Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[Editorial] 7 K-Drama Fashionistas

It’s not a secret that South Korea holds a vital role in fashion industry. If Europe has Paris as its capital city of Fashion, I think Asia has South Korea as its fashion capital. Fashion is also one of few many reasons why I love Korean dramas. Our eyes often showered with many gorgeous and stylish outfits from leads to cameo in one production. And they seem to be always in style in every season. However, there are several people who stand out among others and their style leave an imprint in viewer’s mind or even inspire viewers to try new style. Those people, my friend, are what I would like to call the k-drama fashionistas.

1. Oh Se Ryung – I Need Romance 3

The Edgy Fashionista

I think I have said before that I always adore Wang Ji Won’s style in every drama she’s in. She always gave such a stylish and edgy outfit. But my first love for Wang Ji Won’s style landed when she played the role of Oh Se Ryung in I Need Romance 3. Sure, her role in this drama is a fashion stylist and model so no wonder she always manage to give an awesome style, but still, Oh Se Ryung style is one of k-drama character’s styles that I can’t forget. 


Her cool image and personality are just making her style even more better. My favorite style of her is definitely when she has a breakfast with Joo Wan (Sung Joon). Her style is absolutely flawless. She can pull of almost anything. 

2. Cheon Song Yi – My Love from Another Star 

 The Fashion Goddess

The second one on the list is definitely the irreplaceable and irresistible Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun). Aside from her exceptional yet elegant behavior, the diva is also known for her overwhelming style. Cheon Song Yi always spoils viewers’ eyes with a collection of modish outfits from head to toe. Her tall figure and slim body makes everything she wears looks absolutely beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Just like Oh Se Ryung, Cheon Song Yi also can pull of anything thrown at her. She can be elegant.  She can be playful. She can be casual. She can be chic. She can be everything!

Let’s review some of the style given by Ms. Seong Yi.

There are few essential items wore by Song Yi during her days in My Love from Another Star. Because the filming time happens during winter season, Seong Yi often wears a coat or cape throughout her stroll. My favorite cape of her is the Hermes green riding hood cloak. I fall in love instantly with this look.  

Another necessary item wore by the graceful Seong Yi is cute headband. Even during her laidback time at home, Seong Yi never goes out of style. He always completes her looks with a cute or classy headband. My favorite headband looks from Seong Yi is her Valentino headband. Seong Yi combines her Valentine dress with this headband in such elegant way. 

Given her status as popular celebrities, a sunglass is another important item that must be worn by Cheon Song Yi. Who wear same sunglasses every day when you can wear a variety of extraordinary one? This, my friend, is what Cheon Song Yi has in mind. She always wears different pair of sunglasses which, amazingly, matches her outfit. My favorite sunglass of Ms. Song Yi is her prada sunglass. She wore this sunglass during her emergency time. Even in her crisis, Song Yi still can pull of this sunglass in a classy manner.

One thing viewers cannot forget is her stylish home wear. Instead of wearing loose t-shirt and jogging pants, Cheon Song Yi chooses to wear super stylish and expensive home wear during her leisure time. My favorite Cheon Song Yi’s home wear outfit is her Givenchy sweatshirt. She effortlessly combines this already-stunning sweatshirt with black leather headband. Full mark for this look!

3. Oh Soo – That Winter The Wind Blows 

 The Fashion Royalty

Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) is the king of fashion in k-drama land. He is somewhat a male version of Cheon Song Yi. His style is amazingly neat and desirable. He’s not only fooling (and falling for) Oh Young (Song Hye Gyo) for the sake of money, he also fooling her in style. As a man, Oh Soo succeeds in outshining the female lead’s style. My eyes will go straightly to Oh Soo’s outfit rather than analyzing Oh Young’s look.

A long trench coat is definitely become the signature style item of the striking Oh Soo. Maybe Oh Soo (Ji Sung) is the only one who can pull of this long trench coat with ease. 

Aside from his long trench coat, Oh Soo can pull of almost anything; whether it’s simple knit, suspender, maroon suit or simple top. He even looks good and dazzling in women polkadot cardigan. Indeed, Oh Soo is one of the man fashionistas in k-drama world.

4. Ji Hae Soo – It’s Okay It’s Love  

The Trendsetter Fashionista

I love Ji Hae Soo’s (Gong Hyo Jin) style. I really am. I have mentioned my obsession for Ji Hae Soo’s looks here. Her style is so extraordinary and eccentric. She doesn’t go with the trend but she creates the trend itself. And the way she carries out her style is so careless as if she is the boss of herself. Her style gives retro and vintage vibe rather than classy and modern sense. 

Ji Hae Soo’s signature style item is absolutely wide pants. She often using this pant on her daily looks. She sometimes combines it with loose t-shirt or formal top. Either way, she still looks dazzling and in style.

Another essential item from Hae Soo’s closet is almost certainly shirt dress. She wore one of shirt dress piece during her arrival from Okinawa. Ji Hae Soo’s shocking hair color and white skin fits perfectly with this outfit. 

One thing we all must not forget is that tucked behind her jacket doctor, Hae Soo always give some special style. Whether it is boxy sweatshirt with tube skirt and strap sandals or formal looks with moccasin, Hae Soo undoubtedly earn the spot in this k-drama fashionistas list.

5. Ahn Young Yi – Misaeng

The Employee Fashionista

The reason why I put Ahn Young Yi (Kang Sora) in this list is because she always gives a chic and elegant office looks. I would like to say that Ahn Young Yi, by far, gives the most stylish conventional office looks. 

Sure, she only wears simple top and trouser, but she still looks good in that mainstream outfit. The reason is maybe because she always wears a peculiar pair of shoe which emits her personal style. What I love about that look is that her style seems so strange and modish at the same time. The fact that she sometimes combines her looks  with a leather backpack makes this look more than perfect.

6. Yoon Sung Sook – Emergency Couple 

 The Fashion Queen

Fashion has no age, right? So it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, one can still pull off anything and look modish if he/she has the feel for it. This, my friend, is what Yoon Sung Sok (Park Joon Geum) does. Despite her mature age, she still can pull of any style. Instead of carefully expecting style lineup coming from the younger cast, I’m more intrigued on waiting for what’s Yoon Sung Sook can give more from her personal style. I really love how Yoon Sung Sook dress herself. She somehow is not looking too old or too young. It fits perfectly. 

My favorite style of her is probably when she bumps into Oh Jin Hee’s (Song Jin Hyo) mom in a hospital and caught in a fight. The fight is unforgettable and so does the outfit. If Cheon Song Yi is the goddess of fashion in k-drama land, I would like to name Yoon Suk Sook the queen of fashion in k-drama land. 

7. Big – Surplus Princess  

The Man Candy Fashionista

Meet the man candy fashionista in k-drama land, Big (Nam Joo Hyuk). Despite his goofy attitude and slightly dumb persona, Big has given viewers a number of stylish collections from his closet. His tall figure and striking face perfected his looks almost all the times.

Unlike Oh Soo, who seems to give mature and royal vibe through his outfit, Big gives more youth spirit and playful looks. You can see it from his collection of snapbacks and bomber jacket or sweatshirt. The fact that he likes to try on loose t-shirt and matching it with short pants are indicating that he still lives in the adolescence time.

He also likes to wear a cartoon formal top, such as this smiley top. Amazingly, it fits him. Not a lot of people who can pull off this look flawlessly. 

There you go, there are my top 7 k-drama fashionistas. Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

[MV Review] 4minute - Crazy

Another MV-Review post! 
I’m having a shortage of ideas to post anything about k-drama now and since I made a promise to myself to (at least) post one or two writings on my blog per week, I decided to write this post.

Have you heard this new song from 4minute? If you have not heard it yet then I suggest you to heard it immediately. This song is really addicting. I fall for this song since the first time I listen to it. 4minute-Crazy really swept my mind from all of the EXID-Up & Down euphoria. Yes people, I believe this song will brush off Up & Down from its mighty position.  Crazy’s dance is not as pornographic as Up & Down, the lyrics also not as sensual as EXID’s number. Those were two of the reasons why I love Crazy.

Interestingly, I listen a bit of YG/G-Dragon/2NE1-tune in the song. I don’t know if it because of its badass concept or anything, but still, I feel like I enjoy this because it has a sense of YG.

Before the review I would like to talk about the group concept first. I don’t really know 4minute. Sure I knew few of their songs, but I don’t know each member’s name before I watch this MV and their appearance on the latest Weekly Idol. Yet, I know that badass is not their concept. I’m a bit disappointed with this because the group is not consistent with their concept and changing it to make it more interesting for music enthusiasts and the market. Maybe that is the reason I always love 2NE1, because they stick to their concept and they’re not changing it to satisfy the market.

Anyway, the MV is as badass as the song. 

Let’s review it from the costume first, shall we? The costume (white and black) already portrays that this MV will not be as sweet or cute as other 4minute MVs. However, they still not forget to give a sexy glimpse on each member’s wardrobe. The first costume, which is white is really resembling Big Bang, I think. I don’t really remember, but I think I see this kind of costume in one of Big Bang MVs (or performance). Well, I don’t really remember, but still, it has a YG vibe. The second costume, the black one, is the one that I like. It shows that they’re woman after all and still want to expose their sexiness. 

As for the dance, I think it is as good as the song itself. It is super energetic and fiery. As what I said before, I don’t really know all 4minute members, except for Hyuna (well, who doesn’t?), but I really love Jiyoon in this MV. Is she the dancing machine of the group? Her dance is so good it can make me cry. Really love the agency/choreographer’s decision to put her at the center of group formation. 

Move on to the concept, I don’t think that the MV has a clear concept except for the energetic dance because I don’t see any story or model in this one. I think the director want to focus on the group’s dance and their beauty. Oh, and i love the coloring of this MV, which is black and white.

 Regarding to each member’s performance, I think it pretty balance. Unlike previous 4minute’s MVs and songs, Crazy really fairly divides each member’s part. For the first time, it’s not all about Hyuna. The fact that they put Jiyoon at the center of group formation is proving that the agency has moved on from Hyuna-centered concept.

Oh and is it just me or Hyuna is really the female version of G-Dragon? I used to think that CL is the female version of GD but after seeing her performance in this MV, I realize that she is really similar to the grand Kwon Jiyoung. She is known as one of the sexiest female idol, she raps, and she also has tiny yet sexy body, just like GD! Anyway, it’s just my perspective. 

RATE: 8/10

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[Editorial] 7 Meals You Meet in K-Dramas

Is it just me or is everyone who watched kdrama are always craving for any food or beverages or dessert the actor or actresses ate? I’m always, always, always craving for some k-food or k-snack during k-drama-watching. Korean actors and actresses seem to have some magic stuff going on while they’re eating their food. It makes viewers salivates and face their ruined diet program. Among numerous Korean food and beverages showcased in k-dramas, there are several K-Meals that often exhibit themselves in a drama.  Let’s meet them and get drool!


This chewy and spicy rice cake-based food is Korean street food that gains popularity thanks to k-drama actors and actresses. A lot of dramas feature tteokbokki as the actor and actresses’ meal during their date time, hangout with friend, or sightseeing at night time. Tteokbokki succeed in making their invasion to several countries, including my country, Indonesia. In here, tteokbokki is pretty famous. You’ll find no difficulties in finding tteokbokki in Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta. 
Here are several k-dramas that feature tteokbokki.
 Princess Hours (2006)

The female lead in this drama, Shin Chae Kyung (Yoon Eun Hye), loves to spend time with her friends to eat tteokbokki near their school. You will meet tteokbokki quite often in this drama
The Heirs (2013)

The Heirs also feature tteokbokki. Tteokbokki restaurant become a memorable place for one of its casts, Cho Young Do (Kim Woo Bin). Young Do supposed to meet his mother in the restaurant before she leaves him. Moreover, the tteokbokki restaurant also happen to be the place where he spend his “last meeting” with Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) before Eun Sang exiled by Kim Tan’s (Lee Min Ho) father. 


Ramyeon is the ultimate k-dramas food. Almost every k-dramas feature this dish in their production. From super rich people to superfluous poor people, all eat Ramyeon. I think I don’t have to explain further about this dish because I believe everyone already familiar with the food I would like to name as God’s gift.
Ramyeon is not only delicious to eat by casts in k-dramas, this food also often become a “silent witness” in the love story between the male and female lead in a drama. I remember one of Korean woman’s pick-up lines is that she will offer the man she likes to eat a ramyeon in her house, and if he agrees then the man also like the woman. It sounds like “Do you want to eat ramyeon in my place?” This questions (from what i know, pardon me if i’m wrong) means that a woman has a feeling for the man and wants to know him more.
Here is k-drama that feature ramyeon.
 Prime Minister and I (2013)

The drama shows that eating ramyeon together with your opposite sex – particularly your fake husband – can lead into something romantic and cute. The famous ramyeon-eating scene from this drama is when Nam Da Jung (Yoona) enjoys a pot of ramyeon with her fake husband Prime Minister Kwon Yool (Lee Beom Soo). During their ramyeon-eating time, the two accidentally bite the same noodle which almost makes them kiss each other. Sweet, isn’t it?

Kimbap is a seaweed rice rolls that also happen to be a famous Korean snack or Korean street food. Some k-dramas often feature kimbap, even though not as often as Ramyeon or tteokbokki.
Here is k-drama that features Kimbap.

 Full House (2004)

The most memorable kimbap-eating scene is probably from Full House. Song Ji Eun (Song Hye Gyo) is making kimbap for her fake husband Lee Young Jae (Rain) and crew at his fashion photo shoot. This scene is making me want to eat kimbap and have a boyfriend, or a fake husband (who looks like Rain)

4.Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is pretty famous in Korea. Korean (from what i know, pardon me if i’m wrong) used to enjoy this delicious meal while hanging out with friend or watching football competition at home. Fried chicken and beer are compulsory dish if you want to invite your friends to hang out at your home.
Here is k-drama that features Fried Chicken.

 My Love from Another Star (2014)

Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) is not only popularizing “Sawry” catchphrase and her lipstick color, the beautiful Song Yi also promote fried chicken and beer to other countries. From what I read, there are a lot of fried chicken restaurant opens in China after this drama airs. You all must not forget the scene where Song Yi gleefully eating fried chicken with her “bear” doll, right?


One, two, three KIMCHIII!! This traditional and authentic Korean food is probably the most popular. I think Korean can’t eat without Kimchi, same like Indonesian can’t eat without “sambal”. Kimchi is mandatory component for almost all dishes. Kimchi also feature in all k-dramas.
Here is k-drama that features Kimchi.

Marriage not Dating (2014)

Joo Jang Mi (Han Groo) took Kong Ki Tae’s (Yeon Woo Jin) kimchi with her after the latter refuse to eat that. Jang Mi eats kimchi with almost everything, including pasta made by Han Yeo Reum (Jinwoon). The way she ate kimchi and that pasta makes me want to try that combination.

If ramyeon is the ultimate k-food in k-dramas then soju is the ultimate k-drink. Soju is the reason why (almost) all the male lead realizes her feeling for the female lead. This traditional Korean alcohol drinks also the reason behind the female lead confession to her male lead. Soju is the reason behind the piggyback which will lead to the pounding heart. Hence, soju has a vital role in k-dramas.

Here is k-drama that features Soju.
 Pinocchio (2014)

Thanks to soju, Cap Hwang (Lee Pil Mo) is able to cover Yoon Yoo Rae (Lee Yoo Bi) with his jacket and watching her during the night. At this just-ended drama, Yoo Rae always drinks soju when she’s unhappy and end up drunk in front of reporter’s office. 


Coffee is also a mandatory drink in k-dramas. This beverage frequently becomes a “silent witness” during blind date, business agreement, female/male lead’s part time job place, and many more. A genius scriptwriter also sometimes uses coffee as a crucial property for romance between the drama’s two leads.

Here is k-drama that features Coffee
 Secret Garden (2010)

Coffee has an important role in the romance between our two leads in this drama. Viewers will not forget one of most epic romantic moments in the history of k-dramas that happen in Secret Garden because a cup of coffee. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s the famous coffee-foam-kissing-scene between Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won). From that scene onward, k-drama fan will never think of coffee foam the same again. As what Kim Seung Hye in Gag Concert’s Viewer’s Opinion always said “Thank you Coffee!”

That’s it, that’s the 7 k-meals you will likely to meet in k-dramas. Which one you want to meet the most? ;)