who involves in the MV-making decided to go with it and hastily released the MV without deeply thought about it.

First of all, the story of a meeting between strangers in foreign country is always mesmerizing, especially when they end up falling for each other. But falling for each other in a matter of hours is ridiculous. Especially when the girl initially hate the boy and when the boy is totally creepy for following the girl around and trying to hug her when they just met.

The way the story ended is even more ridiculous. The girl is having a mysterious headache and only can stare at her photo with her “instant” love while crying instead of drinking her pills while the boy is sitting out of nowhere thinking of his lost-love. Oh wow, what an outlandish ending!

If the director (or the writer) decided to end it the sad way, they can think of something better. Like, I don’t know, maybe for example put a girl in a white wedding dress and Kyuhyun will find out that the girl came to Swiss not for her holiday but for her wedding and finally she can break his heart the right way.

This MV’s logic is all over the place and absolutely absurd. I’m not saying that all MVs are realistic because there are absurd MVs or totally bizarre MVs, but the directing and editing of such MVs are good and made those MVs great videos.

It is really unfortunate because it has everything that can make this MV a winner. The set of the MV is amazing and beautiful. As well as the casts. But due to poor writing and directing, everything goes wrong. Yep, the directing and writing are definitely the weak links.

Better luck next time, SM!

RATE: 5/10

Monday, October 26, 2015

[Gem of the Week] Superstar K7 Contestants’ Self-Composed Songs

I recently dived into Mnet’s Superstar K7 and found these two amazing self-composed songs from the show’s contestants. I’m officially blown away by how talented Korean youngsters are. They are not only dressed beautifully and stylishly, they also takes their passion seriously. This is probably one of the reasons why I love Korea. Almost all talent show’s contestants in Korea are able to play one or two instruments. They also can write and compose amazing songs, like these two songs for example!

The first song is written and composed by Clara Hong, who by the way was one of the contestants in The Voice USA.

Clara’s self-composed song, Older & Bitter, matches perfectly with my music taste. The lyric is smart, the melody is lovely and Clara’s voice is soothing.

We were young
We weren't wiser
But we were bolder
And we were fools
Thinking that nothing  lived past our town
And now we're  older and we feel a bit bitter  thinking
What's  worth keeping on in this dirty world?
Did I come back too late?
Are we no longer friends?
I'm sorry
Ten years just passed away
I could no longer replace
We were childrens
I wanna go back
and pick on you one last time
One  last time
One last time
We should've  played
Hide and seek one last time
One last time
One last time
We were young
We weren't wiser
But we were bolder
And we were fools
Thinking that nothing lived past our town

Credit to: Ga-In Shin

I’m finding it hard to choose my favorite part of the song, because I totally LOVE the lyric. I think every adult (or at least me) have that moment of wanting to go back to their younger time, when everything seems okay and nothing hold them back. Growing up, I realized that life is getting harder and harder. And for at least one last time, I wish I can go back to my childhood time.

I’ve been repeating the song over and over again and have yet to be bored with this one.

The second song is written and composed by Park So Eun.

Park So Eun’s self-composed song, Dark Moon, is a sentimental song that makes me cry as soon as I learned the lyric.

Mr.Moon, you know what?
When I was a little bit younger,
I was very happy in my parent's' arms
Mr.Moon, why?
Mom started crying soundlessly one day
and it rained every day in our home
When it was an unusually sunny day,
my dad told that he was leaving
Dad told me,
who was almost ready to cry,
to make a promise with him
The day the Geumeumdal rises for the 100th time,
I will comeback so please wait
Today is the day the Geumeumdal rises for the 100th time,
but why isn't my dad coming back?
I actually knew it from the beginning
that the promise he made that day is a lie
Mom sometimes cry looking out the window
I really hate my dad

Credit to: DaDA6870

I can’t stand stories/songs/movies/dramas/etc about parents and pets, because I will cry at once. And this song hit me instantly. Everyone who lost their father when they were still young will definitely relate to the song. I lost my father five years ago and it is still hard for me until now.

The lyric is so heartbreaking and So Eun’s voice portrays the meaning of the song the right way.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[Editorial] Trending Now: Noona Romance

Despite of all the diversities and uniqueness each currently-showing or recently-ended dramas broadcasted this year, there is one similarity I found: a Noona Romance.

Seriously writer and casting director, what is it with pairing younger actor with older actress for the leading roles? Is it something based on a “2015 drama casting guidance” ?

Maybe Noona Romance is now trending in dramaland. Some Noona Romances are quite all right, but one or two are too ridiculous and not easy to watch.

Let me outline those romances one by one and my judgment as a kdrama viewer.

Tak Ye Jin – Baek Seung Chan (Producers)

The first is Producers, which was pairing the forever Noona’s lover Kim Soo Hyun with the edgiest Noona alive, Gong Hyo Jin as junior PD named Baek Seung Chan and senior PD named Tak Ye Jin respectively. Thanks to the superior acting of both actors, their romance story is something most viewers (or just me) love to see and witness. Having a vast experience with having a Noona as his love interest in a number of productions, Kim Soo Hyun as Baek Seung Chan pulled out a great performance in showing his love for a fierce yet fragile Noona, Taek Ye Jin. On the other hand, Gong Hyo Jin’s remarkable acting also showed that age is nothing but a number. Though their love story is not ended beautifully, they’ve at least showed a moving journey of a wondrous unrequited love.


Jo Kang Ja – Go Bok Dong (Angry Mom)

The story between these two still count as a romance, right? Though it is a one-sided love, the story between the mighty Jo Kang Ja and pure rebel Go Bok Dong is another Noona Romance grouped under this year’s dramas. Unlike the Noona Romance between Tak Ye Jin & Baek Seung Chan, these two’s romance is slightly irritating me. Sure, Kim Hee Sun is a beautiful lady as Jo Kang Ja in this show, but pairing her with the absolutely gorgeous young blood Ji Soo is somehow odd. I love Angry Mom. Its story is amazing and addictive. But come on, pairing these two is definitely a bad move. I slightly hope that Ji Soo or Go Bok Dong will have its own amazing love story, even though it’s just a little. But not with Jo Kang Ja. They’re practically like a mother and a son.


Byun Ji Sook – Choi Min Woo (Mask)

This pair is all right. Their romance journey started off really cold and ended up warm, which is always become a lovely thing to see. Soo Ae as Byun Ji Sook is having no difficulties in showing her love for her dongsaeng Joo Jin Hoo in the show. On the other hand, unlike what he did in Princess Hours – which is a good job – I find that Joo Jin Hoo is slightly clumsy and lacking something in his acting ability when he has to show his love for his noona love interest. Nevertheless, I approve these two romance story.


No Woo Ri - Ji Won Yeong (We Broke Up)

Finished this drama in one sit and I felt like I wasted my time watching it. Even so, I still have to include this pair into the list, since it is an obvious Noona Romance drama. I feel so sorry for the leading roles in the drama, Sandara Park and Kang Seung Yeon, because from what I see, both of them are outshined by the second lead roles (Hyoni Kang & Jang Ki Young). The way they romances each other is also lacking. I love YG Entertainment and everyone under the YG Flag, but I’m sorry Dara & Seung Yeon, I have to oppose your love story because it is not fine-looking.


Cha Ji Ahn – Lee Hyun (I Remember You)

I’m supperrr approve this pair’s romance. Just get dating already Jang Nara and Seo In Guk! You guys are definitely made for each other. This OTP is one of the best OTPs in 2015’s drama. The way they looked at each other, the way they stared at each other, the way they comforted each other, the way they protected each other, the way they spent their day together are nothing but perfect. Just like what I wrote here, Cha Ji Ahn and Lee Hyun’s romance is one of the best adult’s romances ever in dramaland, in which it involves maturity and logic and pushing aside foolish-for-love or lovey-dovey tropes. Despite of their age-gap, Seo In Guk seems to take the lead as a man and never let his woman off his guard. For every young actors out there who has to romance older actress, you boy can learn from Seo In Guk on how to treat your Noona the right way.


Han Yeo Jin – Kim Tae Hyun (Yongpal)

I’m a bit confuse to decide whether this pair did a good job or not in portraying their love story since I’m still stuck in episode 7 of Yongpal and (strangely) find it hard to continue watching it. Seriously – on another note – it always hard for me to complete Joo Won’s dramas, though I have nothing “special” – whether super hate or super love – feeling toward him; I’m always stuck in the middle of his dramas and eventually dropped it. Anyway – back to a Noona romance topic – fortunately I can still see a glimpse of their about-to-grow romance story up to the aforementioned episode. I’m going to say that Joo Won did a great job in showing his growing affection for Kim Tae Hee – probably because he already loved, I mean adored, her in reality. So to sum it up, the two’s romance is totally fine I guess, because a Noona like Kim Tae Hee is a Noona you cannot not love.


Kim Hye Jin – Ji Seong Joon (She Was Pretty)

If there is a dongsaeng that a Noona want to spend her life with, he is definitely Park Seo Joon. Park Seo Joon has been deemed as Noona’s favorite dongsaeng after being beautifully portrayed his unconditional love for Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) noona in Witch’s Romance. Now, he tries to repeat his success in Noona-Dongsaeng romance in She Was Pretty. Yet, in this show, his character Ji Jeong Joon and his love interest Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) is plotted as the same age characters, though in reality Park Seo Joon is much younger than Hwang Jung Eum. Even though the show has yet to show the blooming romance between these two – since it only reached episode 6 – I believe that Park Seo Joon will do a good job in showing his cute love for Kim Hye Jin.


There you go, a Noona romance that has or currently twirling around in dramaland. Which one of those romances you approve or oppose?