Wednesday, May 18, 2011

quitter or winner?

People tend to leave the situation they’re not comfortable with. Well I tend to do that. Have you ever heard that "Winners don't quit and quitters don't win?", Or maybe a little simpler one, "Don't quit when you face something hard", or maybe the simplest, "Quit never solve anything". Well I've heard all of those phrases and every time I heard those I promise to myself that I won't quit no matter what situation I face. But well promise is just promise, I never can do all those phrases when I face a problem either its big or even small, I tend to make excuses to quit. It's not good, I know, but I'm just ordinary people that have heart and confusion all over my head, so when I say I quit, it didn't mean I quit for good, I quit for a while then I try to back and solve that problem. Because sometime quit is the easier way, right?

Well let me tell you something people, it isn't, it really isn’t, it will broke your future into pieces.

I've been a quitter since a kid, I know it’s bad and know that bad habit influencing my attitudes, making me an irresponsible one and tend to hang on somebody older and stronger than me every time the problem comes. But I thank Allah for making me my new me. Because of one situation I can't tell in this blog because its personal, I change, I promise myself to not being a quitter and start being a winner because we all are winners, I remember when I'm attending a seminar few weeks ago, my lecturer, Mr. Arnold said that we all born a winners, hell yeah we are a winners, so why oh why we spend our days to be a quitters that carry us to be a loser? no I don't want that. So from now, promise me, promise yourself that no matter what situation we face, we will never ever even think about quit because when you quit you'll have to go around to find a way back to entry door and if you're not so lucky you'll never going to the entry door and you'll stay outside forever.
I will never quit, because I'm a winner, so do you people, we're all a winner

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