Friday, June 10, 2011

waiting : sucks or worth?

Waiting sucks right? But sometimes it's worth. You know how people said that “good things will happen for those who waits", in fact there are some song that uses this lines.
You know how in this world they are negative and positive pole. It works on this waiting thing. Sometimes we feel bored, we feel unhappy, sad, sucks because of waiting. But on the other side, when we're waiting enough and we really put our patient into it, we will feel extremely happy, we feel great when that thing are in our hands.
So the real question is, do we or don’t we can handle the waiting? Because believe me, no matter how sucks it will be, no matter how long it will be, no matter how bored it will be. It will be worth in the end. Because it really is amazing thing that will happen when you willing to wait a little more

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