Friday, March 25, 2011


sometime when i look at her picture, her family, her friends, her life, i would say :
 "Oh, what a lucky girl she is. life is so it can happen? when there's one lucky girl that barely not lack anything  and there's another girl (like me) that lack something." 
but then i realized what if  I'm that lucky girl? what if people beneath me say the exact same things to me? and from that moment i realize that nobody is perfect, I have to be always grateful for what I am now, what I have given, because out there so many people not as lucky as I am. there are even homeless people who sleep under the bridge or any places that they can use as their rest place. just one underline sentence i have in mind : 
to be birth in this world, being alive with family around and my needs compliance are the luckiest things for me.  
the hell if there's luckier girl than me that can get everything she wants everything she asks because i know someday i will have that special moment too when i feel and say :

"Oh yes, I'm the luckiest girl in this world!" 

so, always be grateful amigo, because we are lucky people :)

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